Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)

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Myth of Hades and Persephone

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The Return of Persephone and Other Rites of Transition

It soon became synonymous with Hell even though Hades is like Heaven, Limbo, and Hell combined into one place. May King Minos have mercy! A mistake to be so linear. This story is about the sexual maturation of the young female, moving into erotic relationship with men despite the perfectionistic demands of the man-hating matriarchy.

I like the info but there is one problem and that would be, that it does not mention the actual god of death Thanatos. Other then that, it helped me to finish my mythology project for school. He took her away from Demeter her Mother. Every woman has to be separated from her Mommy mother sooner or later, if she is to go from being a girl to a full-fledged woman. Hades symbolizes the archetypal energy necessary to perform that act for and with a woman. Hence a compromise was announced by Zeus, the leader of the Gods, that Persephone would spend the summer with her Mother and the winter with her husband as the Queen of Hades.

She in time welcomed this arrangement as a mature woman does the presence of a strong man in her life. Persephone did not require Hades to achieve womanhood. In many versions, Persephony grew to love Hades. Women did not have the opertunities men had and would need a husband in order to have a good life.

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  8. The story is about a girl growing into a woman in their society. The mistake here what everyone tends to do is put contemporary morals and culture onto an ancient Myth. But simply state the FACT that this story was written in a society ies where war, rape, abduction and forced marriages were common place, so it stands to reason that a story with a metaphorical theme of eternal death winter and rebirth spring will be soaked in what was the norm then…. Thanks for the interesting story.


    I had known that Hades was the king of the underworld, but I was not completely familiar with the story of Persephone. I wanted the info for a poem that I am writing. The Greek myths are allegorical, and I bet the smart ancients knew better than to take them literally. The warm months of spring and summer must yield to the cold and violence of winter, so perhaps the use of the word rape is unfortunate. Winter must also yield to spring and summer eventually.

    In the ancient world abduction by a suitor was acceptable in some societies and was practised until relatively recently by many indigenous societies in the Americas. It is still acted out symbolically in various marriage rituals, and lives on in certain expressions of love, eg. I agree with the second story. I feel like that story had more of the facts then the way it was told the first time. Overall I love the concept of this story. They are metaphorical. Many of the Greek myths are metaphorical. And this includes the myth of Hades and Persephone. Leave this field empty.

    This meant that she would have to live six months of each year with him, and stay the rest with her mother. This story was undoubtedly meant to illustrate the changing of the seasons: when Ceres welcomes her daughter back in the spring the earth blossoms, and when Proserpina must be returned to her husband it withers. In another version of the story, Proserpina ate only four pomegranate seeds, and she did so of her own accord.

    When Jupiter ordered her return, Pluto struck a deal with Jupiter, saying that since she had stolen his pomegranate seeds, she must stay with him four months of the year in return.

    Bernini, Pluto and Proserpina

    For this reason, in spring when Ceres receives her daughter back, the crops blossom, and in summer they flourish. In the autumn Ceres changes the leaves to shades of brown and orange her favorite colors as a gift to Proserpina before she has to return to the underworld. During the time that Proserpina resides with Pluto, the world goes through winter, a time when the earth is barren.

    It is closely connected with that of Orpheus and Eurydice. In Virgil's Georgics, Orpheus' beloved wife, Eurydice, died from a snake-bite; Proserpina allowed Orpheus into Hades without losing his life; charmed by his music, she allowed him to lead his wife back to the land of the living, as long as he did not look back during the journey.

    But Orpheus could not resist a backward glance, so Eurydice was forever lost to him. Proserpina's figure inspired many artistic compositions, eminently in sculpture Bernini , [15] see The Rape of Proserpina Bernini in painting D. Rossetti, [16] a fresco by Pomarancio , J.

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    Heintz, [17] Rubens , [18] A. Kate McGarrigle 's song about the legend was one of the last things she wrote prior to her death, and received its only performance at her last concert at Royal Albert Hall in December Diti patri dedicata est, qui dives ut apud Graecos Plouton, quia et recidunt omnia in terras et oriuntur e terris, Cui Proserpinam quod Graecorum nomen est, ea enim est quae Persefone Graece nominatur — quam frugum semen esse volunt absconditamque quaeri a matre fingunt.

    With Dis Pater is connected Proserpina whose name is of Greek origin, being that goddess the Greeks call Persephone who symbolises the wheat seed and whose mother looked for her after her disappearance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Proserpina disambiguation. Marcus Aurelius head covered sacrificing at the Temple of Jupiter. Retrieved 15 July Wiseman , "Satyrs in Rome? His belief may reflect its high profile and ubiquity during the later Imperial period, and possibly the fading of older, distinctively Aventine forms of her cult.

    Malta Archaeological Review 9 :

    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)
    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)
    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)
    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)
    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)
    Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World) Proserpina (The Mythology of the Modern World)

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