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January 12222

Fifty years? Five years? Should the definition be relative, so that a novel can be considered historical by one reader, but not by someone else? Take, for example, The Great Gatsby , written in , and set during the same time period. To us, today, the novel is obviously set in our historical past. I will mention that my journal, the Historical Novels Review , has a working definition, which we use for consistency purposes in deciding which books to review.

Most autobiographical novels would not fit these criteria. Not all people agree on this definition, however, and even we occasionally break the rules. A number of authors best known for their work in other fiction genres are turning to the historical past for inspiration. Historical novels have also won some of the major literary awards of the past several years. Among the prizewinners are the following. In Canada, Richard B. Also, a growing number of historical novels have become publishing phenomena over the past few years, and these works have given the field an ever-increasing audience.

In some sense, then, historical fiction is getting the respect and attention it deserves. This is the good news. On the other hand, there is, unfortunately, a snobbery of sorts that surrounds the genre, one that has persisted over many years. Listen to these examples from the recent press, both from members of the print media and from authors themselves. His are not cardboard chatterers, like those in most historical novels. There are many other examples, but you get the idea. At least if you believe what you read in the papers.

There seems to be a perception on the part of some members of the media myself excluded, of course that historical fiction is a genre that is very rarely done well. The novels that seem to escape the scorn of these reviewers are works of literary fiction that are set in the past. Publishers and authors are equally guilty.

And in such a contradictory environment, how does one go about getting a historical novel published? Also, historical novels that cross genres, such as historical mysteries and romances, continue to be popular. However, in my opinion, aside from these subgenres within historical fiction, it is literary historical fiction that interests mainstream publishers the most. The goal of literary historical fiction is not to show readers exactly what life was like in a historical time period, although it may have that effect.

Rather, authors who write literary historicals center their tales not on the historical setting but on the plot, which may help us better understand the differences or parallels between then and now, and on characters who manage to transcend time and speak to us from their own perspective in a way that we, today, can understand. In December, I did a comprehensive survey of editors at American publishing houses that regularly publish historical fiction. I also came across surprises when asking these editors about what time periods for historical fiction they are most interested in publishing.

In addition, while historical novel readers including myself believe that authors should make their best attempt to ensure their work is historically accurate, this is not the only thing that publishers are looking for. The setting should be convincing, yes, and anachronisms are still things to be avoided. Some authors of literary fiction, however, simply use the past as a vehicle of making their plot more believable. Perhaps they see historical settings for what they are — a wider canvas upon which they can work. Thank you. Isherwood's insightful comments about his parents. For junior and senior high readers.

AFB TB An overview of the sea in a variety of moods and periods from ancient times to the present. It examines the political and military achievements of her reign and her rivalry with Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Snow analyzes China's strengths and weaknesses and urges full international recognition of China.

A play in three acts, adapted from the novel about U. AFB TB Biographical sketches of eight men and women who earned their places in history before they were 20 years old. Vincent Millay. Sergeant Sharpe strikes up a firm friendship with him and together they engage in several schemes for fun and profit. He renews an old love affair with Countess Paola in whose castle the school is located. Westlake, read by Roy Avers, 4R. APH TB A gang of zany, small-time crooks manage to steal a suburban bank temporarily housed in a trailer which is parked in a shopping center on Long Island.

In container with: Woman With a Gun by Coxe. Young Kitty becomes the bride of for- tyish Thomas Ogilvie. When he brings her to his ancestral home she quickly tires of him and turns to his brother Patrick. Thomas is found dying of poison and Patrigk and Kitty, though innocent, are tried for the crime. Upon reaching the boat she finds him stabbed to death. In container with: Bank Shot by Westlake. They are confronted by two psychics who know about the tragedy and predict further trouble. Amos McBain, born without legs and treated by his father as a monster, gains control of the farm.

Murder, seduction, attempted rape and arson are some of the plot's ingredients. At Dilling's sudden death, agent Johnny Grims- ter attempts to find the secret information. Goddess Abides by Pearl S. Buck, read by Flelen Harrelson, 4R. She finds herself equally attracted to both of them. Addini to their problems, Thelma, the cook, decide to leave when Maralyse, a new helper, arrive with a fatherless child.

They fall ir love, but her father forbids the relationship. AFB TB After five children and 25 years of marriage to a successful doctor, Eleanor is forced tc find another home for herself. Her husband i: living with a young girl and Eleanor hopes tc begin a new life as a free woman. AFB TBS Diane will inherit the estate of an aunt in Sar Francisco whom she has never met if she wil live in the woman's house for about a month Forced into a weird ritual of mystery anc witchcraft, she finds salvation in her love foi Nick.

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For more information on the program or additional copies of this publication, contact the Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, Library of Congress, Washington,D. Negro folklore, evolving within a larger culture which re garded it as inferior, was an especially courageous expression. It an nounced the Negro's willingness to trust his own experience, his owi sensibilities as to the definition of reality, rather than allow his masters t define these crucial matters for him. His experience is that of America anc the West, and is as rich a body of experience as one would find any where.

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Part of the inheritance of this rich experience is to be found in the form o recorded books, cassettes and braille in the collection of the national pro gram of the Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped. These title are reproduced from books published by both black and white authors an offered with particular pride to our readers. Eligible readers may orde from regional libraries serving blind and physically handicapped readers. Eligibility is determined by the inability to see to read a conventional prin book, or the inability to hold a book for an extended period of time.

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He then returned to Kenya, experiencing subsequent persecution, imprisonment and a gradual return to power. For Grades APH TB ji Garrison began as a moderate on slavery but soon became its most vocal foe, using as his battlecry the motto "I will be heard. In container with: Lumumba by i McKown. Beginning with Du Sable, who came to Chicago in , there are accounts of a great variety of people and the places to which they migrated. APH TB The Legums, South African journalists banned from their own country because of their political views, examine apartheid through the lives of eight South Africans who have fought that means of oppression.

For grades In container: Powers of Attorney by Au- chincloss. For grades 7 and up. Neimark, read by Van Vance, 5R. For grades 2. In container with: A Little Night- music by Chotzinoff. APH TB Presents an objective view of color differ ences based on research by experts in man' fields. In container with 1 Bone for Bone by Cosgrove. A testimony to her courage, fronrj the black point of view.

For younger readers and adults. This imaginative recreation is told in the first per-j son, but in almost Victorian style which tramj scends the meager education of Nat, the slave, and expresses his thoughtfulness and sensitivity. Richards, 3R. The Era of Reconstruction by Kenneth M. Stampp, read by Fred I Morsell, 5R. Evers by Charles E. Evers, read by Fred Morsell, 4R.

AFB TB i Charles, brother of slain civil rights leader Medgar Evers, ran whorehouses, bootlegged whiskey, chased women, and spent money recklessly, according to this autobiographical account. He presents himself today as a pragmatic and courageous politician who works to end racial strife. Contains strong language. AFB TB These two essays, part autobiographical, part philosophical, by the Negro author, express in downright, earthy language how it feels to be an American Negro faced by the opinion of his race which most white people hold.

Young, read by Jerry Me Hoy, 2R. For Us, the Living by Mrs. APH TB1 Medgar Evers' widow tells of his early life, their marriage, and his devotion to the cause, which she shared by working as his office secretary. A novel abridged and specially edited for high interest and easy reading; slowly read. In container with: Fail- Safe by Burdick and Wheeler. Sackler, read by Milton Earl Forrest, 4R.

Hey, White Girl! She describes her experiences. For high school students and adults. In container with: Disciplines of the Spirit by Thurman. In container with: Shirley Chisholm by Brownmiller. I Have a Dream. A presentation of the contemporary civil rights movement, as reflected in the lives of nine Negro leaders. They are: Marian Ander-; son, A.

For younger readers. AFB TB! Louis, and San Francisco. Her descriptions are earthy. Forrest, 3R. AFB TB1 n rhe concluding volume of the series carries the story of the American Negro from the :otton fields of the South to the big cities of the North, and on to the Freedom Movement jDf the 's.

The violent ending, arecipitated by William Howland's marriage Ito a Negro, may offend some readers. Luthuli, read by Lloyd Richards, 6R. APH TB A narrative covering Douglass's experiences as a slave, a fugitive and an articulate Negro spokesman for the abolitionist cause. For young adults. In , 50 African captives on board the Amistad, a sugar boat, revolted against their enslavement.

For high school and adult readers interested in recent African history. Marching Toward Freedom by James M. McPherson, read by Fred Morsell, 3R. Joseph, read by Esther Benson, 2R. AFB TB Two hundred New York City children aged 7 to 18 reveal their bitter views of reality and their dreams in this collection of stories, poems, letters and essays. For all ages. In container with: Journeys and Miracles by Lewis. AFB TB Gospel singer Mahalia Jackson tells what it is like for a Negro child to live in the leisure anc happiness—if not freedom—of New Orleans, describes the excitement of Chicago and the despair of the Depression.

King's wife and partner. TB The famous American Negro contralto tells her own story. This novel shows the plight of the Negro fighting against the complicated political and social conditions of Chicago in the 's. The Negro Revolt by Louis E. Lomax read by Ossie Davis, 6R. AFB TB The story of American Negroes' attempt to change their condition, as well as to change their methods of fighting for equality. Jay Sidney, 6R. He deals frankly with the relationship between black and white and between the artist and society. He speaks of the problems and feelings of the Negro athlete.

In container with: Sandy Koufax by Hano. These poems are drawn from his own selection of his best work. The situation at Grace Episcopal Church was a familiar one of a general exodus of white people to the suburbs, an influx of Negroes, dwindling church membership and racial hostility. Pioneer in Blood Plasma; Dr.

Drew, a black scientist who was advised to pass himself off as white to further his career, but refused. Basic information on ghetto life, black history, the civil rights movement, causes of the riots and the committee's conclusions. Conot, read by Robert Donley, 13R. The author, a journalist, tells the story as he experienced it. Carter, read by George Patterson, 11 R.

Hopefully it also tells something of what it meant to the nine Negro youths whose lives were forever changed by one morning's ride on an Alabama freight train. Selected Poems by Langston Hughes, read by various readers, 1 R. They show a boisterous humor, the rhythms of Afro-American music and an acute race consciousness.

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AFB TB A year-old girl tries to reconcile her dreams and hopes for the future with the harsh realities of life in the Negro section of town. Interviews with B.

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For high school readers. Three of them were written in Georgia prisons.

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In container with: The Trumpet of Conscience by King. Tear Down the Walls! In same container: Visitors to the United States by Wedge. King in December , portray the nightmare America he lived in and the egalitarian America he envisioned. Of her handicaps, she believes "being a woman is more of a hindrance than being black. Drisko and Edgar A.

Top pin, read by Ryan Hal I or an, 2R. APH TB The author places special attention on the period of Reconstruction, the link between slavery and civil rights that is often ignored or distorted. Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington, read by Ryan Hal I or an, 5R.

Jay Sidney, 4R. APH TB1 The famous star of the Giants gives a chatty, anecdotal account of his experiences, mostly connected with the game. For grades 6- 9. Black Boy by Richard Wright, 2C. Caedmon Records, Inc. It relates the turbulence of growing up in the pre-civil rights period. CB Biographies of prominent black leaders of the anti-slavery movement. Black Rage by William H. Grier, read by Carl Johnson, 5C. Recorded by volunteer CB A lively selection of traditional and modern humor that ranges from Booker T.

AFB CB Daphne, a self-styled West Indian princess who despises the Blacks and worships the white world is ambitious for her daughter, the black and beautiful Yoruba. Die, Nigger, Die! Rap Brown, read by Van Vance, 3C. Strong language and violence. Commercial Duplication CB63 Homosexuality and the physical.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Caedmon Records Inc. AFB CB Jackson as one of the three black convicts accused of murdering a white guard at Sole- dad prison became known as one of the Soledad brothers. CB Four short stories, some rather grim and filled with violence, about the conflict between the races in the South. Jay Sidney, 4C. AFB CB The late black pastor and leader explains how and why nonviolent direct action took shape in Birmingham in 1 , leading to the March on Washington. APH CB47 Du Bois was greatly concerned over the white world's omission of Africa from world history, which he believed was an attempt to rationalize black slavery.

APH CB48I The author, a black psychiatrist who waj born on Martinique, analyzes the problems o racism and colonialism in today's world. APH BR The author shows how little equality really exists both in the world of collegiate athletics and in professional sport. APH BR35 A Negro writer tells of nine athletes who have excelled in professional sports and thus 1 advanced the cause of racial equality.

Pulitzer - Prize winner. Letters to a Black Boy by Bob Teague, 2v. APH BR A series of letters written by a television news broadcaster to his son, discussing what :: it means to be black in a white society. Muscavado by Eleanor Louise Heckert, 4v. HP BR65 Essays collected from various magazines. Soul Food Cookbook by Bob Jeffries, 2v. APH B R The more than 34 inexpensive recipes in this unique cookbook feature "soul food" based on the southern rural tradition.

Soul on Ice by Eldridge Cleaver, 2v. Kohl, 3v. APH BR Selections gathered from the black kings of ancient Egypt and the poets of the Moslem conquest through the salons of 18th-century Europe to the black cultures of modern Africa and America. What Manner of Man by Lerone Bennett, 3v. King reaffirms his conviction that only through racial cooperation and integration can the poor people of America win their rights. White Dog by Romain Gary, 3v. APH BR1 When the author befriends a stray German shepherd who turns up at his Beverly Hills home, he discovers that the dog has been trained to viciously attack all Blacks.

Poirot, doubtful, investigates. Palfrey, an elderly widow, comes to live at the Claremont, a second-class hotel in London. When her grandson fails to keep his promise to visit her, she passes off Ludo, a helpful young man, as the grandson. Catherine is portrayed as sweet and loving and Henry is viewed as a charming but monstrous ruler known for his role as an executioner.

Best seller In their effort to help, they both become involved in chaotic relationships with the young girl. Immediately three powerful men move in on the ranch like buzzards, but John France, Ike's nephew, arrives from Nevada to deal with them. In container with. Trouble Kid by Max Brand. APH TB Phil, or Fillippo, is a year-old boy from Southern Italy who has been sold into a form of slavery and brought to America to live and work for a cruel man as a street musician. He soon escapes and is adopted by kind Dr. A classic first published in In container with: Struggling Upward by Alger.

APH TB At 18, Buck Trager returns to Midastown to avenge the murders of his mother, father and brother who were brutally tortured for a bag of gold dust eight years earlier. Three years later while traveling in Egypt she finds Garth has been blinded by an accident. She nurses him back to health, but keeps her identity a secret. The subject is incest and there are explicit descriptions ol sex. With a forged passport from a dying man, he arrives in New York and falls in love with a beautiful fashion model Natasha.

Showdown at Mesilla by Lewis B. Patten, read by Neal Mullins, 3R. Scott Leslie, read by Neal Mullins, 4R. APH TB41 68 The preacher who built his own church, could pplit a mark with a knife at 50 yards, draw the fastest gun and face unarmed a band of outlaws. They called him The Stranger and one by one he would change their lives. Later the president is revealed as a thief and Luke is awarded a large sum of jmoney for helping to establish evidence against him.

He travels to Venice to drown his grief. The town was terrified because the hated Wiley clan would not stand by and let one of their own hang. In container with: The Pocket Hunters by Young. This Gun for Hire deals with Raven, the killer. One is nice; the other not so nice. In container with: The Embassy Madonna by Kirk. AFB Recorded in Spanish. AFB TB A nun who was once Richard Ill's mistress, an aging jester and a young knight awaiting execution tell how their lives were affected by Richard. Set in the 1 5th century. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor, he sees his two sons go off to war, his daughter caught in a love affair and his wife thinking of divorce.

Weird sounds convince her the place is haunted and two cousins, whom she doesn't trust, hover about. Jesse, at 12, experiences violence when his father kills his mother and the other children in the family and attempts to kill Jesse. Though he seems to overcome the tragedy, becoming a successful doctor and marrying, the specter continues to haunt him.

Explicit description of sex. Would You Believe Love? AFB TB Sophie, a lovable heroine with two teenage children and a professor-husband, finds her marriage has grown stale. When attempts at psychotherapy prove unsuccessful, she has an affair with Gabriel, a young black office worker. I'm Nobody! Who Are You? APH TB A sensitive biography that begins with 9- year-old Emily who was gentle and shy—so shy that she eventually secluded herself com-? The author uses passages of Miss Dickinson's writing to reveal her personality.

In container with: Poems by Dickinson. The author enlivens her account with the actual words of lords and vassals, minstrels, monks, craftsmen and lawgivers. But when you look around you today you can see that it meant little. Coombs, read by Lou Harpenau, 3R. Forrest, 2R. Instead of a bearskin, however, he gets a live pet bear!

Caldecott Medal. For grades K Dan gains a friend as well as a job and he even helps to lessen the post- Civil-War hatreds of the people around him. Bryan's Dog by Edmund O. Scholeh'eld, read by Roy Avers, 4R. In container with: A Dog to Trust by Chipperfield. APH TB Fourteen-year-old Charity begins to doubt that her parents were killed when she was four and that the people she has lived with ever since are really her loving aunt and uncle.

In container with: The Long Escape by Werstein. When John Ash regains his sight, he becomes the leader for Arno who has since gone blind. In container with: Bryan's Dog by Scholefield. In container with: Julie's Secret Sloth by Jackson. Sequel to Enchantress from the Stars TB For grades 0. In container with: Emily's Voyage by Smith. Based on a true incident. In container with: Charity at Home by Willard.

APH TB Because he is the oldest one left at home, year-old Parker Quiney has to travel miles across Texas to bring the body of his older brother back. On the trail he runs into a Mexican witch, saloon ladies, stampeding cattle, an aging outlaw and hostile Coman- ches. In container with: The Black Mustanger by Wormser. Mallard can move her family of eight ducklings from their island ir the Charles River to their new home in the Public Garden.

Mother Chick and Ralph the owl search all over the farm for him. Only Arthur's ability to perform a special trick helps them solve the mystery of his disappearance. Luke's Orphanage had dared even think about running away. But Margaret soon makes it clear that she is a most extraordinary orphan. AFB Reissue TB21 66 While looking for a toad, two little boys dis-, cover many of the other residents of their garden and pond. In container with: Worst Room in the if School by Muehl.

Small Shadow is sent from the reservation to live with the kind lawyer who defended his father. Small Shadow's experiences make a memorable year for himself and for the little Oregon town of Evansdale. When he finally has a chance to buy one, his money-making projects range from catching bats to catching thieves. These cassette titles can also be played on any commercial machine.

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He asserts that the world needs a technology of behavior that is "comparable in power and precision to physical and biological technology" A Bintel Brief compiled by Isaac Metzker, read by Dorothy Price, 5C. Graham, 5C. CB The author describes his visit to the islands [ and draws a parallel between U.

Selections from the journals! Post, read by Frances Levine, 6C. CB61 i Advice to young people on how to behave at sports events, trips, movies, restaurants, theatres and in other social situations. CB Information on bird watching as a hobby and instructions on making feeders and bird ' houses. An amusing guide with recipes to "swear by, instead of swearing at. Epstein, read by Lois Lighthall, 6C. CB Readings concerning woman's status in modern society, especially her employment.

Rossi and others. CB A practical program advising on diet, exercise and general health. CB88 The classic dialogues between Socrates and various friends concerning justice in man and the state, the Platonic theory of ideas, the concept of nature, poetry and philosophy. Lawrence and Norman Mailer. CB As a result of a research project in "teaching" babies under two years old. Painter claims that parents can conduct enriching home-based learning experiences such as singing, speech games and other activities that will actually raise a child's intelligence quotient.

CB A spirited analysis of the Indian's relationship to non-Indian society. The author believes that in order to survive, the white man should adopt the Indian tribal-communal life style and restore the land to its original condition. CB The love affairs of Alfie, a young cockney playboy, who charms and is charmed by all the birds in town. CB Bruno, an old man obsessed with spiders and stamps, is dying.

Based on a Greek comedy by Terrence, the second novel. The Woman of Andros, tells of the beauty Chrysis who charms the young men with her wisdom and of the love affair of her sister. Carduff, 6C. CB A novel of Ling Tan and his family who live together in his ancestral home. When she falls in love and has a baby by the local Lord's son, she is forced to give op her child in order to save her own sister.

After many hardships, Cissie finally finds true love and happiness. CB The hero tells us that ". I'm due tonight to be married by a circus clown to my own sister. And I have the problem oi burying in this garden the corpse of a younc man who is. Strong Ian guage and explicit descriptions of sex. CB A confessed murderer is condemned to death in the electric chair.

The time is and he is the first subject to be executed by this new and "painless'' method. CB Three tales of the poor, lusty and happyi people of Brazil, mostly of the dusky women' and the men who chase them. By the author of Tent of Miracles. Letters in brackets indicate magazines which. The letters correspond to the addresses listed below, from which ordering and price information may be obtained. B, N. Street, N. Contact your regional library to order direct circulation magazines of your choice. The order number before each title is the talking book number. For additional titles consult your catalogs of talking books, 1 69 and Please write your name and address on your!

The order numf ber before each title is the cassett book number. For additional title consult your Cassette Books catalog. In thi space provided list the title of an' magazine that you would like to re ceive that you are not already receiving. Thus National Library Week was born. The observance of National Library Week is only one focal point in a year-round effort by the National Book Committee to promote active reading habits among Americans of all ages and backgrounds. To many of them, the right tc read implies that every person has a right tc have his reading preferences provided for in a library's collection.

It is the selection of books which achieves the desired balance of a library's collection. The average public library adds about books annually. The number of books added each year is relative to the size of a library's budget. At the division, the Selections Section is responsible for choosing about titles annually, for national distribution to regional libraries.

Money for the program is appropriated by the United States Congress. Because of its budget, the division faces a built-in limit on quantity of books. Selection considerations are the same as those of any public library which must choose several hundred titles out of the thousands published each year. Many readers in this category are former readers of printed material who t turn to recorded books because of lost or fail- 2 ing vision experienced late in life.

Readers who have been visually impaired since an 3 early age are likely to read braille. The Librarians' Advisory Group is composed of regional librarians who recommend books and help develop selection policy. The two criteria used in selecting books are variety—to satisfy a wide diversity in reader preferences—and quality, based on subject matter and literary merit. Many people believe that books of this nature have no literary merit. It takes a lot of homework to keep up with the publishing industry. The division uses several informational tools to keep abreast of new books. Book reviews which appear in popular magazines such as Atlantic Monthly, Saturday Review and others are sources of information, as are the New York Times Book Review, Kirkus Reviews reviews of books in advance of publication dates , Publisher's Weekly and Booklist a publication of the American Library Association.

On talking books, the title is TB ; in braille it is BR 1 While most books are adaptable to either format, some special categories exist. Also, there are twin-vision books, in which braille pages are bound into the printed books. Decisions to use these special formats are part of the selection process. What can the talking book or braille reader do to influence book selection?

Even if individual letters are not always passed on, general opinions certainly do find ears at the division. Beginning this year, books recorded for - the national program, in both cassette and disc formats, will be shipped to participating regional libraries with an accompanying j open-reel tape submaster. Several regional libraries have been involved in tape dulica- tion for a number of years.

The advantage of cassette tape which gave rise to the January meeting is that this type of book can be produced and duplicated with relatively little equipment, as compared with discs which go through a complicated manufacturing process. For limited reproduction, regional libraries can use a recorded master or submaster placed on a high speed duplicator which is typically capable of producing three or more cassette copies in a matter of minutes.

But this figure nowhere approaches the cost of a disc manufacturing setup. It should be understood that it is still more expensive to produce large quantities of cassettes than it is to produce large quantities of discs. Not all regional libraries now own or have access to the equipment necessary for the submaster project. It may be many months before the system is launched, and perhaps some regional libraries will not have enough money to get involved. In the meantime, space will be devoted to more in-depth discussions of cassette tape and the relative merits of discs and cassettes.

Readers can refer back to the September- October and November-December , and March-April issues of Talking Book Topics for previous discussions of cassette books. In these issues, former Division Chief Robert S. The series of articles was titled, "What About Cassettes? One of the participants was Dr.

James Slagle. A mathematician by training. Dr Slagle used a braille chessboard to work oul his strategy before transferring his moves tc the regular playing board. Slagle was Braille Chess Champion in Shirley K. The award was presented by Mrs. Tricia Nixon Cox, daughter of the President. Please address requests to the proper section within the Division which is listed with each item. It begins with the chord system, which produces immediate results, and prog- esses to studies of theory, harmony and Dlaying technique. On nine cassettes, the :ourse is available for free loan only from the Vlusic Services Unit at the Division.

A survey enclosed in the :ontainer asks readers for comments about :he format of the book. The form can be olded, leaving the pre-addressed side out, and is marked for postage-free mailing. The book itself is available on loan from the regional libraries. In aacket No. In pack- 9 t No. Both of these soundsheet packets are free and may be kept.

Broken records, snarled tapes, missing discs and mismatched sets are sometimes found. In the case of damaged books, it's a simple matter to tie a piece of string to the container of any book which is damaged. Whether this method is used or not, the important thing is that string on the outside of the container. The regional library will not inspect any book for damage unless some obvious marking appears.

Sometimes short books are combined in the same container with one or two more short books. When the annotation includes the notice, "In container with," it would be a great help to regional librarians for readers to check both titles under that book number. Remember, two titles in a single container bear the same order number. Cassette books bear the code letters CB in the order numbers. Beginning with the order forms for this issue, a box appears above the cassette listings with the words "I have a cassette player.

It is not necessary to have a Library of Congress cassette player in order to receive cassette books. But it is important to notify the regional library that cassette service is desired. For the address of your regional library consult Talking Books, Adult, , or write to the Division for the Blind and. APH TB "Checkers" White was a gifted child until he received a blow on the head at the age of eight which led to seizures, erratic behavior, and epilepsy.

This is an account of how the Whites dealt with the problem knowing there would be no cure. AFB TB A biography assembled from long interviews with friends and ex-friends who knew the folk singer before his world-wide acclaim. Though the author understands there is no known cure for his severely mentally retarded son, he writes: "We will have him in our home and find ways to live in joy with him.

And when I cannot enjoy him as much as I would like to, I will love him even more. O'Neill, read by Lou Harpenau, 14R. Though the emphasis is on political rather than cultural history, sports and pop entertainment are discussed. The author creates a lively portrait of the King of Rock, who also became a movie star, and a fascinating character sketch of Elvis' manager, the Colonel, who guided him. The smallest animal is the shrew which weighs half an ounce; the largest is the bison which weighs more than a ton.

Gandhi by Olivia E. Coolidge, read by Paul Clark, 6R. Schalk believes the generatior! Particularly revealing is Mr. The Hindenburg by Michael M. Mooney, read by Paul Villani, 7R. Luftwaffe officers and the crew aboard were unable to prevent the fatal explosion which may have been the result of sabotage. For high school and adult readers. Green, read by Neat a Mullins, 2R. AFB TB The author claims to have been 6 years old at ] the time of Custer's last stand, and says he n worked as a circus Indian, served in the Navy. FHis colorful memoirs include the information that Omaha is an Indian word which means "I look from a bluff.

Mexican Americans by Joan W. Moore, read by Edward Blake, 5R. AFB TB Expelled from school for a practical joke at age 10, the author went on to Sandhurst and the Mayfair set before he entered acting. There are several chapters of medical advice on how to deal with heart disease. AFB TB Penny, an irresistible wanderer, walked into the author's household one snowy day and changed his peaceful existence. She was an adventurer with a wholly independent spirit who never completely belonged to anyone The author, who was a country lawyer, was exiled in New York during the French Revolution.

A romantic record of her exuberance for life and love, her courage and her fatal addiction to alcohol and drugs. Premonitions; a Leap into the Future by Herbert B. Greenhouse, read by Van Vance, 7R. Talking Books Adult, by U. Annotated listings are arranged by subject headings according to the Dewey Decimal System.

Red Cross worker, teacher, journalist, wife and mother. The author, a Sioux Indian of the Rosebud tribe, describes the agonies and hardships endured by Indians today. Glasser, read by Edward Blake, 5R. AFB TB The author describes his career as a teacher which he abandoned after 20 years because the small salary did not permit him to marry. AFB TB The author describes Victoria's unhappy childhood, the conflict between her and her mother, her happy marriage to Albert and her relationships with several Prime Ministers. Witcover examines the vice-president's posture toward black leaders and his remarks about the press.

Gard and L. Sorden, read by Jim Walton, 9R. AFB TB A poor boy seeking to avenge his father's death and a young prince who will become a ruler fall in love with the same beautiful girl. APH TB A spoof in which a creature from outer space, built of electronic gadgets to think, look and talk like a man, goes to earth.

Rai- mundo Alba realize that he wants to marry her. But the lovers, who expected their prob lems to end with the wedding, find that theii troubles just begin with marriage. The authoi follows Van Gogh's tortured life from his early years as an art dealer and a religious worker through his love for many women anc his driving passion to express the essence ol life on canvas. Believing it to be a young woman who disappeared two years before, the inspector! Picked up by the police after stealing his 14th automobile, the compulsive car thief is sent to a brutal detention home while awaiting his hearing.

On his return home he attempts to recover his lost time. AFB Recorded. Witherspoon retains Perry Mason to break his daughter's engagement to a young scientist whom he hates by reinvestigating an year-old murder case. But Tim knew his father had been murdered and set out to find the brutal killer. Some strong language. Nyasanu, second son of an African leader, becomes governor of the province of Aladah. Narrator Vanessa Nye emerges as a young girl caught up in books, poems and first love. The Dinosaur Fund by Vartanig G. Vartan, read by Donald Hotaling, 11 R. Shattered, he moves out of his house, sells his business and briefly takes in a young girl from his son's college.

AFB TB Four stories in one, uniting fiction and history in a panoramic view of the migrations to and development of Hawaii. Beginning with the harrowing journey of Teroro and his smal band across the Pacific in a long canoe, it continues through the emergence of the 50th state. Explicit descriptions of rapes, murders, tidal waves and human sacrifices. Jeff's favorite fishing hole is inhabited by a convicted moonshiner with whom he makes friends. MD 'uo! Katie, a year-old scullery maid for the rich Rosier Family, is raped by their son Bernard.

The open mess scandal, PX payoffs and the alleged takeover of the military clubs by a khaki syndicate are covered. With newsreel-like commentary on the progress of the invasion at various fronts and characterizations of both the Americans and Japanese, Mr. Afrikaaner patriarchs, strong- minded sons, ironic Jewesses and tourists are in some way victims of apartheid. AFB Reissue TB On the night that a sack of gold is left at the home of one of its leading citizens, the town of Hadleyburg becomes corrupted.

The rabbi helps to extricate him. AFB TB This exciting mystery is one in a series of high-interest, easy-reading books for young adults. Living in self-induced poverty, she seeks the help of Simon Camish, a successful lawyer. Unhappily married, he becomes emotionally entangled with Rose A story of their love and marriage with its heartaches and long separations during wartime.

APH TB43 10 Emily, divorced but still in love with her ex- husband who has remarried, finds it difficult to adjust to the loneliness of being a single woman. The; search takes place in the snowy Alps with hairbreadth escapes from foreign ruffians. The Prince by R. Koster, read by George Backman, 10R. A helpless paraplegic after an attempted political assassination, he relives his colorful youth and plans for revenge.

He is kidnapped. By pre- irrangement with the State Department, 3 hilip St. Ives, a professional intermediary, arranges a swap for the Ambassador. APH TB A man known as The Flying Hindu, another known as Shortwave, and ne called Fowler are all implicated. In con- ainer with: The Body of a Girl by Gilbert.

There's Yankel the stern and loving fa- her; Feigel, his strong wife and their deter- mined brood of idealistic children. What he finds is a double threat, a double cross and a kidnapping. AFB TB Family life as portrayed by three generations of Tyler men each of whom at the age of 1 8 is caught in a war. His plan is to make a sacrificial victim of the boy high in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

West, read by Alexander Scourby, 7R. The plan is foolproof until Bill Verecker steps in with his outlandish strategies. TB Thirteen romantic short stories by a popular Mexican authoress. When an old flame of Robin's shows up, sparks are rekindled and both Robin and Clive embark upon extramarita adventures.

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Vaguely dissatisfied, she eusies herself with social luncheons and the problems of her friends and family. Singer , read by Leon Janney, 1 R. Entries are arranged under subject headings. He never ages and never dies, and possesses great magic Dower which he uses only for good. Newbery Medal. This account covers her childhood, her leadership of the French armies, her condemnation and her death. Especially exciting is his heroic attempt to save his crew when P-T is struck by a Japanese destroyer.

With slowly read text, this account is for readers in grades and older readers looking for good, easy reading. Jonah stubbornly refuses to go to Ninevah for God until the Lord threatens Jonah with a huge fish, a gourd and a worm to teach him humility. APH TB To get herself and her pig home before night, a little old woman needs help from a cat, a rat, a rope, a butchpr, an ox, water, fire, a stick and a dog.

Book-record combination. As Moses leads the Children of Israel away from slavery and the land of Egypt, the Red Sea miraculously opens up and allows the Israelites to escape from the Pharoah, who is chasing them. APH TB This introduction to space travel takes the reader from rocket liftoff to a space station and from there to the mountains of the moon itself, explaining such concepts as weightlessness, gravity and inertia.

Another title in the series of recordings for children, with reading problems. The text is read slowly, and a copy of the print book is in-i eluded. Our most vital natural resource is de-ii scribed from a conservationist's point of view in its relation to the soil, the importance ofjl the water cycle, the danger and prevention of i erosion and how and why we must best uti- ; lize our valuable water supply. Of interest to ] reluctant teenage readers as well as those in grades Ig What Can Money Do? For children with reading [ problems. The text is read slowly and a copy of the print book is included.

Years later when Boris is washed jshore by a hurricane, little Amos has a chance to repay the whale by saving his life. Eastman, read by Richard Braun, 1 R. Humorous illustra- ions and a simple, repetitious text relate his successful hunt. A copy of the print ook is included in the container.

An nistorical picture of the war as it was seen rom the home front of a small American own. APH TB The Finch family understands why their house has remained empty for so long when they discover a small but active volcano in their cellar! This addition to the series of recordings for children with reading problems features slowly read text and a copy of the print book included in the container. Joey and the Birthday Present by Maxine W. Kumin, read by Burt Blackwell, 1 R.

A copy of the print book is included in the container. A sequel to Flarriet the Spy TB When the thief catches Laura spying on him, he kidnaps her. Because she wants to win a bargain with her uncle, Sarah finally makes an unusual choice. Gumpy, who lives in a house by the river, invites so many friends to ride in his boat that the boat tips over and the outing comes to a predictable but happy end. Book-recorc combination. When she recalls that she wit nessed an unsolved murder, her regainec memory marks her as the murderer's nex target.

During the journey both' Mr. Sager die, leaving unreliable John suddenly responsible for his own life! Foi grades APFI TB After a greedy fox laps up an old woman's pail of milk, she cuts off his tail and refuses tc sew it back on until the fox refills her pail with milk. Readers can pat the soft bunny, feel Daddy's scratchy face, and DUt a finger through Mommy's ring, just as Judy and Paul do in the story.

APH TB Everybody else in the family is too busy to ibay any attention to Sammy until the little fellow bursts into tears. His brother and sister and parents realize that Sammy, too, needs o feel that he is important. This addition to he series of recordings for children with eading problems features slowly read text jnd a copy of the print book included in the container. APH TB 'im and Debby have a very special surprise or their mother on her birthday—six beau- iful silver spoons made by Paul Revere.

Book-record com- Dination.

The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)
The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1) The Isherwood Document (A Peter Conway Adventure Book 1)

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