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And when his mother spoke of the affliction to her father Phelps, he would console her by saying, ' Do n't afflict yourself too deeply about William. There is something for him to do yet in the cause of God' " Although Mr. Miller avowed himself a deist, and was recognized as such by deists, this offense against all propriety, in trifling with what his dearest relatives regarded as most sacred, this thoughtless trifling with the humble messengers of the gospel was the darkest feature in his character.

To him it was the most natural course which the circumstances of his position could suggest, and, undoubtedly, appeared to be the least violation of former convictions and educational proprieties which would allow him to stand as he did, in the favor and confidence of his unbelieving associates. To give the true state of the case, the darker shades must appear with the lighter. He took the position of an unbeliever. But that he was not a deist of a rank type will appear more fully from his own statements.

Miller's social and public position, his worldly prospects, and his religious state. The longsuffering of God was still to be exercised toward him. He was to become satisfied with the insufficiency of the world. Then the light which had become darkness was to be revived within him; the breath of life from God would disclose the all-sufficient portion, and he would go forth to build again the faith he had destroyed. Many were the prayers that ascended in his behalf; and some of those who were the most deeply interested for him would pass away before their prayers would be answered.

But the great lessons of longsuffering, of faithfulness, and of the power to deliver out of the most artful snare of the adversary, would be the more magnified, on the part of God; the praying, who were yet alive, would hail the answer with greater joy, and the delivered one would be the better prepared to take others, in the same fearful condition, by the hand, and lead them to Him who came to seek and save the lost" William Miller received a captain's commission and entered the army in His biographer Miller.

But as our principal object is to bring him before the public as an intelligent Bible Christian, a bold soldier of Jesus Christ, and an able and sound expositor of the word of life, we pass over his military career, giving only one incident, which will be of interest to the Christian reader. Miller's life and the mention of an incident or two of some interest, must close this chapter. Everybody is familiar with the fact that the army is a bad school of morality.

Intemperance, licentiousness, gambling, fighting, stealing, profanity, and Sabbath-breaking, are the common vices of army life. It was the constant practice of these vices by those around him which sickened Mr.

Miller of their society. And that he should escape entirely from the contamination would be too much to expect. However, it is both a matter of surprise, and highly creditable to him, that his moral integrity and habits were not affected to a hopeless extent. There were, however, some redeeming traits to the too generally dark moral picture of army life. There were a few men in the 30th regiment of infantry who were known as men of prayer and undoubted piety.

And an incident in their history, which Mr, Miller has often spoken of with great interest, should be mentioned. One of these praying men, if memory has not failed in the case, was Sergeant Willey. Miller was 'the officer for the day,' he saw a light in this tent, and, wishing to know what was going on, as his duty required, he drew near, and heard the voice of prayer. He said nothing at the time ; but, the next day, on recollecting it, he thought it was a good opportunity to try the sergeant's piety, and indulge his own relish for a joke, by calling Sergeant Willey to account for having his tent occupied by a gambling party the night before.

When the sergeant appeared, Captain Miller affected great seriousness, and spoke in a tone bordering on severity, as follows ' You know, Sergeant Willey, that it is contrary to the army regulations to have any gambling in the tents at night. And I was very sorry to see your tent lit up for that purpose last night. We cannot have any gambling at such times. You must put a stop to it at once. I hope I shall not have to speak to you again about i t ' " The poor sergeant stood thunderstruck, for a moment, to hear such an imputation cast on him and his associates.

And then, hardly daring to look up, he replied, with the most touching simplicity, and in a manner which showed that he was alike unwilling to suffer the scandal of entertaining gamblers, or to make a parade of his devotions, ' We were not gambling, sir ' Captain Miller was touched with his appearance. But, still affecting greater severity than at first, being determined to press him to a confession, he said to the sergeant, ' Yes, you were gambling And it won't do What else could you have your tent lighted up for, all the evening, if you were not gambling ' " Sergeant Willey now felt himself under the 36 LIFE OF MILLEti.

After the war, two members of his company, who lived as neighbors in the extreme northern part of "Vermont, had some business difficulties, which grew to be so serious that they could hardly live together as neighbors on speaking terms, to say the least. This was a great affliction to themselves, as brother soldiers, to their families, and to the whole neighborhood.

These men had often thought of their former captain, though they were much older than he was, and wished the difficulties could be submitted to his examination and decision. But it was a long way to his residence, and the time and cost of the journey seemed too much to admit of such an arrangement. However, the matter became a source of so much trouble that the proposition was made by one, and gladly accepted by the other, to visit Captain Miller; to submit the case to him, by telling each his own story, and to abide by his decision. They arrived at Captain Miller's nearly at the same time.

Arrangements were made for a hearing. Each told his story. The decision was made known, after all the facts of the case had been duly considered. It was received in good faith by the parties. They took each other cordially by the hand, spent a little time with their captain, and returned to their homes in company, as friends and brothers. Without claiming any special distinction for Mr.

Miller on the score of what are styled brilliant achievements in the field of danger, the character of a great lover of peace belonged to him as a distinguishing personal trait. He delighted in peace, naturally ; it is not known that he ever intentionally provoked a quarrel; and a considerable number of cases could be cited, in which he has been called to perform the office of a peace-maker, and in the duties of which he has been remarkably successful. But enough. More must be left unwritten than it o would be practicable or necessary to write.

The close of Mr. Miller's military life was to be the commencement of a new era in his history. The circumstances which preceded that change, the means and instrumentalities employed in its accomplishment, and the practical results which immediately followed in the circle of his acquaintance, must be left to another chapter.

Miller's connection with the army, we take from his " Apology and Defense," published in " I n , I received a captain's commission in the U. While there, many occurrences served to weaken my confidence in the correctness of deistical principles. I was led frequently to compare this country to that of the children of Israel, before whom God drove out the inhabitants of their land. It seemed to me that the Supreme Being must have watched over the interests of this country in an especial manner, and delivered us from the hands of our enemies.

At the commencement of the battle, we looked upon our own defeat as almost certain, and yet we were victorious. So surprising a result against such odds did seem to me like the work of a mightier power than man. Miller from the army, he removed his family from Poultney, Vt. His father had died there, in the year , leaving the homestead encumbered with a mortgage. That was cancelled by Mr Miller, who permitted liis mother to live there with his brother Solomon, while he purchased for himself another farm, in the neighborhood, about half a mile to the west. This lay mostly above the general level of the valley of the Poultney river, and comprised about two hundred acres of land, with a surface somewhat uneven, and with soil similar to that usually found in sections geologically marked by black slate and limestone.

Two miles to the east was the village of Fairhaven, Vt. Miller erected a convenient farm-house, similar to those built throughout the interior of New England at that epoch. It was of wood, two stories high, with an ell projecting in the rear. The front and ends were painted white, with green blinds, and the back side was red. It fronts to the north. This spot was selected by the political party to which Mr. Miller belonged, for the place of a public celebration of the national independence, on its anniversary, July 4, Miller was selected as the marshal of the day; but, not fancying a party celebration, he used his influence so that all persons, irrespective of party, were invited to partake of its festivities.

In those days of party excitement this was considered a wonderful stretch of charity. Miller's grandfather Phelps was in the practice of preaching at the house of Mr. There was no church at the time in that section of the town. Through his labors Mr. Miller's mother was converted; and a little church was there organized, as a branch of the Baptist church in Orwell, Vt, "In , Elisha Miller, an uncle of the subject of this memoir, was settled over the church in Low Hampton, and a small meeting-house was afterward erected.

On Mr. Miller's removal to Low Hampton, he became a constant attendant, except in the absence of the preacher, at that place of worship, and contributed liberally to its support. There the preachers from a distance found food and shelter; and, though fond of bantering them on their faith, and making their opinions a subject of mirth with his infidel friends, they always found a home beneath his roof. Miller's mother noticed that, on such occasions, he was not in his seat, and she remonstrated with him.

He excused his absence on the ground that he was not edified by the manner in which the deacons read; and intimated that if he could do the reading, he should always be present. This being suggested to those grave officials, they were pleased with the idea; and, after that, they selected the sermon as before, but Mr. Miller did the reading, although still entertaining deistical sentiments. Beyond the grave, all was dark and gloomy.

To use his own words " Annihilation was a cold and chilling thought, and accountability was sure destruction to all. The heavens were as brass over my head, and the earth as iron under my feet. The more I thought, the more scattered were my conclusions. I tried to stop thinking, but my thoughts would not be controlled. I was truly wretched, but did not understand the cause. I murmured and complained, but knew not of whom. I knew that there was a wrong, but knew not how or where to find the right.

I mourned, but without hope. In , arrangements had been made for its observance, by a ball, at Fairhaven. The stirring scenes of the late campaign being thus recalled, Captain Miller entered into the preparations for the expected festivities with all the ardor of the soldier. In the general gathering to that meeting, Captain Miller and his help attended, more from curiosity than from other actuating cause. The discourse was from Zech. On their return, Mrs. They were entirely incapacitated for any part in the festive arrangements. Other managers of the ball were equally unfitted for it; and the result was that it was indefinitely postponed.

The seriousness extended from family to family, and in the several neighborhoods in that vicinity meetings for prayer and praise took the place of mirth and the dance. They had chosen one on the Importance of Parental Duties. Soon after commencing, he was overpowered by the inward struggle of emotion, with which the entire congregation deeply sympathized, and took his seat. His deistical principles seemed an almost insurmountable difficulty with him. Soon after, 'suddenly,' he says, ' the character of a Saviour was vividly impressed upon my mind.

It seemed that there might be a Being so good and compassionate as to himself atone for our transgressions, and thereby save us from suffering the penalty of sin. But the question arose, How can it be proved that such a Being does exist Aside from the Bible, I found that I could get no evidence of the existence of such a Saviour, or even of a future state. I felt that to believe in such a Saviour without evidence would be visionary in the extreme. I was constrained to admit that the Scriptures must be a revelation from God. They became my delight; and in Jesus I found a friend. The Saviour became to me the chiefest among ten thousand; and the Scriptures, which before were dark and contradictory, now became the lamp to my feet and light to my path.

My mind became settled and satisfied. I found the Lord God to be a Rock in the midst of the ocean of life. The Bible now became my chief study, and I can truly say, I searched it with great delight. I found the half was never told me. I wondered why I had not seen its beauty and glory before, and marveled that I could have ever rejected it. I found everything revealed that my heart could desire, and a remedy for every disease of the soul. I lost all taste for other reading, and applied my heart to get wisdom from God. The die was cast, and he had taken his stand for life as a soldier of the cross, as all who knew him felt assured ; and henceforth the badge of discipleship, in the church or world, in his family or closet, indicated whose he was and whom he served.

His infidel friends regarded his departure from them as the loss of a standard-bearer. And the new convert felt that henceforth, wherever he was, he must deport himself as a Christian, and perform his whole duty. His subsequent history must show how well this was done. The opposite party, especially the more gifted of them, regarded him as a powerful, and, therefore, a desirable, antagonist. He knew the strength of both parties. That of the former he had often tested, when, in his attacks, though they might have been silenced, he had felt that he had a bad cause; and the weakness of the latter had been forcibly impressed on him in his fruitless efforts to assure himself that they were right.

He knew all their weak points, and where their weapons could be turned against them. They were not disposed to yield the ground without a struggle, and began their attack on him by using the weapons and assailing the points which characterized his own former attacks on Christianity; and to this fact, under 46 LIFE OF MILLEti. God, is probably owing his subsequent worldwide notoriety. He had enjoyed putting perplexing questions to clergymen and otherstriumphing in their unsatisfactory replies. These questions had not been forgotten ; and his Christian friends, also, turned his former taunts upon himself.

He replied, ' It is revealed in the Bible.


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Miller felt such taunts in their full force. He was at first perplexed; but, on reflection, he considered that if the Bible is a revelation of God, it must be consistent with itself; all its parts must harmonize, must have been given for man's instruction, and, consequently, must be adapted to his understanding.

He, therefore, said, ' Give me time, and I will harmonize all these apparent contradictions to my own satisfaction, or I will be a deist still. He laid aside all commentaries, and used the marginal references and his concordance as his only helps. He saw that he must distinguish between the Bible and all the peculiar and partisan interpretations of it. He saw that it must correct all interpretations; and in correcting them, its own pure light would shine without the mists which traditionary belief had involved it in. He resolved to lay aside all preconceived opinions, and to receive, with child-like simplicity, the natural and obvious meaning of Scripture.

At times, delighted with truth which shone forth from the sacred volume, making clear to his understanding the great plan of God for the redemption of fallen man; and at times puzzled and almost distracted by seemingly inexplicable or contradictory passages, he persevered, until the application of his great principle of interpretation was triumphant.

He became puzzled only to be delighted, and delighted only to persevere the more in penetrating its beauties and mysteries. His manner of studying the Bible is thus described by himself " ' I determined to lay aside all my prepossessions, to thoroughly compare scripture with scripture, and to pursue its study in a regular and methodical manner. I commenced with Genesis, and read verse by verse, proceeding no faster than the meaning of the several passages should be so unfolded as to leave me free from embarrassment respecting any mysticisms or contradictions.

Then, by letting every word have its proper bearing on the subject of the text, if my view of it harmonized with every collateral passage in the Bible, it ceased to be a difficulty. I was thus satisfied that the Bible is a system of revealed truths, so clearly and simply given that the c wayfaring man, though a fool, need not err therein. Every word must have its proper baaring on the subject presented in the Bible. Proof, Matt. All Scripture is necessary, and may be understood by a diligent application and study.

Proof; 2 Tim. Nothing revealed in Scripture can or will be hid from those who ask in faith, nob wavering. Proof Deut. To understand doctrine, bring all the Scriptures together on the subject you wish to know; then let every word have its proper influence ; and, if you can form your theory without a contradiction, you cannot be in error.

Proof, Isa. Scripture must be its own expositor, since it is a rule of itself. If I depend on a teacher to expound to me, and he should guess at its meaning, or desire to have it so on account of his sectarian creed, or to be thought wise, then his guessing, desire, creed, or wisdom, is my rule, and not the Bible.

Proof, Ps. God has revealed things to come, by visions, in figures and parables ; and in this way the same things are oftentimes revealed again and again, by different visions, or in different figures and parables. If you wish to understand them, you must combine them all in one. Visions are always mentioned as such. Figures always have a figurative meaning, and are used much in prophecy to represent future things, times and eventssuch as mountains, Miller.

Parables are used as comparisons to illustrate subjects, and must be explained in the same way as figures, by the subject and Bible. Mark Figures sometimes have two or more different significations, as day is used in a figurative sense to represent three different periods of time, namely, first, indefinite; Eccl. The right construction will harmonize with the Bible, and make good sense; other constructions will not. If a word makes good sense as it stands, and does no violence to the simple laws of nature, it is to be understood literally; if not, figuratively.

To learn the meaning of a figure, trace the word through your Bible, and when you find it explained, substitute the explanation for the word used ; and, if it make good sense, you need not look further; if not, look again. To know whether we have the true historical event for the fulfillment of a prophecy If you find every word of the prophecy after the figures are understood is literally fulfilled, then you may know that your history is the true event; but if one word lacks a fulfillment, then you must look for another event, or wait its future development; for God takes care that history and prophecy shall agree, so that the true believing children of God may never be ashamed.

The most important rule of all is, that you must have faith. It must be a faith that requires a sacrifice, and, if tried, would give up the dearest object on earth, the world and all its desirescharacter, living, occupation, friends, home, comforts and worldly honors. If any of these should hinder our believing any part of God's word, it would show our faith to be vain. Nor can we ever believe so long as one of these motives lies lurking in our hearts.

We must believe that God will never forfeit his word; and we can have confidence that He who takes notice of the sparrow's fall, and numbers the hairs of our head, will guard the translation of his own word, and throw a barrier around it, and prevent those who sincerely trust in God, and put implicit confidence in his word, from erring far from the truth.

IT It will be seen that ffm. Miller held the doctrine of consciousness in death, which most of the Adventists have renounced. I also found that the promises respecting Israel's restoration are applied by the apostle to all who are Christ'sthe putting on of Christ constituting them Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise, -f " I was then satisfied, as I saw conclusive evidence to prove the advent personal and pre-millennial, that all the events for which the church look to be fulfilled in the millennium before the advent, must be subsequent to it; and that, unless there were other unfulfilled prophecies, the advent of the Lord, instead of being looked for only in the distant future, might be a continually-expected event.

In examining the prophecies on that point, I found that only four universal monarchies are any where predicted, in the Bible, to precede the setting up of God's everlasting kingdom; that three of those had passed awayBabylon, Medo-Persia, and Greciaand that the fourthHomehad already passed into its last state, the state in which it is to be when the stone cut out of the mountain without hands shall smite the image on the feet, and break to pieces all the kingdoms of this world. And finding all the signs of the times, and the present condition of the world, to compare harmoniously with the prophetic descrip 2 Pet-.

As I regarded the evidence, I could arrive at no other conclusion. I found, on pursuing the study of the Bible, various chronological periods extending, according to my understanding of them, to the coming of the Saviour. I found that predicted events, which had been fulfilled in the past, often occurred within a given time. The one hundred and twenty years to the flood; Gen.

I saw that, as the events predicted to be fulfilled in prophetic days had been extended over about as many literal years; as God, in Num. If, then, we could obtain any clue to the time of The supposition that two of the periods of Daniel extended to the second advent constituted Mr. Miller's mistake, hence the consequent disappointment. Reckoning all these prophetic periods from the several dates assigned by the best ehronologers for the events from which they should evidently be reckoned, they would all terminate together, about A.

The Bible was now to me a new book. It was indeed a feast of reason ; all that was dark, mystical or obscure, to me, in its teachings, had been dissipated from my mind before the clear light that now dawned from its sacred pages; and oh, how bright and glorious the truth appeared " All the contradictions and inconsistencies I had before found in the word were gone; and, although there were many portions of which I was not satisfied I had a full understanding, yet so much light had emanated from it to the illumination of my before darkened mind, that I felt a delight in studying the Scriptures which I had not before supposed could be derived from its teachings.

I commenced their study with no expectation of finding the time of the Saviour's coming, and I could at first hardly believe the result to which I had arrived; but the evidence struck me with such force that I could not resist my convictions. I became nearly settled in my conclusions, and began to wait, and watch, and pray for my Saviour's coming.

His general theological opinions may be inferred from his connecting himself with a Calvinistic Baptist church, as the one most congenial to his faith. I made it a subject of prayer and meditation, and, therefore, leave the following as my faith,reserving the privilege of correction. It is not known that his views, as above expressed, ever underwent any changeexcepting as his belief in the date of the second advent was afterwards shown, by the passing of time, to be incorrect. ALL truly great and good men who have been the honored instruments in the hands of God of accomplishing good, and of leading his people in the way of truth, have had wrought in them a deep experience in the things of the Spirit of God.

This being the case with William Miller, we are happy to give in this chapter some of the important facts in his experience. His biographer says " From the time that Mr. Miller became established in his religious faith, till he commenced his public laborsa period of twelve or fourteen yearsthere were few prominent incidents in his life to distinguish him from other men. His leisure hours were devoted to reading and meditation; he kept himself well informed respecting the current events of the time; occasionally communicated his thoughts through the press, and often, for his own private amusement, or for the entertainment of friends, indulged in various poetical effusions, which, for unstudied productions, are possessed of some merit; but his principal enjoyment was derived from the study of the Bible.

His state of mind at this time can be better given in his own language. Miller, f that such momentous events were predicted in the Scriptures, to be fulfilled in so short a space of time, the question came home to me with mighty power regarding my duty to the world, in view of the evidence that had affected my own mind.

If the end was so near, it was important - that the world should know it. I supposed that it would call forth the opposition of the ungodly; but it never came into my mind that any Christian would oppose it. I supposed that all such would be so rejoiced, in view" of the glorious prospect, that it would only be necessary to present it, for them to receive it. My great fear was that in their joy at the hope of a glorious inherMillor. I therefore feared to present it, lest, by some possibility, I should be in error, and be the means of misleading any.

I therefore continued the study of the Bible, to see if I could sustain any of these objections. My object was not merely to remove them, but I wished to see if they were valid. Other texts, which are advanced in support of the doctrine of a temporal millennium, would arise; but on examining their context, I invariably found that they were applicable only to the eternal state, or were so illustrative of the spread of the gospel here as to be entirely irrelevant to the position they were adduced to support.

Those who speak of the gospel being preached in all the world, teach that, as soon as it should be thus preached, the end was to come; so that it could not be delayed a thousand years from that time, nor long enough for the world's conversion after the preaching of the gospel as a witness. Being instructed that all the dead would be raised at the same time, I supposed it must be so taught in the Bible; but I soon saw it was one of the traditions of the elders.

That question I saw could only be sustained by denying the positive declarations of the New Testament, which assert " There is no difference between the Jew and the Greek;" that the promise that he shall be the heir of the world was not to Abraham and his seed through the law, but through the righteousness of faith; that " there is neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female ;" but that "if ye are Christ's then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

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But, however strong they at first appeared, after examining them in the light of the divine word, I could only compare them to straws, laid down singly as obstacles on a well-beaten road; the car of truth rolled over them, unimpeded in its progress. I had, previously, only thrown out occasional hints of my views. I then began to speak more clearly my opinions to my neighbors, to ministers, and others. To my astonishment, I found very few who listened with any interest. Occasionally, one would see the force of the evidence; but the great majority passed it by as an idle tale.

I was, therefore, disappointed in finding any who would declare this doctrine, as I felt it should be, for the comfort of saints, and as a warning to sinners. O my soul go thou to the mansions of the dead, and learn there the end of all living. How necessary, then, is the work of regeneration and sanctification And may we obtain that evidence which will enable us, with Thomas, to say, " My Lord and my God " Redemption is the work of God. How proper,. How improper, then, that we should live any longer therein We ought as much to strive to attain to perfection as if it was attainable here below.

I mourn for sin, and trust the Lord To have it pardoned and subdued. June I have this day been to Whitehall, to see the celebrated Marquis de Lafayette, that made such a conspicuous figure, half a century ago, in our Revolution. He is a pleasant-looking old man, a friend to freemen, a terror to tyrants, and one that has spent his treasures, his blood, and the best part of his life, in the cause of freedom and the rights of man. He has suffered much; yet he retains a good constitution.

He goes a little lame, occasioned by wounds he received in the Revolution. He deserves the thanks of Americans, and he has received a general burst of gratitude from Maine to the Mississippi. He has visited every State' in the Union and almost every important town. I had the pleasure of dining with him ; and after dinner he took a passage for New York.

Miller was a member, was refreshed by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In a letter, dated March 12, written to Elder Hendryx, to whom reference has before been made, Mr. Miller says ' One young man came to my house last night after nine o'clock, to request prayers. He said he had been eight years under conviction, and appeared to be almost in despair. I thought I could say to him, as did John the Baptist to his disciples " Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world " Twelve or fourteen requested prayers last Sunday evening.

It is really the work of the Lord. I never lived in a reformation so general, so solemn, and with so little noise.

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Surely, we have reason to rejoice and be glad. The Lord has remembered the low state of his people, and hath come down to deliver. Two of my children, William and Bellona, as I have a good degree of hope, are subjects of grace. Pray for us. He says c On Saturday, the first day of March, our meeting-house was consumed by fire. We should have almost despaired of ever building again, had not the Lord visited us by his grace, and likewise opened the hearts of our Christian friends from abroad.

There is now some prospect that we shall build. You know we are weak in numbers. We are really so in resources. I must bend my whole force to gain the above-mentioned object. These impressions he thus describes " ' When I was about my business, it was continually ringing in my ears, Go and tell the world of their danger. This text was constantly occurring to me " When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thy hand.

Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul. I felt that, if the wicked could be effectually warned, multitudes of them would repent ; and that, if they were not warned, their blood might be required at my hand. I prayed that some minister might see the truth, and devote himself to its promulgation ; but still it was impressed upon me, Go and tell it to the world; their blood will I require at thy hand.

The more I presented it in conversation, the more dissatisfied I felt with myself for withholding it from the public. I told the Lord that I was not used to public speaking; that I had not the necessary qualifications to gain the attention of an audience; that I was very diffident, and feared to go before the world; that they would "not believe me nor hearken to my voice;" that I was " slow of speech, and of a slow tongue.

He was then fifty years old, and it seemed impossible for him to surmount the obstacles which lay in his path, to successfully present it in a public manner. Elder T. Hendryx, a Baptist clergyman, now in the State of Pennsylvania, who has kindly furnished the biographer with many original letters from Mr. Miller, thus speaks of his first acquaintance with him " ' My first acquaintance with Bro. Miller was in the summer of I had been requested to visit the Baptist church in Hampton, and concluded to go.

When about to start, I was informed by a brother in the church of which I was a member, in Salem, N. On further reflection, I decided to go, and put my trust in Him who had said, " Lo, I am with you alway. Miller's on the 6th of July, You may well suppose that my situation was not very enviable. I moved tremblingly and with the utmost caution. In spite of me, I could not act like myself; and it was not till I had been there nearly a week, and preached several discourses, that I could feel at home, or enjoy my wonted freedom in preaching the word. Several other ministering brethren visited at Bro.

But how perfectly groundless those fears Instead of pouncing upon my errors like the tiger, no brother ever dealt with me more tenderly, or exhibited a better spirit in presenting his views. Having thrown off all reserve, I readily gave them. I had embraced the old viewthe world's conversion a thousand years before the advent; and answered him accordingly. His reply was " Well, Bro. I was in a deep study. He began to smile. I was astonished; for I could not make it out.

At last I said " I go home next Monday. I will draw the passages off, and hand them to you when I return. He read tliem, and said " Bro. Miller's to him, dated August 9, In it he says " f The Lord is pouring out his Spirit among us, but not in so powerful a manner as I could wish. Baptism has been administered every Sabbath but one since you were here. Two or three have obtained hope every week. Miller's opinions respecting the nearness and nature of the millennium became known, they naturally elicited a good deal of comment among his friends and neighbors, and also among those at a distance.

Miller was very mute in one corner, and asked what ailed him. I want you to see what does, and prescribe for me. Can you tell when a man is a monomaniac ' " The doctor blushed, and said he thought he could. Miller wished to know how. You shall, therefore, sit down with me two hours, while I present the subject of the advent to you, and, if I am a monomaniac, by that time you will discover it. As he read along, Mr. Production lines for rubber gloves would not appear to have much in common with particle physics laboratories, but they both use accelerators.

Electron beam irradiation is often used in industry to improve the quality of manufactured goods or to reduce production cost. Products range from computer disks, shrink packaging, tyres, cables, and plastics to hot water pipes. Some products, such as medical goods, cosmetics and certain foodstuffs, are sterilized in this way. In electron beam irradiation, electrons penetrate materials creating showers of low energy electrons. After many collisions these electrons have the correct energy to create chemically active sites. They may either break molecular bonds or activate a site which promotes a new chemical linkage.

This industrial irradiation can be exploited in three ways: breaking down a biological molecule usually renders it useless and kills the organism; breaking an organic molecule can change its toxicity or function; and crosslinking a polymer can strengthen it. In addition to traditional gamma irradiation using isotopes, industrial irradiation uses three accelerator configurations, each type defining an energy range, and consequently the electron penetration depth.

For energies up to kV, the accelerator consists of a DC potential applied to a simple wire anode and the electrons extracted through a slot in a coaxially mounted cylindrical cathode. To achieve the high potentials in these DC accelerators, insulating SF6 gas and large dimension vessels separate the anode and cathode; proprietary techniques distinguish the various commercial models available.

Above 5 MeV, the size of DC accelerators render them impractical, and more compact radiofrequency-driven linear accelerators are used. Irradiation electron beams are actually 'sprayed' over the product using a magnetic deflection system. Lower energy beams of. Sobre el uso de conceptos comprensivos en los Ciencias Sociales.

Full Text Available Se comparan los conceptos particulares, que describen la diversidad de los datos, y los conceptos generales, que se ocupan de los valores de las variables. Industrial robot. This paper addresses the design and development of a four degree of freedom industrial manipulator, with three liner axes in the positioning mechanism and one rotary axis in the orientation mechanism. The positioning mechanism joints are driven with dc servo motors fitted with incremental shaft encoders.

The rotary joint of the orientation mechanism is driven by a stepping motor. Microcomputer based interface cards have been developed for independent joint control. PID controllers for dc motors have been designed. Kinematic modeling, dynamic modeling, and path planning have been carried out to generate the control sequence to accomplish a given task with reference to source and destination state constraints. Industrial radiography is a non-destructive testing NDT method which allows components to be examined for flaws without interfering with their usefulness.

It is one of a number of inspection methods which are commonly used in industry to control the quality of manufactured products and to monitor their performance in service. Because of its involvement in organizing training courses in all the common NDT methods in regional projects in Asia and the Pacific and Latin America and the Caribbean and in many country programmes, the Agency is aware of the importance of standardizing as far as possible the syllabi and training course notes used by the many experts who are involved in presenting the training courses.

The notes have been expanded to cover most topics in a more complete manner than that possible at a Level 1, 2 or 3 training course and can now be used as source material for NDT personnel interested in expanding their knowledge of radiography. Refs, figs and tabs. Consenso mexicano sobre la dispepsia. Treinta y un enunciados fueron redactados, votados y calificados. La endoscopia debe realizarse en dispepsia no investigada cuando hay datos de alarma o falla al tratamiento. Los nuevos enunciados proporcionan directrices basadas en la evidencia actualizada.

Industrial radiographies. The Radiation Protection group wishes to remind CERN staff responsible for contractors performing X-ray inspections on the CERN sites that the firms must apply the legislation in force in their country of origin, in particular with regard to the prevention of risks relating to ionizing radiation. This deliverable joins D1. We merged the deliverables for the following reasons: For readability ease we. Hydrosoluble polysaccharides or gums are long chain polymers that dissolve or disperse in water.

When added to foods, they change rheological characteristics, stabilize emulsions, promote particle suspension, control crystallization and inhibit sineresis of processed foods. Guar gum is an hydro soluble polysaccharide obtained from the seed of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus. Carboxy-methylcellulose CMC is an homopolisaccharide prepared by the treatment of alkaline cellulose with sodium monochloroacetate. Impuesto sobre las transacciones financieras: Justicia fiscal. Sobre o desenho e design. This notion gained importance from the dictatorship onwards. At this time there were but a few skeptical approaches to the matter.

  • A la luz del amanecer (Spanish Edition);
  • Emgu CV / Svn (Obsolete) / [r] /trunk/rykofityqyra.tk;
  • The Spitting Image (Ed Noon Mystery Book 2)!
  • Camouflaged Memories: Vietnam and Beyond;
  • JEOVÁ DIZ QUE CÂMARA FOI EXCLUÍDA DE CELEBRAÇÕES - Gustavo Almeida - Política Dinâmica.
  • Argan and Flusser, besides their common views at this point, used both the word design to describe a new disciplinary levei, which has developed, according to Argan, as environmental programming, no longer concerned exclusively with the design of the objects themselves. Three Generations of Industrial districts. Se presenta evidencia so-bre el caso italiano. Chemicals Industry Vision. Chemical industry leaders articulated a long-term vision for the industry , its markets, and its technology in the groundbreaking document Technology Vision - The U.

    Chemical Industry. PDF KB. Aspects of the partnerships in the oil industry : remarks on dispute resolution provisions in the Join Operation Agreements-JOA; Aspectos das parcerias na industria do petroleo: consideracoes sobre a solucao de controversias no 'Joint Operating Agreement-JOA'. This essay intends to analyze some aspects of Article 18 of the Joint Operating Agreement model form, drafted by the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators AIPN and largely used by members of the international oil and gas industry , including Brazil.

    We will go through the suggested wording for the arbitration clause, electing arbitration as the dispute resolution mechanism, and the waiver of sovereign immunity by the parties to the agreement. We will proceed with the review of such provisions of the model form clause under Brazilian law, commenting on the lectures provided by legal authors and by the courts of Brazil on the matter. Afterwards, we will briefly analyze the case of Petroleo Brasileiro S. Finally, upon completion of our review, we stress that the current Brazilian scenario is quite favorable to arbitration, which is accompanied by the rise of the notion of flexibility of the sovereign immunity standard, not applicable to cases of 'ius gestionis' acts carried out by subdivisions of the state.

    Full Text Available This work deals with the properties of alternative mortars destined to strengthen metal sheets of sinks. The performance of these mortars was compared to that of a basic mortar made of cement, sand, and water, named standard mortar SM. One of these mortars, named alternative mortar 2 AM2, and composed of cement, textile residue, polyurethane, polypropylene fibers and water, was developed recently to replace the current one, named alternative mortar 1 AM1, composed of cement, sand, polystyrene, polypropylene fibers and water.

    These mortars were manufactured and aged in a room in atmospheric environment for 7, 14, 28, 60 and 90 days, either with or without initial drying in a furnace. The reduction in flexion strength of AM1 mortar, compared to SM mortar, is caused by the polystyrene whereas the lowering mechanical strength of the AM2 is due to both polyurethane and textile residue. Even so, its mechanical strength is acceptable because the flexion strength stress required for the industrial application is 1.

    Adorno, que, em conjunto com M. This work starts from the assumption that electronic games influence today's children's cultural formation. This affirmation is based on the critical theory of society, especially by one of its main thinkers, T. Adorno, who, along with M. Horkheimer, created the concept of culture industry in As elements of this culture, and as consumption products, electronic games are an instrument for leisure and entertainment, with an increasingly higher reach in children's play.

    This means that the content of these games and children's identification with their characters are important reference points to analyze the constitution of children's identity and the urgent need for values in society today. Sobre una Rodoficea parasita de Gelidiaceas. Reflexiones sobre el concepto de justicia.

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    • Full Text Available In , the Department of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia has launched a creative economic development documents interpreted the Indonesia became the starting point and guide the development of the creative economy in Indonesia. With the existence of this document, the industry and its stakeholders or other stakeholders can readily develop the creative economy in Indonesia. Economic development in the direction of the creative industries is one manifestation of optimism aspiration to support the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia's Economic Development in realizing the vision of Indonesia are being developed nation.

      The main objective of this study is the first to analyze the role of the creative industries in Indonesia for labor, value added and productivity, secondly, to analyze the performance trend of the creative industries sector, and third, to analyze the factors affecting the performance of the creative industries sector in Indonesia. Under Indonesia Standard Industrial Classification ISIC and codes manufacturing industries category identified 18 industry groups belonging to the creative industries , showed that the performance of the national creative industries has been relatively high in terms of trend analysis of the performance of the industrial creative.

      The present article intends to compare the effects of the cellulose industry implementation in the Southern Cone of America in the cases that involved, on the one hand, Argentina and Uruguay and, on the other, Brazil, concerning the permeability among regulatory sets, juxtaposition of conflict resolution ambits and the social movements' roles. Parting from the analysis of these processes, the impacts of economic globalization are pointed out in terms of the flexibilization and deregulation of national legislation, limitation of regional regulatory instruments, inadequacy of politico-legal institutions to the solution of conflicts and inefficacy of social movements in facing them.

      Based on it, the need for the internationalization of the social movements is affirmed in order to face the permeability of transnational regulatory impulses oriented by and to the market. Information technology has changed the patterns of coordination among the different linkages of supply-chains.

      The sum of these stages is currently known as Supply-Chains. This paper discusses cases of adopting a specific information technology, EDI Electronic Data Interchange, as an integration tool between the food industry and retailers. It was found that the adoption process is too recent to measure significative quantitative results, but it is possible to observe changes in the. From a Music Industry to Sound Industries.

      Commodification has been an inherent aspect of music for many centuries. The aggregation of the diverse commodification practices could be described as an " industry ," but this is an industry that has always been in a state of transition. New technologies, media formats, and practices appear regularly, requiring swift responses by the incumbent music industry. Although periods of relative stabil- ity have existed, where economic structures become established, the field has always been ch Petroleum industry of Korea seen from industry.

      The domestic petroleum industry faced with outward opening and exchange crisis is put under the most difficult period so far, and costs reduction and securing international competitive power in software field are emerging as important assignments on which the life and death of national key industries depends not only as a restructuring issue of each petroleum company. Required strategy of petroleum industry to solve this effectively this year must be the thorough revamping through restructuring and reform of management standards not the survival exercise through price competition.

      For this, each petroleum company and distributor should open a new petroleum industry in which fair rules of the game are developed as well as costs reduction through joint efforts and value creation in overall industry. For this, government should support the domestic petroleum industry to stand up straight as a keeper of domestic energy industry by helping it to arm with international competitive power within a short period of time through overall needed system and legal scheme.

      It is because nobody can deny that energy industry is the key industry on which national existence is at stake. This isolate removed high concentrations of reducing sugars, proteins and total phenols, and reduced the COD in medium containing sawdust as natural substrate of phenols.

      The decreased corrosion rate detected suggests that these inorganic salts could be nonconventional biocides for an effective and environmentally non contaminant way of controlling and mitigating internal biocorrosion processes in storage tanks and pipelines in natural gas and petroleum industrial systems. Trayectorias sobre ruedas : un ensayo visual sobre los carritos de supermercado en la ciudad.

      Industrial initiatives in the wind industry. Industrial initiatives are methods of lobbying and marketing to increase the activity, revenues, profits, and commercial viability of an industry. They may be undertaken by industry individuals or firms, industry groups, government agencies, or combinations of all these. Other initiatives relevant to the wind power industry include Technology Inflow Programs sponsored by External Affairs Canada, used for visiting foreign firms with the view to licensing foreign technology, and Industrial Research Assistance Programs to develop or adapt new technologies in partnership with government.

      In other countries, notable initiatives for wind energy include the Danish wind turbine warranty guarantee program. It is suggested that in Canada, more such networks are needed, as well as joint ventures with utilities and governments, and more work with the regulatory agencies, to promote wind energy. Industrial zones and Arab industrialization in Israel. Since the s there has been increased integration of the Arab sector into the Israeli economy.

      This integration has been characterized by the increase in industrial entrepreneurship in the Arab settlements. Critical to the industrialization process are factors related to the availability of. Dutch industry , smart est industry. Digitalisering verandert onze samenleving. Het is voor. Literatura infantil sobre problemas infantiles: la diabetes. En este trabajo se expone la importancia de la literatura y la literatura infantil como una Soportes apoyados sobre vigas pretensadas EE. It refers to a number of flyovers on the Arroyo Seco, of California.

      This river has been canalized, to help drainage in case of heavy rainfall. The canal runs through a highly populated zone, and a motor road and accessory ramps had to cross the canal. The resulting design involves three prestressed girders, lightly arched in a parabolic outline, resting on each river shore, running along the line of the bridge, over the canal. It was decided that the bridge piles should not rest on the river bed, in order not to reduce its flow capacity. The girders of a maximum length of 39 ms, are box shaped, and stiffened with thin diaphragms.

      The cylindrical pile, 1.

      Vogue newsletter

      The girders rest on reinforced concrete cubes, which in turn are supported by concrete slabs and piles driven into the soil. Los apoyos de estas vigas son simples dados. Unas notas intr Universities require a deep reflection on their ultimate goals to build a culture of evaluation on teaching activities, which a Refuerzo de pavimentos sobre arcillas expansivas. Cinco puntos sobre la revista Barcelona.

      La mortalidad global fue de Radiation protection and ecology. Tributos sobre a folha ou sobre o faturamento? Efeitos quantitativos para o Brasil. Contudo, o emprego aumenta. This paper studies the impacts of a tax reform which substitutes taxes on labor income by taxes on total revenue. In order to accomplish that, we construct and solve a general equilibrium neoclassical growth model with taxes on labor income and total revenue.

      The numerical simulations with Brazilian parameters show that such tax reforms would negatively affect welfare, the capital stock, and consequently per capita output. However, employment would increase. Such effects are quantitatively important. Full Text Available The impact of Western influences in shaping global attitudes and preferences has been studied in a range of contexts. This paper extends that literature to the labor market context to illustrate how cultural processes and identities of people and institutions alike are continuously shaped and resisted by globalized influences.

      Universality of professional prestige has traditionally not taken into consideration the effect of globalization as a prestige factor in and off itself. I offer here that in addition to the traditional markers used for e. The Industry That Can. This speech by the U.

      Commissioner of Education reviews the education industry and education- industry relations. Examples illustrate the effective partnership that can be created to fashion and achieve successful vocational and career education programs. An Industrial Physics Toolkit. Physicists possess many skills highly valued in industrial companies. However, with the exception of a decreasing number of positions in long range research at large companies, job openings in industry rarely say "Physicist Required.

      This combination of skills from both academic and industrial experience becomes your " Industrial Physics Toolkit" and is a transferable resource when you change positions or companies. This presentation will describe how one builds and sells your own " Industrial Physics Toolkit" using concrete examples from the speaker's industrial experience.

      Electronics Industry Study Report. This paper provides a national strategy for the US electronics industry. Electronics is one of the largest industries in the US and plays a critical role in almost every aspect of national security Localisation for industrial development. Estrategia educativa sobre sexualidad sana en adolescentes. La muestra fue de 37 estudiantes. Los datos se procesaron de forma automatizada. Conditions for industrial production. The possibility of an industrial aerogel glazing production is discussed with respect to sample size, sales volume and prices.

      Different ways of an industrial assembling line is outlined and the total costs of a 1 square meter aerogel glazing is calculated Industry recession to persist. This paper reports that the depressed U. Major companies and independent operators agreed the U. Many the producers are despairing about the chances of surviving the latest economic downturn.

      The chapter focuses on methane emissions from the coal and natural gas industries. The petroleum industry is not addressed because of the lack of related quality data. Emission points are identified for each industry , and a discussion of factors affecting emissions is presented. Benchmarking and industry performance. In this paper I interrelate productivity analysis and the theory of industrial organization. A proposition proves that an industrial organization is efficient if and only if it is supportable in the entry-proofness sense. Industrial performance is decomposed in efficiency and technical change terms.

      Robotics and Industrial Arts. Robots are becoming increasingly common in American industry. By l, they will revolutionize the way industry functions, replacing hundreds of workers and doing hot, dirty jobs better and more quickly than the workers could have done them. Robotics should be taught in high school industrial arts programs as a major curriculum component.

      The extensive media coverage of the subprime crisis, both domestically and abroad, drives home the crucial role that the financial services industry plays for not only individual Americans, but for U. In , the Department of Commerce of the Republic of Indonesia has launched a creative economic development documents interpreted the Indonesia became the starting point and guide the development of the creative economy in Indonesia.

      Economic development in the direction of the creative industries is one manifestation of optimism aspiration Minerals industry survey, This is the seventh edition of the statistical survey commissioned by the Australian Mining Industry Council. It represents the most comprehensive review of the financial position of the Australian minerals industry and provides timely financial data on the minerals industry.

      The tables of this survey have been prepared for AMIC by Coopers and Lybrand, Chartered Accountants, based on information supplied to them in confidence by the respondent companies. For the purpose of the survey, the minerals industry has been defined as including exploration for, and extraction and primary processing of, minerals in Australia.

      The oil and gas industry is not included. Minerals industry survey It represents an invaluable time series on the minerals industry 's financial performance, as well as an up to date description of the industry for the latest financial year. The survey has been conceived as a supplement to and expansion of the various Australian Bureau of Statistics and Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology and Geophysics publications which describe the exploration, mining and smelting and refining industries in Australia.

      The tables in this survey have been prepared by Coopers and Lybrand, Chartered Accountants, based on information supplied to them in confidence by the respondent companies. Historicism and Industry Emergence. Management and organization scholars have increasingly turned to historical sources to examine the emergence and evolution of industries over time. This scholarship has typically used historical evidence as observations for testing theoretically relevant processes of industry emergence In this chapter, an alternative approach is explored that focuses on reconstructing causes and processes that time and theory have erased.

      The emergence of three industries—plant biotechnology, savings banking, and the automobile—shows how time, along with prevailing functional models of industry evolution, leads Industrial statistics with Minitab. This book covers introductory industrial statistics, exploring the most commonly used techniques alongside those that serve to give an overview of more complex issues. Advanced Industrial Materials Program. Work is being done on intermetallic alloys, ceramic composites, metal composites, polymers, engineered porous materials, and surface modification.

      The program supports other efforts in the Office of Industrial Technologies to assist the energy-consuming process industries. The aim of the AIM program is to bring materials from basic research to industrial application to strengthen the competitive position of US industry and save energy.

      Metalcasting Industry Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap sets out the strategy for pursuing near-, mid-, and long-term goals set out by industry and for carrying out the cooperative agreement between the U. Department of Energy and industry. The Roadmap outlines key goals for products and markets, materials technology, manufacturing technology, environmental technology, human resources, and industry health programs.

      Finnish industry 's energy requirement. Industry uses around half of the electricity consumed in Finland. In , this amounted to Finnish industrial output rose by some 5. In energy-intensive sectors such as pulp and paper, output rose by 3. Growth across Finnish industry is largely focused on the electrical and electronics industries , however, where growth last year was This small increase was the result of the industry 's lower-than-average operating rate in the early part of the year The metal industry used 7. Usage by the rest of industry totalled 3.

      Leonardo - Talismã / Temporal de Amor / Solidão (Ao Vivo) ft. Gusttavo Lima

      Increased demand on industry 's main markets in Europe will serve to boost industrial output and export growth this year. This increased demand will be particularly felt in energy-intensive industries in the shape of an increased demand for electricity. The structure of industry 's fuel use in Finland has changed significantly over the last 25 years.

      Oil has been replaced by biofuels, peat, and natural gas. Apuntes sobre el Cultivo del Cacao. Sobre a moralidade do direito em Kant. Zubiri et alii sobre la consciencia. Full Text Available In recent literature on science and philosophy related to consciousness, the description and analysis are not always appropriate for the phenomenical consciousness that one wants to explain. From this one can sustain, contrary to some approaches to neuroscience and analytic philosophy, that the fact of consciousness previously requires a better phenomenological description and a more precise conceptual analysis.

      Reflexiones sobre contabilidad privada y contabilidad nacional. Pero bien sabemos que este objetivo no se cumple. Notas sobre Matisia longiflora Gleas. Bombacaceae Notas sobre Matisia longiflora Gleas. Full Text Available The landscape of industry has been changing over time.

      Manuel C R Dos Santos

      Industry has transformed and many tangents have emerged from the sporadic home-based cottage industries to geographically scattered large manufacturing industries to co-located industrial parks to environment friendly eco- industrial parks. Curiosity about the catalysts that bring about the transformation of industrial landscape is the motivation of this article. Through the narrative on Industrial Park and the gradual shift towards Eco- Industrial Park, this article aims to shed light on the context and conditions that act as catalysts for industrial transformations, so as to serve as a reference for predicting future changes in industrial landscape.

      Industry and energy; Industrie et energie. Birules y Bertran, A. This document is the provisional version of the summary of the debates of the The energy-related topics that have been debated concern: the government helps in coal industry , the internal electricity and gas market, the trans-European energy networks, the bio-fuels in transportation systems, the energy charter, the pluri-annual energy program, and the green book on the security of energy supplies.

      Industry Study, Environment Industry , Spring For example, the cruising sector of the tourism industry has widely- acknowledged negative environmental impacts carbon emissions and ocean Industry X. Nuclear industry technology boomerang. The benefits to the medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, computer, video, bioscience, laser, defense, and numerous high-tech industries from nuclear technology development fallout are indeed numerous and increase every day. Now those industries have made further progress and improvements that, in return, benefit the nuclear industry.

      The clean-air and particle-free devices and enclosures needed for protection and decontamination are excellent examples. VE of construction industry. This book gives descriptions of basic of VE of construction industry including doing away with mannerism, necessity of cost reduction, management method of cost reduction, thinking of idea, target of VE, starting VE activity, technical method of VE of construction industry such as thinking of idea with brainstorming, function trade method, new brainstorming, MM method, morphology analysis and lateral thinking, cases of VE of construction industry.

      Modern electrochemistry and industry. This book is divided into fifteen chapters on modern electrochemistry and industry. The contents of this book are electrochemistry and industry , electrochemistry for electrolyte like ionic mobility quantity of activity of electrolyte, potential balance system like cell potential, concentration cell and membrane potential, electrochemical kinetics, electrochemistry for surfactant, electrochemistry for electrolysis test such as polarography, chronopotentiometry and Cyclic voltametry, electrolysis reactor NaOH electrolysis industry , H 2 O electrolysis, molten metal electrolysis, copper electrolysis, battery and electro-organic chemistry.

      Uranium industry annual, Uranium industry data collected in the EIA survey provide a comprehensive statistical characterization of annual activities of the industry and include some information about industry plans over the next several years. This report consists of two major sections. The first addresses uranium raw materials activities and covers the following topics: exploration activities and expenditures, resources and reserves, mine production of uranium, production of uranium concentrate, and industry employment.

      The second major section is concerned with the following uranium marketing activities: uranium purchase commitments, uranium prices, procurement arrangements, uranium imports and exports, enrichment services, inventories, secondary market activities utility market requirements and related topics. Miscellaneous Industrial Mineral Operations.

      Department of Homeland Security — This map layer includes miscellaneous industrial minerals operations in the United States. The data represent commodities covered by the Minerals Information Team Industrial Economics in Scandinavia. Based on diverse research methods, we trace and map industrial economics research in Denmark, Norway and Sweden in the periode of to After describing this research in terms of key contributors, we argue that industrial economics developed rather unevenly in the Scandinavian countries Danish research was mainly theoretical and strongly oriented towards the international context, whereas Norwegian research was largely industry analysis with a strong leaning towards managerial economics.

      Swedish research in industrial economics is very scant until the end of the s. Process and petroleum industry. In comparison with many industries , the oil and gas industry is somewhat unique in that it has been operating in a global environment for many decades. The North Sea exploration and production industry is now entering a challenging era for business growth which is a mature region with smaller and smaller fields, more difficult to find and which require innovative development schemes.

      This presentation relates to information technology offering the exploration and production industry a unique set of business tools to improve performance and enable growth while reducing risk. Standard Industry Fare Level. Department of Transportation — Standard Industry Fare Level was establish after airline deregulation to serve as the standard against which a statutory zone of operating expense reasonableness was Forest industries energy research. Data on energy use in the manufacturing process of the wood products industry in are tabulated. The industry has a high potential for fuel substitution in all sectors.

      The payback periods for the implementation of the conservation measures are indicated. Wastewater Industrial Contributors. Automotive Industry in Malaysia. Although the Malaysian infant industry protection policy comprised many promising initiatives, the national and the overall domestic automobile industry ended up as a captive of the regionalised Japanese keiretsu system in automobile manufacturing.

      A new The failures can be attributed to a lack of political promotion for high challenge-high support environment, b low technological and marketing capabilities and c Transportation Industry Because the defense sector relies on commercial transportation for both peacetime activities and for power projection, senior military leaders must understand the global transportation industry The biogas water content was found to greatly affect bottom ash efficiency regarding H 2 S removal. With humid inlet biogas the H 2 S removal was almost 3 times higher than with a dry inlet biogas.

      A humid inlet biogas allows to conserve the bottom ash moisture content for a maximum H 2 S retention. Micro-scale energy valorization of grape marcs in winery production plants. Nero Buono and Greco by-products was investigated. The study was carried out to verify the possibility to reduce the production impact in a green-waste-management-chain-perspective.

      The possibility to efficiently utilize wine-related-by-products for energy production at a micro-scale i. Results showed as a good correlation can be established between the percentage of COD removal and the biogas production, as the winery can produce, from its waste methanization, about kW h year -1 electrical and kW h year -1 thermal. A critical evaluation was performed about the possibility to utilize the proposed approach to realize an optimal biomass waste management and an energetic valorization in a local-energy-production-perspective.

      Olive pomace valorization by Aspergillus species: lipase production using solid-state fermentation. Pollution by olive mill wastes is an important problem in the Mediterranean area and novel solutions for their proper management and valorization are needed. The aim of this work was to optimize a solid-state fermentation SSF process to produce lipase using olive pomace OP as the main source of nutrients by several Aspergillus spp.

      Results showed that the mixture OP:WB and MC were the most significant factors affecting lipase production for all fungi strains tested. With MC and temperature optimization, a 4. For A. Microbial utilization of lignin: available biotechnologies for its degradation and valorization. Lignocellulosic biomasses, either from non-edible plants or from agricultural residues, stock biomacromolecules that can be processed to produce both energy and bioproducts. Therefore, they become major candidates to replace petroleum as the main source of energy.

      However, to shift the fossil-based economy to a bio-based one, it is imperative to develop robust biotechnologies to efficiently convert lignocellulosic streams in power and platform chemicals. Although most of the biomass processing facilities use celluloses and hemicelluloses to produce bioethanol and paper, there is no consolidated bioprocess to produce valuable compounds out of lignin at industrial scale available currently. Usually, lignin is burned to provide heat or it remains as a by-product in different streams, thus arising environmental concerns.

      In this way, the biorefinery concept is not extended to completion. Due to Nature offers an arsenal of biotechnological tools through microorganisms to accomplish lignin valorization or degradation, an increasing number of projects dealing with these tasks have been described recently. Furthermore, perspectives on these topics are given. Preparation of sustainable photocatalytic materials through the valorization of industrial wastes. A new value-added material was developed from wastes to aim for appropriate waste management and sustainable development.

      This paper reports the valorization of industrial sandblasting operation wastes SOWs as new photocatalytic materials. This waste is composed of Fe2 O3 The new product, SOW-T, exhibited a good behavior towards the photochemical degradation of organic dyes. The preparation of advanced photocatalytic materials that exhibit self-cleaning and depolluting properties was possible by the inclusion of SOW-T and TiO2 in a cement-based mortar. The synergy observed between both materials enhanced their photocatalytic action. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report that describes the use of transformed wastes based on iron oxide for the photochemical oxidation of NOx gases.

      Valorization of biogas into liquid hydrocarbons in plasma-catalyst reactor. Biogas represents an important source of renewable energy issued from biological degradation of biomass. It is planned to produce in Europe the amount of biogas equivalent to kWh electricity and kteo kilo tons equivalent oil in Currently the biogas is used in cogeneration engines to produce heat and electricity directly in farms or it is injected in gas networks after purification and odorisation.

      The aim of this work is to propose a third option that consists of valorization of biogas by transformation into liquid hydrocarbons like acetone, methanol, ethanol, acetic acid etc. These chemicals, among the most important feed materials for chemical industries, retain CO2 molecules participating to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and have high storage energy capacity. We developed a low temperature atmospheric plasma-catalyst reactor surface dielectric barrier discharge to transform biogas into chemicals. More the 11 liquid chemicals are observed in the liquid fraction. Valorization of rendering industry wastes and co-products for industrial chemicals, materials and energy: review.

      Over the past decades, strong global demand for industrial chemicals, raw materials and energy has been driven by rapid industrialization and population growth across the world. In this context, long-term environmental sustainability demands the development of sustainable strategies of resource utilization. The agricultural sector is a major source of underutilized or low-value streams that accompany the production of food and other biomass commodities. Animal agriculture in particular constitutes a substantial portion of the overall agricultural sector, with wastes being generated along the supply chain of slaughtering, handling, catering and rendering.

      The recent emergence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy BSE resulted in the elimination of most of the traditional uses of rendered animal meals such as blood meal, meat and bone meal MBM as animal feed with significant economic losses for the entire sector. The focus of this review is on the valorization progress achieved on converting protein feedstock into bio-based plastics, flocculants, surfactants and adhesives.

      The utilization of other rendering streams such as fat and ash rich biomass for the production of renewable fuels, solvents, drop-in chemicals, minerals and fertilizers is also critically reviewed. Compositional insights and valorization pathways for carbonaceous material deposited during bio-oil thermal treatment. This work analyses the composition, morphology, and thermal behavior of the carbonaceous materials deposited during the thermal treatment of bio-oil thermal pyrolytic lignin-TPL.

      The results are compared to a commercial lignin CL. The TPLs have lower oxygen and hydrogen contents and a greater aromaticity and structural order than the CL material. Managing waste is an increasing problem globally. Microalgae have the potential to help remove contaminants from a range of waste streams and convert them into useful biomass. This article presents a critical review of recent technological developments in the production of chemicals and other materials from microalgae grown using different types of waste. A range of novel approaches are examined for efficiently capturing CO 2 in flue gas via photosynthetic microalgal cultivation.

      Strategies for using microalgae to assimilate nitrogen, organic carbon, phosphorus, and metal ions from wastewater are considered in relation to modes of production. Generally, more economical open cultivation systems such as raceway ponds are better suited for waste conversion than more expensive closed photobioreactor systems, which might have use for higher-value products.

      The effect of cultivation methods and the properties of the waste streams on the composition the microalgal biomass is discussed relative to its utilization. Possibilities include the production of biodiesel via lipid extraction, biocrude from hydrothermal liquefaction, and bioethanol or biogas from microbial conversion. Microalgal biomass produced from wastes may also find use in higher-value applications including protein feeds or for the production of bioactive compounds such as astaxanthin or omega-3 fatty acids.

      However, for some waste streams, further consideration of how to manage potential microbial and chemical contaminants is needed for food or health applications. The use of microalgae for waste valorization holds promise. Widespread implementation of the available technologies will likely follow from further improvements to reduce costs, as well as the increasing pressure to effectively manage waste. Valorization of titanium metal wastes as tanning agent used in leather industry. Crudu, Marian, E-mail: mariancrudu yahoo.

      In this paper, the use of titanium wastes cuttings resulting from the process of obtaining highly pure titanium ingots , for the synthesis of new tanning agent and tanning bovine hides with new tanning agent, as alternative to tanning with chromium salts are investigated. On the other hand, an analysis of major minor trace substances from Ti-end waste especially vanadium content in new tanning agent and wet white leather not detected and residue stream was performed and showed that leachability of vanadium is acceptable. The results obtained show that new tanning agent obtained from Ti end waste can be used for tanning bovine hides, as eco-friendly alternative for chrome.

      Hierarchical USY, ZSM-5, and beta zeolites have been prepared, characterized, and catalytically evaluated, with the aim of combining the highest catalytic performance with the most sustainable synthetic protocol. The hierarchical USY zeolite is the most attractive catalyst of the tested series, and is able to combine an overall organic-free synthesis with an up to sixfold activity enhancement and comparable selectivity over the conventional USY zeolite.

      Correlation of the obtained benefits to the amount of solid lost during the postsynthetic modifications highlights that the highest activity gains are obtained with minor leaching. The alkaline treatments not only result in a higher overall activity, but also a more functional external surface area, attaining up to four times the pinene conversions per square nanometer. The efficiency of the hierarchical USY zeolite is concomitantly demonstrated in the conversion of limonene and turpentine oil, which emphasizes its industrial potential. Energetic valorization of wood waste: estimation of the reduction in CO2 emissions.

      This paper investigates the potential CO 2 emission reductions related to a partial switch from fossil fuel-based heat and electricity generation to renewable wood waste-based systems in Flanders. The results show that valorization in large-scale CHP combined heat and power systems and co-firing in coal plants have the largest CO 2 reduction per TJ wood waste. Moreover, analysis of the effect of government support for co-firing of wood waste in coal-fired power plants on the marginal costs of electricity generation plants reveals that the effect of the European Emission Trading Scheme EU ETS is effectively counterbalanced.

      This is due to the fact that biomass integrated gasification combined cycles BIGCC are not yet commercially available. This clearly illustrates the possibility of a 'rebound' effect on the CO 2 reduction due to government support for co-combustion of wood waste in an electricity generation system with large installed capacity of coal- and gas-based power plants, such as the Belgian one. The association of genomic alterations to outcomes in cancer is affected by a problem of unbalanced groups generated by the low frequency of alterations. For a given number of alterations that define the size of survival groups, the log-rank density is estimated by a weighted sum of conditional distributions depending on a co-occurrence term of mutations and events.

      The estimations are accurately accelerated by sampling across co-occurrences allowing the analysis of large genomic datasets in few minutes. Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. Published by Oxford University Press. For Permissions, please e-mail: journals. Valorization of pellets from municipal WWTP sludge in lightweight clay ceramics. The results showed that the ceramization of sludge pellets is a promising valorization technique worth considering from both the economic and technological perspectives.

      Public health and valorization of genome-based technologies: a new model. We identified both industry and scientists neglect health policy aspects when commercializing their technology, more specifically, Public Health Assessment Tools PHAT and early on involvement of decision makers through which market authorization and reimbursements are dependent. We aim to propose a new model of valorization to optimize integration of genome-based technologies into the healthcare system. Realizing the potential of being mutually beneficial justified our proposal of their relative parallel initiation.

      On further analysis, we found out this whole process is dependent on the Value of Information. This can be achieved by public-private partnerships PPPs. This network has iterations and requires learning, assimilating and using knowledge developed and is called. This network has iterations and requires learning, assimilating and using knowledge developed and is called absorption capacity.

      Citrus waste as feedstock for bio-based products recovery: Review on limonene case study and energy valorization. The citrus peels and residue of fruit juices production are rich in d-limonene, a cyclic terpene characterized by antimicrobial activity, which could hamper energy valorization bioprocess. Considering that limonene is used in nutritional, pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, citrus by-products processing appear to be a suitable feedstock either for high value product recovery or energy bio-processes.

      Different processes are currently being studied to recover or remove limonene from citrus peel to both prevent pollution and energy resources recovery. The present review is aimed to highlight pros and contras of different approaches suggesting an energy sustainability criterion to select the most effective one for materials and energy valorization.

      Selective recovery of silver from waste low-temperature co-fired ceramic and valorization through silver nanoparticle synthesis. Considering the value of silver metal and silver nanoparticles, the waste generated during manufacturing of low temperature co-fired ceramic LTCC were recycled through the simple yet cost effective process by chemical-metallurgy.

      Followed by leaching optimization, silver was selectively recovered through precipitation. The precipitated silver chloride was valorized though silver nanoparticle synthesis by a simple one-pot greener synthesis route. Through leaching-precipitation optimization, quantitative selective recovery of silver chloride was achieved, followed by homogeneous pure silver nanoparticle about nm size were synthesized.

      The reported recycling process is a simple process, versatile, easy to implement, requires minimum facilities and no specialty chemicals, through which semiconductor manufacturing industry can treat the waste generated during manufacturing of LTCC and reutilize the valorized silver nanoparticles in manufacturing in a close loop process. Our reported process can address issues like; i waste disposal, as well as value-added silver recovery, ii brings back the material to production stream and address the circular economy, and iii can be part of lower the futuristic carbon economy and cradle-to-cradle technology management, simultaneously.

      The pulps were microfluidized for deconstruction into nanofibrillated cellulose NFC and nanopaper was manufactured by using an overpressure device. The morphological and structural features of the obtained NFCs were characterized via atomic force and scanning electron microscopies.

      The physical properties as well as the interactions with water of sheets from three different pulps were compared with those of nanopaper obtained from the corresponding NFC. Distinctive chemical and morphological characteristics and ensuing nanopaper properties were generated by the EPFBF fibers. The NFC grades obtained compared favorably with associated materials typically produced from bleached wood fibers. Lower water absorption, higher tensile strengths MPa and elastic modulus GPa were measured, which opens the possibility for valorization of such widely available bioresource.

      Simultaneous valorization and biocatalytic upgrading of heavy vacuum gas oil by the biosurfactant-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa AK6U. Heavy vacuum gas oil HVGO is a complex and viscous hydrocarbon stream that is produced as the bottom side product from the vacuum distillation units in petroleum refineries.

      HVGO is conventionally treated with thermochemical process, which is costly and environmentally polluting. Here, we investigate two petroleum biotechnology applications, namely valorization and bioupgrading, as green approaches for valorization and upgrading of HVGO. It produced rhamnolipid biosurfactants in a growth-associated mode with a maximum crude biosurfactants yield of Heavy vacuum gas oil was recovered from the cultures and abiotic controls and the maltene fraction was extracted for further analysis. Analysis of the maltene fraction revealed compositional changes.

      The number-average Mn and weight-average Mw molecular weights, as well as the absolute number of hydrocarbons and sulfur heterocycles were higher in the biotreated maltene fraction of HVGO. These findings suggest that HVGO can be potentially exploited as a carbon-rich substrate for production of the high-value biosurfactants by P. Valorization of pyrolysis water: a biorefinery side stream, for 1,2-propanediol production with engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum.

      A future bioeconomy relies on the efficient use of renewable resources for energy and material product supply. In this context, biorefineries have been developed and play a key role in converting lignocellulosic residues. Although a holistic use of the biomass feed is desired, side streams evoke in current biorefinery approaches. To ensure profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of the overall conversion process, a meaningful valorization of these materials is needed. Here, a so far unexploited side stream derived from fast pyrolysis of wheat straw-pyrolysis water-was used for production of 1,2-propanediol in microbial fermentation with engineered Corynebacterium glutamicum.

      A protocol for pretreatment of pyrolysis water was established and enabled growth on its major constituents, acetate and acetol, with rates up to 0. To convert acetol to 1,2-propanediol, the plasmid pJUL gldA expressing the glycerol dehydrogenase from Escherichia coli was introduced into C. This study implements microbial fermentation into a biorefinery based on pyrolytic liquefaction of lignocellulosic biomass and accesses a novel value chain by valorizing the side stream pyrolysis water for 1,2-PDO production with engineered C.

      The established bioprocess operated at maximal product yield and accomplished the so far highest overall volumetric productivity for microbial 1,2-PDO production with an engineered producer strain. Besides, the results highlight the. Catalytic valorization of starch-rich food waste into hydroxymethylfurfural HMF : Controlling relative kinetics for high productivity.

      This study aimed to maximize the valorization of bread waste, a typical food waste stream, into hydroxymethylfurfural HMF by improving our kinetic understanding. We evaluated the kinetic balance between these acidities to facilitate faster desirable reactions i. Higher temperature made marginal advancement by accelerating the undesirable reactions to a similar extent as the desirable pathways. The polymerization-induced metal-impregnated high-porosity carbon was a possible precursor of biochar-based catalyst, further driving up the economic potential.

      Preliminary economic analysis indicated a net gain of USD per kilogram bread waste considering the thermochemical-conversion cost and chemical-trading revenue. Fed-batch anaerobic valorization of slaughterhouse by-products with mesophilic microbial consortia without methane production. The substrate used was made of meat-based wastes, especially from slaughterhouses, which are becoming available in large amounts as a consequence of the growing constraints for waste disposal from meat industry.

      A reconstituted microbial mesophilic consortium without Archaebacteria methanogens , named PBr, was cultivated in a 5-L anaerobic bioreactor on slaughterhouse wastes. The experiments were carried out with sequential fed-batch operations, including liquid medium removal from the bioreactor and addition of fresh substrate. VFAs and nitrogen were the main metabolites observed, while hydrogen accumulation was very low and no methane production was evidenced.

      After 1, h of culture, yields obtained for VFAs reached 0. Strain composition of the microbial consortium was also characterized using molecular tools temporal temperature gradient gel electrophoresis and gene sequencing. Environmental assessment of food waste valorization in producing biogas for various types of energy use based on LCA approach. This paper aims to evaluate the environmental impacts of valorizing food waste for three types of energy use, namely electricity and heat, city gas, and biogas fuel as a petrol, diesel, and liquefied petroleum gas substitute for vehicle use, with reference to the Hong Kong scenario.

      The life cycle based environmental assessment is conducted from bin-to-cradle system boundary via SimaPro 7. All of the inventory data of included processes is based on reports of government and industrial sectors. The results show that biogas fuel as a petrol substitute for vehicle use is advantageous over other types of energy use in regard to human health and ecosystems, and it is also the best considering the government's future emission reduction targets set out for the power and transport sectors in Hong Kong.

      By turning tonnes per day of food waste into biogas vehicle fuel as petrol substitute, it reduces 1. The late s was the onset of literature about the first research outputs on alternatives to create added-value to agro-food byproducts focused on the reduction of the dependency on raw materials and, simultaneously, helping to reduce the environmental impacts of the agricultural activities. This trend, increased over the years and during the past decade, has been boosted by the growing concern of the socio-economic impact of wastes from agro-food activities, however, with little success of the proposed applications.

      Throughout four decades an array of studies have emerged, aimed to gain evidence on the relevance of innovation in the agro-food industry, as well as to overcome this situation. To our knowledge, only a few cases, summarized in the present perspective, represent the main alternatives currently available for the valorization of agro-food byproducts, with indications of some constraints that need to be addressed, in the coming years, to obtain a real profit from these products.

      Valorization of date palm Phoenix dactylifera fruit processing by-products and wastes using bioprocess technology — Review. Today worldwide production, utilization and industrialization of dates are continuously increasing since date fruits have earned great importance in human nutrition owing to their rich content of essential nutrients. Tons of date palm fruit wastes are discarded daily by the date processing industries leading to environmental problems.

      Thus, there is an urgent need to find suitable applications for this waste. In spite of several studies on date palm cultivation, their utilization and scope for utilizing date fruit in therapeutic applications, very few reviews are available and they are limited to the chemistry and pharmacology of the date fruits and phytochemical composition, nutritional significance and potential health benefits of date fruit consumption.

      Valorization of date palm Phoenix dactylifera fruit processing by-products and wastes using bioprocess technology - Review. In this context, in the present review the prospects of valorization of these date fruit processing by-products and wastes' employing fermentation and enzyme processing technologies towards total utilization of this valuable commodity for the production of biofuels, biopolymers, biosurfactants, organic acids, antibiotics, industrial enzymes and other possible industrial chemicals are discussed.

      Valorization of a treated soil via amendments: fractionation and oral bioaccessibility of Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn. The present study aims to transform a treated soil TS into a more desirable resource by modifying physico-chemical properties via amendments while reducing toxic metals' mobility and oral bioaccessibility. A hydrocarbon-contaminated soil submitted to treatment TS but still containing elevated concentrations of Cu, Ni, Pb, and Zn has been amended with compost, sand, and Al2 SO4 3 to render it usable for horticulture. Characterization and sequential extraction were performed for TS and four amended mixtures AM For AM2, estimated Pb bioavailability decreased from 1.

      Further studies including plant bioavailability are recommended to confirm results. Valorization of aluminum scrap via an acid-washing treatment for reductive removal of toxic bromate from water. Aluminum scrap AS is adopted for the first time as a readily available aluminum source to prepare zero-valent aluminum ZVAl for removing bromate from water via a reductive reaction. Since aluminum is easily oxidized to aluminum oxide Al 2 O 3 on exposure to air, an acid-washing pretreatment on AS is developed to remove the layer of Al 2 O 3. Factors, such as temperature, pH, co-existing anions, and particle size, which influence the bromate removal using AWAS are also investigated.

      The mechanism of bromate removal by AWAS can be attributed to both reduction and adsorption. The elevated temperature also significantly improves bromate removal capacity of AWAS as well as the reaction kinetics. The bromate removal capacity of AWAS is substantially improved under acidic conditions. However, the basic conditions and co-existing anions suppress or interfere with the interaction between bromate and AWAS, leading to much lower removal capacities.

      The recyclability of AWAS is also evaluated and the acid-washing regeneration is necessary to restore its capacity. However, the mass of AWAS can gradually decrease due to multi-cycle acid-washing regeneration. Through this study, the valorization of AS via acid-washing is demonstrated and optimization of acid-washing parameters is presented. Our findings reveal that the acid-washing is a useful technique to utilize AS as an inexpensive and efficient material for removing bromate from water. Adsorptive removal of organics from aqueous phase by acid-activated coal fly ash: preparation, adsorption, and Fenton regenerative valorization of "spent" adsorbent.

      Raw coal fly ash was activated to an adsorbent by sulfuric acid impregnation. The activation condition, the adsorption capacity, and the regenerative valorization of the adsorbent were studied. The adsorption of p-nitrophenol on the adsorbent accords with the pseudo-second-order kinetic equation and the adsorption rate constant is 0.

      Ninety minutes is required for the regenerative valorization of saturated adsorbent by Fenton process. Within 15 experimental runs, the adsorbent has a better and better stability with the increase of experimental runs. Geological characterization of agricultural terraces as a tool for the territorial safeguard and for the valorization of "Terroir". The label contains a QRcode which allows to obtain detailed information about the soil composition, geological and geomorphological information and their relationships with the organoleptic characteristics of the product. The geological label of the product may have significant implications for the sales and marketing chain since it allows to commercialize higher value product characterized by: i organoleptic and environmental quality; ii uniqueness of the area of production; iii geographical identity of the crops.

      By associating these information with the valorization of the terroir, the territorial marketing may be strongly improved ensuring the development of the territories and the realization of a closer relationship between the customer, the Company and consumers. The value created by this potential brand can attract investment for the recovery of abandoned agricultural lands and for the agricultural terraces management with positive effects on the increase of productivity and, consequently, on the maintenance, management and territorial safeguard.

      Despite its importance as a theory in the development of programs for populations with disabilities, social role valorization SRV has received relatively little attention in community mental health research. We present findings of a study that examined the relationship of housing-related SRV to community integration and global life satisfaction of persons with psychiatric disabilities. The housing environments and associated supports of a group of 73 persons with psychiatric disabilities living in a mid-sized city were assessed using the PASSING rating system on the extent that their housing environments facilitated SRV.

      In addition, in-person interviews were conducted to determine the levels of physical integration, psychological integration, social integration, and life satisfaction of study participants. Results showed SRV contributing directly to all three types of community integration. Psychological integration was found to mediate the relationship between SRV and life satisfaction. Implications of the findings are discussed. Microalgae-mediated bioremediation and valorization of cattle wastewater previously digested in a hybrid anaerobic reactor using a photobioreactor: Comparison between batch and continuous operation.

      Higher rates of CO 2 fixation mgL -1 d -1 and higher biomass volumetric productivity mgL -1 d -1 were obtained in batch mode. This microalgae-mediated process can be considered promising for bioremediation and valorization of effluents produced by cattle breeding yielding a protein-rich microalgal biomass that could be eventually used as cattle feed.

      Economic feasibility of microalgal bacterial floc production for wastewater treatment and biomass valorization : A detailed up-to-date analysis of up-scaled pilot results. The economic potential of outdoor microalgal bacterial floc MaB-floc raceway ponds as wastewater treatment technology and bioresource of biomass for fertilizer, shrimp feed, phycobiliproteins and biogas in Northwest Europe is assessed.

      This assessment is based on cost data provided by industry experts, on experimental data obtained from pilot-scale outdoor MaB-floc ponds treating aquaculture and food-industry effluents, and from different biomass valorization tests. MaB-floc ponds exhibit a cost-performance of EUR 0. Capital costs and pond mixing costs are the major expenses.

      Commercializing MaB-flocs as aquaculture feed generates substantial revenues, but the largest profit potential lies in production of high-purity phycobiliproteins from MaB-flocs. These results highlight the large economic potential of MaB-floc technology, and justify its further development. Downstream valorization and comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography-based chemical characterization of bioactives from black chokeberries Aronia melanocarpa pomace.

      In this work, a new alternative for the downstream processing and valorization of black chokeberry pomace Aronia melanocarpa which could be potentially coupled to a biorefinery process is proposed. This alternative is based on the application of pressurized liquid extraction PLE to the residue obtained after the supercritical fluid extraction of the berry pomace. An experimental design is employed to study and optimize the most relevant extraction conditions in order to attain extracts with high extraction yields, total phenols content and antioxidant activity.

      Moreover, the PLE extracts were characterized by using a new method based on the application of comprehensive two-dimensional liquid chromatography in order to correlate their activity with their chemical composition. Thanks to the use of this powerful analytical tool, 61 compounds could be separated being possible the tentative identification of different anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, flavonoids and phenolic acids. Stolen Valor Act of All Actions Notes: For further action, see H.

      Stratified linear regression models estimated gender-specific associations, controlling for demographic, deployment, and postdeployment factors. Interaction models tested for significant effect moderation by gender. In gender-stratified models, PTSD was strongly associated with higher IPF scores greater functional impairment , with similar associations by gender. PTSD was associated with lower Physical Component Summery scores in women but not men in adjusted models; however, interactions were not significant.

      Valorization of CH4 emissions into high-added-value products: Assessing the production of ectoine coupled with CH4 abatement. This study assessed an innovative strategy for the valorization of dilute methane emissions based on the bio-conversion of CH4 the second most important greenhouse gas GHG into ectoine by the methanotrophic ectoine-producing strain Methylomicrobium alcaliphilum 20 Z. On the other hand, extra-cellular ectoine concentrations of up to 4.

      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)
      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)
      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)
      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)
      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)
      Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition) Diz-Lhe com diamantes (Sabrina) (Portuguese Edition)

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