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A Midsummer Night's Dream
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Why then may you leave a casement of the great chamber window where we play open; and the moon may shine in at the casement. Ay; or else one must come in with a bush of thorns and a lantern, and say he comes to disfigure, or to present, the person of Moonshine. Then, there is another thing: we must have a wall in the great chamber; for Pyramus and Thisbe says the story did talk through the chink of a wall. Some man or other must present Wall; and let him have some plaster, or some loam, or some rough-cast about him, to signify wall; or let him hold his fingers thus, and through that cranny shall Pyramus and Thisbe whisper.

If that may be, then all is well. Pyramus, you begin. When you have spoken your speech, enter into that brake; and so every one according to his cue. Ay, marry, must you; for you must understand he goes but to see a noise that he heard, and is to come again. Why, you must not speak that yet. That you answer to Pyramus. You speak all your part at once, cues and all. Pyramus, enter.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Shakespeare in the Park 2016 - Full HD!

I see their knavery. This is to make an ass of me, to fright me, if they could; but I will not stir from this place, do what they can. I will walk up and down here, and I will sing, that they shall hear I am not afraid. For indeed, who would set his wit to so foolish a bird? Methinks, mistress, you should have little reason for that.

Summer's Crossing

And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together now-a-days. The more the pity that some honest neighbors will not make them friends. Nay, I can gleek upon occasion. Not so, neither; but if I had wit enough to get out of this wood, I have enough to serve mine owe turn. I shall desire you of more acquaintance, good Master Cobweb. If I cut my finger, I shall make bold with you. Your name, honest gentleman? I pray you commend me to Mistress Squash, your mother, and to Master Peascod, your father.

Good Master Peaseblossom, I shall desire you of more acquaintance too. Your name, I beseech you, sir? Good Master Mustardseed, I know your patience well. I promise you your kindred hath made my eyes water ere now.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Puck gives Bottom the head of an ass

I desire you of more acquaintance, good Master Mustardseed. The Old Gods in George R. While two different mythological cosmologies, the blending makes a great deal of sense, as there were borrowings when the Norse—more famously known as Vikings—invaded and controlled parts of England, Scotland, and Ireland from This is easily long enough for cultural exchange and a kind of equilibrium of the two mythologies to blend.

The Norse invaders brought their gods, the Norse, including Odin, Thor, Loki, Tyr, Freya, and the rest, whereas the native Celts had their own gods and the faerie, which are most like the Children of the Forest in Westeros. The faeries are not like Tinkerbell. They are wilder and more natural, much like the Children are portrayed in the series.

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  4. The Faerie Path (Faerie Path, #1) by Allan Frewin Jones.

More importantly, the wonky length of the seasons in Game of Thrones might very well have a mythological explanation. The faerie are comprised of two courts: Summer and Winter.

A Midsummer Night's Dream Scenes

In these, we meet Queen Titania of the summer court, and a reference to Queen Mab, the sovereign of the winter court. The fact that the seasons in Game of Thrones last significantly longer than a normal year might be a reflection of how Martin has taken this struggle to a different level, letting randomness enter the equation.

Why should one court simply give up power because of the date? The other court should have to seize power—which extends the metaphor for the game of thrones. Summer and Winter are both struggling for that seat of power. Check out our other Game of Thrones coverage! The seasonal courts are often perceived in the same way as in the show. Summer is good and peaceful; winter is harsh and terrible. This preference for summer is related to the location of Scotland, Ireland, and England, far to the north and suffering bitterly cold winters.

These are natural forces without morality. The children of the wood are also very reminiscent of the faerie in that they are usually portrayed as childlike and mischievous.

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If disrespected, they can be very fierce and cruel. They certainly would have seemed alien, which is why the Andals drove them out and into the north. The weirwoods, those trees with carved faces, are reminiscent of green men—carvings thought to represent nature, throughout Europe. The Norse, too, have a respect for trees. In fact, in the Norse creation, men and women are fashioned out of trees. The children used the weirwoods to look everywhere—as did Bran—which means they are all connected. While this could be an inference from the faerie, it is more likely a connection to how the Norse viewed the world tree, Yggdrasil, which connected the nine worlds.

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Its roots and branches connect not just Asgard the home of the gods to Midgard Earth , but also to Niflheim the frozen underworld and Muspelheim the land of fire. The lands of ice and fire are also allusions to the seasons, though not as mild as the summer and winter courts of the faerie.

Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2) Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)
Summers Child (Titanias Court Book 2)

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