Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)

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Well that is only true in a spiritual, idealistic, figurative sense.

The Story of Ruth - Biblical Archaeology Society

God is not on the deed or title even if your church might be , and our modern laws provide for fee simple ownership of land and chattel as the standard ownership principle. God LITERALLY and tangibly was the legal owner of the land and an Israelite fully understood that he did NOT have a fee simple ownership of the plot of land upon which he dwelled, farmed, or ranched and this foundational principle was explicitly embodied in the Law of Moses.

For one thing, if she was in legal possession why was she and Ruth in such poverty? The truth is that only speculation is possible, as this issue is simply not directly addressed in the story. If a contemporary story takes place in America and it speaks of a monetary transaction, there is no need to explain that the monetary denomination is a dollar, or what a dollar is, or that the dollar went off the gold standard many years ago, or that a dollar has a fluctuating and relative value, and so forth.

If the article is about American food, it is not necessary to explain what is defined as food and what is not beef or bread is food, but worms or plankton is not. But in future times, the conditions will likely be radically different and such precise definitions as what food is and what money is will change and a new normal will exist and the one from years earlier completely forgotten. We face that problem every time we open the Bible, and nowhere is it better demonstrated than here in the 4th chapter of Ruth and the matter of the land inheritance.

So which was it?

Why is the Book of Ruth important?

Thus it can only be that the land had been sold at some earlier point and now it was necessary to get it back into the family and clan by means of redeeming it. Because if a clan member had purchased it, by rights, when Elimelech or his legal heir was available to reclaim it, it had to be returned to the original owner according to the laws of Torah. That also brings up the question: how is Ruth involved in all of this?

And the answer to that is in verse 5 when Boaz tells Mr. But why? And 2 , by what law is there an obligation for Mr. So and So to marry Ruth IF he agrees to redeem the land? Again, most Christian scholars going back centuries have said that Boaz married Ruth due to obligations of the Levirate Marriage laws. And that the Kinsman Redeemer had the legal duty to redeem the land, so that solved the land problem; but neither is actually true according to the Law of Moses. First, as I said in an earlier lesson, Levirate Marriage played no role whatsoever in this process. There is no extension to any other family member to perform this duty that is contained within the Torah.

Further, while there is an obligation of the family redeemer to redeem land to keep it in the clan, there is NO law of Torah that requires him to marry anybody, nor to father a child to produce an heir for a deceased man. Thus, neither situation applies and we are left scratching our heads as to why all this drama is playing out at the city gates and why it is unfolding the way it is. Again, why would marrying Ruth cause his personal inheritance to be put into jeopardy?

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I told you this would get complex. God tells us that the basis for the 10 Commandments is to love the Lord your God with all your mind, soul, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Ruth—Big Theme, Little Book

And that just as the 10 commandments are built upon those two foundational God-principles so are all of His laws built upon the 10 commandments. Under many circumstances we can simply point to one of the 10 commandments or one of the laws and it will give us the proper route to get from point A to point B; but under many more, the route is not obvious or there is not a non-stop flight. Co-located at Point A is that the land that belonged to Elimelech is in the hands of someone outside the clan. But how do we get there? And I contend this is a position that the Hebrews found themselves in regularly and we as Christians find ourselves in regularly as well.

So and So who decided that it would cause his own inheritance to be put into question if he married Ruth. So and So knew full well that Elimelech had no heir.

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This was great; he loved it and was anxious to conclude his bargain. But then Boaz threw him the curveball: accepting the obligation as the family redeemer also meant that Mr. So and So would have to marry Ruth. And from Ruth would come an heir for her dead husband, Machlon, son of Elimelech. And because there is now an heir Mr. Thus the land passed from Elimelech to his son Machlon, and from Machlon to the first son born to Ruth and the family redeemer.

The line was now connected from Point A to Point B; even if was hardly a straight line. The Restoration of a Sinner.

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Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)
Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1) Ruth (A Private Commentary on the Bible Book 1)

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