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Rachel was an incredibly endearing heroine. After getting out of an abusive relationship, she focuses on "safe" men so that she never enters into the same situation again. The last thing she wants is another controlling man. But then Cole comes along. This man is anything but tame. He knows what he wants, and he makes no bones about letting Rachel know that what he wants is her.

This is me and my life, Rachel. So, that is what I ask of you.

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Will you let go and give me the power to make you happy? To make you scream when your body finally explodes around mine? I want the power to make you smile and curse at me, so if you want to try that, then come with me. Say yes, and come home with me. Rachel was great and entertaining to read. But what made this book was Cole. How do I even begin to describe all of the delicious that was Cole? Sinnet til en synder. How very appropriate it is tonight, he thought.

Patience of a saint. The mind of a sinner. He was so refined in his black pants, shirt, and tie, but he was looking at her like he wanted to fuck her into next week. Holy mother of hotness, every single time this man opened him mouth, it got me hot. I want you naked and in my bed, and I want it in the next two minutes. And, Rachel?

How did I not see that coming? Her lips tipped into a shy smile. View all 48 comments. Apr 11, Geri Reads rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Everybody!! Personally, I couldn't wait for Rachel's story. So when it was revealed in Entice who Rachel's partner was going to be, I couldn't help but be intrigued.

I mean, what's more intriguing than a stuffy lawyer with penchant for three-piece suits and blue-haired, wild child pastry chef? So my expectations for this book was sky high. Well, it's safe to say that Ella Frank delivered. This book has exceeded my expectations in every way. We all now that the first two books were hot but this one took hot into an entirely different level. It's on a whole other dimension. No joke. The chemistry between Cole and Rachel were off the charts, scorching hot. You can feel every single touch, lick and kiss between Cole and Rachel as if you were there with them.

I feel like voyeur, a dirty, horny voyeur who wants to join in on the action. Trust me, Cole was pretty irresistible and so hot. Caramel anyone? Yes, please and while you're at it, please bring a bottle of red wine. Ella Frank, what a wicked imagination you have. I loved it!! But there is more to this book than just the sex and the chemistry.

There is a great story here, the obvious being Cole and Rachel's journey to happily ever after. But more than that it is also a story about family and loss. This was one aspect of the book that I really loved aside from the chemistry of course. I loved seeing Mason again. This time as a concerned older brother who was quite out of his element in dealing with Rachel's new relationship with Cole.

We also get to see Rachel's relationship with her dad. As a reader, I truly understood Rachel's loss after reading those beautiful passages. Although, I felt awful for what happened, Rachel's past relationship with Ben added another layer to Rachel's character that made her more endearing and relatable to me. Cole Madison is an enigma. He's an intriguing mass of contradiction wrapped in a very sexy, edible package.

He's a contradiction because beneath the three-piece suits lies an almost different man entirely with his tattoos and piercing. But more than that, he is a contradiction because in spite of the ruthless, takes no prisoner image he projected, he is also a son, a friend and a lover. I loved Cole's relationship with his mom. It was heartbreaking and it explained a lot about Cole. I was pleasantly surprised about his view spoiler [half-brother Logan.

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You betcha! Read it and enjoy Cole and Rachel. View all 51 comments. This is the third book in the Exquisite series and personally Cole Freaking Madison!!! Back to the story, we met Rachel back in the first book.

Sunday Puzzle: now with edible erotica!

She is Mason's little sister and pastry chef at Exquisite. She meets Cole a few times, but refuses to date him She came to her senses after about 5 minutes So what are you waiting for Cole 2. Cole 3. Cole 4. Cole 5. Cole I give this book 5 Huge "Caramel Licking" stars Madison Perfectly tailored suit All she found was intense desire. It's barely even begun. Now, I won't be able to eat a caramel without thinking about being balls deep inside your sweet, warm pussy. You don't need to worry about her. I'd rather cut off my own arms than hurt a single purple hair on her head.

I'll look after her. Yes Rachel decided, there is something sexier. A bossy man that reads—that is sexier. My girl, my girl, my girl Talkin' 'bout my girl My girl I've got so much honey, the bees envy me I've got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees Well, I guess you'd say What can make me feel this way?

View all 55 comments. She has family that loves her, everything in her life seems to be great. But Rachel feels lonely and like there is something missing. Cole Madison can't help but want Rachel From the moment he first saw her, he knew he had to know her. Now fate has put her in his path again, only this time, Cole isn't letting her get away. He wanted control and I would more than gladly give it to him. He made me swoon, sigh, and freaking ripped the panties right off me with his scorching hottness. He was so perfect!

Cole is a lawyer and very well off financially. Did I mention that he wears suits? And that he has tattoos? And piercings in certain "areas"? Well he freaking does!! I know Everything he did had me completely under his spell. I found myself nodding emphatically at everything he was doing.


I'm surprised my e-reader didn't set off the fire alarms in my place with how hot things got. I am not kidding. Cole completely stole my heart, among other things. He is definitely one of my new favourite book boyfriends. She wasn't annoying or whiny in anyway. Together I found they really complemented each other perfectly. The chemistry between them was absolutely amazing to read. I loved every moment of it. I also have to admit I am so freaking jelly of her. Where on earth can I find me a Cole in real life? I will be on the look out for that.

Play with me, Rachel, so I can play with you. She came up with a very delicious scene involving caramel I know! I have found myself suddenly wanting to make huge bucket fulls of caramel. I think that I acutally might do it. I could use it as bait for when I go out looking for my own Cole hahaha! No, that was not creepy at all.

I enjoyed that there was a great story and that it wasn't all about just great sex. The way things happened seemed to be just perfect for the pair that they were. Let's face it, they aren't the most conventional couple, but it absolutely worked for them. I loved their ending! It was so sweet. I loved the epilogue! My cheeks hurt so badly from smiling so big. Seeing all of the characters from the series come together was a real treat. I highly recommend you give this read. I just don't think there is a woman out there in the world who can resist yummy Cole. Thank you Ella for letting me read your awesome book!

Thank you so much for bringing Cole to life. I just can't stop raving about him. Now, I can't wait to read Logan's book. So excited! View all 45 comments. Jan 01, Karla rated it it was amazing Shelves: 2-points-of-view , awesome-alpha , character-we-love-from-the-past , intense , cougar-crush , scrumptious-hero , the-dust-bowl-stirred , favorites , fantastic-epilogue , scorching-hot. A toe-curling, panty-melting, take-my-breath-away read! A wonderful conclusion to this amazing series! She felt him grip the pillow under her head as his hips picked up the pace.

Her Exquisite series, all three books, is proof 4. Her Exquisite series, all three books, is proof that this author knows what it takes to capture the essence of great contemporary romance. Although there are similarities in each of the books, there are some major differences in the storylines, and in Edible , she shows us yet again how diverse her writing can be. Whereas in the first two books, there was conflict and uncertainty among the main characters as they pursued relationships that was not the case with Cole and Rachel.

Yes, initially Rachel was annoyed with Cole, she perceives him as arrogant, smug, but with an air of sophistication, and he intrigues her. He propositions her, she accepts, and she begins to see a man that is inherently good and trustworthy. Cole is wolf in a business suit. Rachel is floundering, just existing and feels like an outsider, among her friends and family. Cole rocks her world when she allows him to take control of her sexual needs, which in turn allows her to overcome her issues stemming from an abusive past, it frees and empowers her.

I loved the quiet intensity of their relationship, and although in some respects it was quick, it somehow felt like a slow journey as they fall in love. They were committed to one another even before they could see it for themselves, but the reader could feel it through their actions. It was breathtaking. I really enjoyed how all the characters from the series were woven into the story, but I was particularly captivated by Mason, his worry for Rachel and the role he played as her protector. It was amusing and charming, and although he over stepped his bounds as a big brother, he had nothing but noble intentions.

It was incredibly sweet. Ella Frank has the innate ability to make the readers feel right along with the characters, she does this particularly well with the alternating points-of-view. She sets up a scene, and then hits the reader with intense one liners and profound dialogue. You live it as they do, you feel what they feel, and you fall in love right along with them. There was a second of silence. There is a beautiful epilogue that includes all the key players and leaves the reader incredibly satisfied.

I walk away from this series with a heavy heart. So, my hats off to Ella Frank, for not only writing one, but three amazing books that make up the Exquisite series. View all 47 comments. This book is hands down my favorite of the Exquisite series! Cole is just pure, straight up sexy hottness!!!

I enjoyed every moment of this book!!! I will never again see or taste caramel without thinking of Mr. Cole Madison! Thank you Ella Frank for that delicious visual that is forever etched into my mind of him with his caramel finigers in his mouth View all 20 comments. Jan 27, Jamie rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-fav , series , couldnt-put-down , holyshithot. Cole Cole Cole I just want to drizzle hot caramel sauce all over this man's body and eat him up!!! HOT is really to tame a word for what Cole is Cole is mouthwatering big poppa panty dropping kinda hot.

I don't know how Ella managed to top both Mason and Josh from the first two books in the series.. Meet Cole On the outside.. He's a hot shot attorney and his image screams power. But underneath the sexy suit and tie there is definitely more to this man.. He just oozes sex sex sex Meet Rachel She's experienced abuse at the hand of and ex and she feels the need to be controlling in all things.

What she doesn't really know though, is that she actually needs TO BE controlled. Once Cole set his sights on Rachel, she didn't stand a chance. She didn't put up much of a fight either. They fell for each other right away and neither tried to deny what was going on. They felt it and they acted on it. And hells bells did they fucking act on it.

These were some of the hottest scenes I have ever read.. They were intense. They were smoldering.. Raising his hungry mouth away from her, he kept his eyes on hers as he drew her knees wide. Following his lead, Rachel spread her legs without uttering a word. When he took his other arm from around her waist and slid it up her other leg, Rachel leaned back against the wall and let her eyes slide closed in ecstasy. Ella simply outdid herself this time The story of Rachel and Cole was just simply awesome.. Although their was lots and lots of sex in this book..

Put those two together and its just perfection This is a must read for sure!! View all 33 comments. A love story with the most delicious amount of Hot! Sizzling, scorching, set-you-on-fire hot sex. This man is a fucking god. Cole had previously met a girl who got his attention. It was only a hand full of times but Cole decided that he wanted to get to know this woman who intrigued him- Somehow 5 Stars Edible is a beautifully, romantic, perfect love story. It was only a hand full of times but Cole decided that he wanted to get to know this woman who intrigued him- Somehow and someway, Rachel was going to be his.

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It was all just a matter of time. Time and patience were two things he had an abundance of. Rachel isn't looking for a man to control her, that would never happen to her again. Rachel's past has never been put to rest. She carries it with her daily. She meets Cole and while he scares her, he also ignites and unravels her. Cole gave her a look filled with so many hot, dirty promises that it melted away any resistance she thought she had left. That was the moment their two lives because soldered together by mutual desire and understanding. I want to please you as much as I want you to please me, I want to use my body and yours to bring you the most pleasure you have ever felt, and after it's through, I want to start all over again.

I felt them falling for each other to my very core. Rachel's past, her ability to trust a man, Cole's desire to making her his, his mother, her brother and Josh, Now, their sexual chemistry and sexual encounters were so full of deep longing and intense feelings that Wooden Trunk- I want you standing on it, facing the headboard, minus this sexy fucking skirt. Caramel Sauce- She dipped her fingers into the caramel and gave him a sultry wink before she finally dropped to her knees.

Pool- "I want to take you up to my bed, lay you down in it, and slide so deep inside you that I have trouble remembering what it's like to be apart from you. I need to be inside you. Ladder- With his nimble tongue, strong hands, and filth mouth, he had reduced her to a silent, greedy sex addict. Wine- the red wine slid between her breasts, over her pure white lingerie, into her navel, and dipped down over her pristine white panties.

Ella Frank finished this series with the best book ever.

I Love Corey, Chapter Sixteen

I loved Exquisite and Entice. I absolutely adore being a romantic at heart a great love story and Ella delivered on all accounts. I love a series that includes all the characters from previous books and gives you tidbits of how their lives are going. It is truly a full and complete circle. I forgot to mention the fanfreakingtastic epilogue- it was extra icing on the already delicious cake!!! You brought such happy tears view spoiler [ Rachel blinked watery eyes and whispered, " I want one. I can't recommend this series enough!!

I would one click immediately and get to reading Exquisite, Entice and Edible. Thank you Ella for writing such a beautiful and loving story, one that I will never forget. Brava Ella!! View all 44 comments. Jun 07, destini mia rated it really liked it. I think that adequately descirbes Edible.

Prepare yourself. Each day that passes, Rachel notices how lonely she really is and decides she needs a break from her family and find something, anything. The moment Cole saw Rachel at Whipped, he knew he had to have her. Rachel does her best to avoid Cole but he wants her, and what he wants, he will have. It took me a while to connect with the story. However, as Edible progressed, I slowly but surely fell in love with the characters and the story. Rachel was a great character, but I wish I could have seen a bit more attitude from her.

In the previous books she was more vibrant and alive that here, it felt like she was a bit… watered down. But I still loved her. At any given moment, you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end. Rachel Cole was just… delicious. I loved that his character went beyond the sexy alpha-ness and had another caring and vulnerable side, too. He could instantly see through Rachel and knew how to handle her.

Painting Pineapple Skull - Good enough to eat

This women—with the loud hair and the even livelier clothes—was sad. He also had a playful side that just melted my heart. Can the days go by any slower?! And all those updates! I just I want to read about Cole and his hotness and the damn caramel scene. View all 31 comments. Jun 29, Pam rated it it was amazing Shelves: 6 , fucked-up-n-broken , unforgettables , alpha , erotica , tats-n-piercings. A gentleman in public but a beast in the bedroom From the moment Cole spotted Rachel at Whipped, he knew that she was it for him, but Rachel being her fickle self is hell bent on any man ever controlling her again.

A certain lawyer is working his way in her thoughts and dreams, but she refuses to let a man control her ever again Cole is nothing but persistent and will stop at nothing to get Rachel under him, over him and any which way he could get her, just as long as she is screaming his name. Who would have thought the uptight lawyer had all that in him, he is definitely my favorite of the three, but something tells me his half-brother, Logan is going to be just as devious and sexy. View all 30 comments.

Sizzling, scorching, set-you-on-fire hot Dirty blonde hair, hot hazel eyes Like our forebears we can still enjoy wild salmon, brown trout and now sadly neglected eel dishes. Give me a chicken salad any day — but not the sad Caesar kind with mircowaved chicken you find everywhere. The cross on the bun signified the Crucifixion while the spices in the bun pointed to the embalming of Christ. If we are condemned to be a country of potatoes and beer then we need to make sure we produce the best potatoes and best beer in t Bocuse, one of the masters of French gastronomy, has died at the age of Thornton reminisces about working with him and McMahon A vegetable-forward dish that I like to cook at this time of the year is roasted cauliflower with hazelnuts and lardo.

I prefer to make mash at Christmas. If you prefer duck fat roast potatoes, then do them.

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The invention of sourdough in Ireland is credited to a woman who went for a wander with her lover. There are so many ways to show your appreciation of beef, in particular the slow and long ways that induce those mouth watering um JP McMahon:Turf-smoked salmon, turf-smoked beef, turf-smoked butter; these are things that for me are distinctly Irish. Seasonal supper: Blackberries and venison tartare work exceedingly well and are a great introduction to the beauties of wild food.

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As usual, the puzzles clues and answers include a light seasoning of political humor and are fortified with educational tidbits. And in hopes of attracting new people to our weekly puzzle party, this week I'm providing -- free! Everyone loves erotica, right? I mean, smut is dirty and vulgar, but erotica is classy. And this is really sweet stuff. You'll find it right below the jump If you're new to these Sunday Puzzles and haven't seen this kind of puzzle, here's:. The idea behind One-Offs if fairly simple.

I take a familiar phrase, change one letter, write a fairly straightforward paraphrase of the new phrase which does not include any word from the original phrase, and challenge you to guess what the phrase was before I changed it.

The alteration may be one of three things: an added letter, a subtracted letter, or a substituted letter. I won't tell you which one I've used in the different entries -- but I will tell you, in parentheses at the end of the entry, how many words are in the answer. For example, if a paraphrase were to read, There are no women dressed like Catwoman among the damned 4 , the answer would be that I've changed Hell hath no fury If the paraphrase were to read, Shirt made of syrup 2 , the answer would be that I've changed maple tree to maple tee.

Or if the paraphrase were to read, Ostentatious and peculiar bunch of people 3 , the answer would be that I've changed Grand Old Party to Grand Odd Party. NOTE: There is a slight problem with 2: the altered phrase it two words, but the underlying phrase is only one word. That's against the rules, but I didn't realize it in time. My apologies to solvers; I didn't catch that problem before posting the diary.

But I think the answer is good enough that I hope people will forgive the slight bending of the rules in this instance. Crypto-Gremlins are cryptograms for the 21st century. Ordinary cryptograms can be solved easily by online cryptogram solving programs; Crypto-Gremlins can't. If you've never worked a Crypto-Gremlin before, here's a link to an explanation of how they differ from regular cryptograms. Usually Crypto-Gremlins lend themselves more to solitary solving than group efforts.

Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica
Good Enough to Eat: Three tales of edible erotica

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