The Rest is Silence

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The Rest is Silence; Babel; Top Hat – review

The character, too, had dealt with this question. The Tramp was the character, out of all the silent comedians, who most fully embraced these things. He knew he could never live in one. So, yes—Hamlet seems about right. God, if I could only do something for all of them! But there are too many—too many. And there were too many.

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Too many people loved him. They wrote to him in such volume that he had to engage six secretaries just to answer them back.

Tender tales of memory, loss and love

They wrote to say they were his long-lost mother; they asked him to use their sons in his films; they enclosed pawn tickets; they asked him what he was doing during the war. But he bests them. He will sign at that.

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And he does. With his teeth. Such is their spirit. What is to become of them? The signs of the recent war were everywhere, and they were harrowing for him. The notion of home would come to mean even more to him later on, when he was forced to leave his adopted country because of his politics.

Like the Tramp, he was for most of his life a man without a country, and deeply, painfully aware of it. He had new ideas, new friends, new attachments.

Unknown Tone Records Tulsa, Oklahoma. Midwest label exploring the surreal — avant-garde blended with film noir, as expansive and isolating as the Oklahoma prairie www. Contact Unknown Tone Records. Streaming and Download help. The Cloud Chorus by Maps and Diagrams.

Above by The Star Pillow. Accretion Disc by Chris Dooks. If you like The Rest Is Silence, you may also like:. Vanishing Point by Arash Akbari. Left into an ancient city formerly inhabited by stellar worshippers in Cracked Echoes, Arash Akbari continues here the story began last year, staring the stars. Cavernous guitar and synths drones, mirroring the infinity before us, highly contrast with silvery and luminous textures scattered over this album.

A journey towards unknown territories, made of a fragile balance between our native grounds and the coveted endlessness we desperately want to reach. Highly recommended.

The Rest Is Silence

ICU by Ondrej Zajac. Loud, visceral, intense and painfully immediate; tells a story of pain, near death, and recuperation. New cassette label full of experimental compositions. Explore music. As people scrutinized images of themselves and each other, you could see how distinct and diverse yet how contained we were. Reflection was curtailed by a cut to darkness. Another cut soon followed, this time to a modern bedroom styled in the aesthetic permeating the production: sleek, glossy, sanitised.

The room, housing Gertrude and Claudius, was set behind Perspex or glass, and about a metre from the floor. Even as Claudius rehearsed his opening lines, and performed ablutions, cleanliness was next to business-like remoteness, elevation equated to controlling privilege.

Year of Shakespeare: The Rest is Silence - Reviewing Shakespeare

Referencing a modern nexus of media and politics Claudius eventually performed his words to a camera. Claustrophobia was significantly gendered — Ophelia was trapped in the intimate space of her own chamber being lectured by the men in her life. When it comes to Hamlet , and its multifarious incarnations, that potential plurality is important.

Yet as parody, repetition also empowers, if momentarily, as when Ophelia bridled against her father by mimicking his platitudes. Repetition also intensifies and reworks.

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Self-consciously realising this is vital for any rendering of a text enduring iteration.

The Rest is Silence The Rest is Silence
The Rest is Silence The Rest is Silence
The Rest is Silence The Rest is Silence
The Rest is Silence The Rest is Silence
The Rest is Silence The Rest is Silence

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