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He also pardons Isabel's human companion, Hugo who was the betrayer — he was angry that Isabel wouldn't turn him, which led him to thinking vampires didn't really care about their humans — who Godric realizes she still loves, though she gave him up to her sheriff, to judge however he saw fit. Hugo is told to leave Dallas for New Mexico; this judgment is questioned by an angry Stan, but accepted though with very little grace. When Eric tells him he's arranged a rare human for him to feed on, Godric turns it down, saying he needs little — when Eric jokes that he wasn't likely to be fed well while with the Fellowship, Eric seems troubled by Godric's comments, that he could have killed them but didn't — indicating a willingness to die.

His lecture of Lorena shows that he's strong enough to be immediately respected, even by vampires he doesn't know — he also takes this single moment to show his true strength rather than earlier when he was facing humans. Sookie later tells Eric he's the most 'human' of the vampires that she's met — despite Bill's disapproval, Sookie goes with Eric and Godric to the roof of Hotel Carmilla where they go after Fellowship member Luke blows up Godric's 'nest' — and she gets to see a very different side of Eric; he feels deeply his maker's impending suicide and is angry, but mostly heart-breakingly distraught over it — and after he orders Eric to leave, Sookie promises Eric to stay with him, "as long as it takes" — Godric tells her after his departure that because of his age, it "won't take long".

Introduced in Definitely Dead , she is ostensibly the bodyguard of Peter Threadgill. She is described as a diminutive Asian woman with a bad haircut, a penchant for wearing red, and fighting with the whacking big sword she wears strapped to her back. She is responsible for the murders of Gladiola and Jake Purifoy.

During the battle which took place at Queen Sophie Anne's entertainment estate, Jade is maimed by a vengeful Desmond Cataliades, but ultimately killed by Bill Compton in defense of Sookie. She looks a lot like Bill's human wife, Caroline, and Lorena, noticing Bill's fascination with the human Judith, turns her into a vampire with the thought that she will help to keep Bill by Lorena's side. She is later contacted by Sookie Stackhouse and heals Bill of his silver poisoning. She is attracted to Bill but terrified of Lorena. Sookie helps to reunite them, and with Lorena's death their path to romance is clear.

But after a short and happy reunion, they fall out again and she and Bill part ways. A blood-lusting Vampire and Bill Compton's maker and one-time lover. She is first introduced in the third book, Club Dead. She summoned Bill to Mississippi and captured him in order to learn about his secret project for the queen of Louisiana.

She is killed by Sookie while torturing and trying to kill Bill, but she is mentioned in subsequent novels. She is portrayed as being blonde and having brown eyes and a smaller build than Sookie's. Mariana Klaveno portrays Lorena in HBO's television series True Blood , in which her name is changed to Lorena Krasiki and she's a brunette - Bill and others Godric and Russell have a low opinion of her; Bill left her because of her constant wanton destruction and lack of regard for human life. Godric says that despite having had the time to better herself, she remains 'a savage'- it's no wonder humans hate vampires and he fears for all, when there are creatures like her.

Russell says something along the lines of she's unsophisticated. During her torture of Bill in Season 3, ordered by Russell, her own sire Istvan is mentioned by him, Bill believes he warped her into a reflection of himself and, perhaps to gain the mercy of a speedy end, he says he's sorry he didn't know her before she became so vicious. It is expressed in Club Dead by Eric that she is years old.

A rogue sadistic Vampire who refuses to adapt to a society where humans and vampires coexist equally. He is depicted in the novels as slim with narrow shoulders and slicked-back hair. He has long fingernails and a sharp face. Sookie asks that Eric help free Tara, which he does in exchange for Sookie revealing the details of what happened while he was cursed with amnesia.

In her human years, Hadley was popular in high school, a cheerleader, and even Miss Bon Temps. She got involved with drugs and prostitution during her junior year of high school and ran away to New Orleans. Waldo, a vampire who was jealous of Hadley's position as a favorite of the Queen, staked Hadley. She learns that Hadley was once married and divorced, and that she had informed the queen about Sookie's mindreading ability. In From Dead to Worse , Sookie learns that Hadley also gave birth to a child, now being raised by her ex-husband.

The child, Hunter, also has mind-reading skills, which Sookie is at pains to conceal from anyone else. Her original name is unknown, but she is a vampire who lives in Shreveport who works at Fangtasia as well as at Victor's casino. She acquired her new name due to her unusual coloration—blonde hair but tawny skin. In Deadlocked , she helps Eric to find Colton and helps to rescue Sookie when she is kidnapped by rogue werewolves.

Eric 's second in command and progeny Eric turned her into a vampire. She likes to read Dear Abby. Sookie describes her as one of the very few vampires she would call her friend. He was killed by Sophie-Anne's child and second-in-command Andre during Peter's failed attempt to take over Louisiana. Russell is the Vampire King of Mississippi.

Described as the perfect southern gentleman, Russell prefers men. Talbot is his steady human companion. Actor Denis O'Hare portrays the Vampire King of Mississippi in the third and fifth season of True Blood - it seems he's conflated somewhat with the Vampire King of Arkansas and the Vampire King of Nevada and he has a different appearance; having darker hair and being somewhat taller, with less of an accent.

He's also more significant in the series, as a lethal antagonist - Eric has a long-term vow re-awakened- after he discovers what connection Russell has to him, from a particular item in his 'collection' that holds a great significance for the handsome Viking; and to get his revenge, Eric is willing to go to any lengths- including being callous to Sookie.

Russell is almost 3, years old and his great age lends him both huge power and arrogance. He doesn't believe in the VLA or the Authority- and refuses to accept the idea that vampires need to appeal to humans for equal rights, because humans are not their equals. He has spent centuries influencing human affairs, either aiding or destroying various humans in power over the ages. He eventually breaks several vampire prohibitions; like supplying vampire blood to his own pack of werewolves- killing a magister who refuses to marry him to Sophie-Anne , so he can gain control of her territory , defying the Authority and causing a horrific scene, by ripping out the spine of a newsreader on national television.

This act damages the League's campaign to ratify equal rights for vampires- and the standing of "mainstreaming" vampires, like Bill. When his consort, Talbot human in the books, vampire in the show is killed by Eric- Russell is devastated, showing he did care for someone else other than himself.

It's more than apparent that Talbot's death drove him mad- as he keeps his remains in a crystal container and flips out when Sookie later destroys what's left of his former lover- he also kills a human gigolo and fangbanger Tony after sex, to allow him to say 'goodbye' to Talbot. His unending obsession is with being able to 'daywalk'. After learning from Bill and Eric that Sookie is part-fairy and that Faerie blood can allow vampires to do just that- he drinks from her, as does Eric- but it doesn't last too long as Bill well knew from his own experience - allowing Bill and Eric to imprison a significantly weakened Edgington he even loses one of his fangs in concrete.

He gets free later on, though- proving even more lethal and dangerous; Eric eventually kills him.

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He is of Saxon origin and was a warrior in his human life. He is eventually subdued and killed with Sookie's help. Sophie-Anne is the Vampire Queen of Louisiana; a beautiful woman, pale as milk, with reddish brown hair, large and tilted brown eyes. She is a smart and strategic leader within the vampire hierarchy. Despite standing at a petite 5'2", she one of the oldest, most powerful vampires in North America.

She sends Bill to Bon Temps to investigate Sookie's abilities. In Definitely Dead Sophie-Anne reveals to Sookie that she was born 1, years ago, roughly in modern-day northern France. Her village, including her entire human family, was wiped out in a flu epidemic when she was about She was made a vampire about three years later. Her territory in Louisiana, and especially the lucrative city of New Orleans, is highly coveted among other vampire monarchs. As a result, Sophie-Anne is constantly guarding against plots to usurp her throne and seeking to strengthen her position by acquiring more formidable allies, soldiers and servants.

She is rarely seen committing hands-on acts of violence, usually delegating such tasks to her retainers. However, even other ancient and strong vampires, like Eric, are careful to avoid provoking her ire. The vampires made by Sophie-Anne tend to be fanatically devoted to her and freely confess that they remain with Sophie-Anne out of love, rather than coercion, or exploitation of the maker-offspring bond. She can also communicate telepathically with her children, although the limits of this ability are never clearly defined. In All Together Dead , Sophie-Anne was put on trial for the murder of her husband, Peter, and his entourage following the failed takeover.

Sookie helped proved her innocence with the help of Barry that she was set up by the Fellowship of the Sun. Stan Davis is vampire sheriff of Dallas, and his normal guise is that of a nerd: taped glasses, short sleeved button up shirt, etc. He is first introduced in the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas , when he requests the services of Sookie to help him find his missing nest brother, Farrell. Stan is one of the few vampire minds that Sookie has managed to catch a glimpse of; he is apparently a much older and more worldly vampire than he lets others believe, with his origins somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Telepath Barry the bellboy Horowitz begins working for him after Stan discovers, in the second novel, that another telepath lives in Dallas. Ed Quinn portrays Stan Davis in HBO 's television series True Blood - and he has a very different appearance and more aggressive character- it's revealed he was responsible for the death of Steve Newlin's family - he's said to be killed during the Fellowship attack on Godric's nest. Thalia is an ancient Greek vampire. Thalia first appears in the short story Dracula Night. She moved to Shreveport after having been expelled from a nest in Illinois for aggressive behaviour.

She speaks stilted English. Thalia works at 'Fangtasia' in spite of her reluctance to join the outed vampire community. Her great age lets her regenerate limbs by attaching a severed one to the wound instead of growing them back. During a battle between the Louisiana and Arkansas vampires, Wybert is beheaded. Victor is the regent designated to rule Louisiana in the name of King Felipe de Castro. Ambitious, treacherous and vain, Victor does not appear to be satisfied as a mere proxy ruler for Felipe, although he does not risk directly challenging or disobeying his master.

Instead he focuses his energy on undermining and attacking Eric, as the only powerful retainer of Queen Sophie-Anne to survive the hostile takeover of the state. Eric and Pam even speculate that Felipe sent him to Louisiana simply to distance Victor from the king's real power base in Las Vegas. While he occasionally uses minions to directly threaten Pam, Sookie or others close Eric, Victor also uses a variety of indirect assaults. In Dead Reckoning novel , Victor opens two rival nightclubs to siphon business away from Fangtasia and Merlotte's, while attempting to bait Eric into a fight or some other violation of the vampire hierarchy's strict protocols.

He's killed by Sookie with the assistance of many of the local vampires. First introduced in Dead Until Dark. Was an old friend of Bill's and had 2 vampire companions, Liam and Diane. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as a companion to Malcolm who was an old friend of Bill's and was described as having a buzz cut with a lot of tattoos. She is Sookie and Jason's grandmother, and raised them after their parents were killed during their childhood.

In the eighth book, From Dead to Worse , Sookie meets her great grandfather, Niall Brigant , a fairy prince who tells her that his son, Fintan, is her father's biological father. Sookie continues to be guided and inspired by her late grandmother's wisdom. He's very competent at his job, though he enjoys beating people during interrogations. Alcee dislikes Sookie and believes completely in her ability to read minds. He particularly resents Sookie because a Were tries to kill Sookie in From Dead to Worse , and to do so, grabs Alcee's wife, endangering her.

In the fifth novel, Dead as a Doornail , he starts dating Halleigh Robinson , a young elementary school teacher, and in later novels they get married. Andy knows about Sookie's telepathic abilities but he does not want to accept anything supernatural. Also in the fifth novel, Andy shoots Sweetie Des Arts, a bitten shifter, who has been shooting other shifters and weres around Bon Temps. In the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas , Bill discovers that Andy and Portia Bellefleur are his direct descendants he is their great-great-great grandfather , and anonymously gives them large amounts of money, despite Portia and Andy scorning vampires and the supernatural of any kind.

When Bill tells them of the relationship in Dead in the Family , they are at first unhappy but begin to treat him a bit better after they see their grandmother Caroline accepting and even enjoying the connection. She is Sookie's friend and fellow barmaid at Merlotte's. She has been married four times and has two children, Coby and Lisa, whom Sookie often babysits. She is introduced in the first novel, Dead Until Dark , and she disapproves of Sookie's relationships with vampires. Arlene falls under the influence of her latest boyfriend, a member of The Fellowship of the Sun, and turns against Sookie.

In Dead and Gone she tries to kill Sookie. Portrayed by Carrie Preston in the True Blood series. Barry is first introduced in Living Dead in Dallas as a timid young bellboy at the vampire hotel in Dallas, Silent Shores. Sookie quickly notices that he is telepathic, but he does not want anyone to know about his abilities, despite Sookie's joy at meeting him, as she had never before encountered another telepath.

She finds him to be more confident. Barry enjoys money and buys himself designer clothes. He admits to fantasizing about being in a romantic relationship with Sookie, but he realizes that is not to be when they meet again at the Summit, and he ends up being wary of Sookie and some of the things she has done.

He is the first to discover the plot to bomb the hotel where the summit is held. After the devastating explosion, he and Sookie help rescue workers search for survivors in the rubble. The two discover that when they hold hands, their telepathic abilities are magnified. At the end of this novel, they part on rocky terms because of the differences in their moral and ethical beliefs. Barry is portrayed by Chris Coy in the True Blood series. In Deadlocked , Sookie learns that Barry is the great-great-great grandson of Mr.

The part-demon lawyer looks after Barry, but in secret; Barry does not know of the relationship. It is for that reason that he has the gift of telepathy. Barry also appears as a character in the novel Day Shift , part of the Midnight, Texas trilogy. Bobby is characterized as being one of the humans that has a genuine dislike of Sookie Stackhouse for her telepathic abilities.

Sheriff of Bon Temps, superior officer to Andy Bellefleur. He often acts suspicious of Sookie Stackhouse, but treats her and her brother better than Andy Bellefleur does. Survivor of the maenad who visits Bon Temps in Living Dead in Dallas , but is mentioned to have died later in Dead as a Doornail in a fire due to his heavy drinking habit. In True Blood, Eggs and Tara still enjoy a romantic relationship, but the circumstances are slightly different including the fact that he is not a Bon Temps native.

In the show, he is shot and killed by Jason while trying to turn himself in to Andy Bellefleur for murder. When Jason happens upon the scene it appears that Eggs is threatening Andy with a large knife. He is portrayed by Mehcad Brooks. A human who helps Eric and the other vampires kill Victor, due to his anger at Victor for ruining the lives of his family. Colton ends up kidnapped in Deadlocked. She had dated Jason but they were on the outs. In True Blood , she was played by Lynn Collins.

Drug users as well as vampire drainers. Sookie helps Bill Compton to escape that Rattrays trying to drain him in Merlotte's parking lot the first night they met. Sookie wrapped a chain around Mack's neck and they ran off. The next night, they came to Merlotte's when Sookie got off of work and tried to kill her. Bill Compton saved her from being killed and gave her his blood. First introduced in Dead as a Doornail , Halleigh is an elementary school-teacher and Andy Bellefleur 's love-interest.

She is portrayed as an attractive woman with short earlobe-length brown hair and brown eyes. Halleigh and Andy eventually marry. He is Jason's childhood friend, though their relationship grows apart throughout the book series as Jason and Hoyt do not have a lot of things in common. Later in the books, Hoyt starts to date Holly Cleary. In the books, he is also described as being very sweet-natured and clean minded. Hoyt lives with his mother, who controls his life. In the TV series, Hoyt begins a romantic relationship with young vampire Jessica.

Near the end of season five, Hoyt asks Jessica to wipe his memory, of ever having known her and Jason—which she reluctantly does—in order to un-do the emotional pain they have caused him. He then moves to Alaska to start a new life, but returns during the final season after the death of his mother. He eventually recovers his memories, and he and Jessica get married. He is the son of Sookie's first cousin Hadley. In the tenth novel, Dead in the Family , Sookie begins to help him and his father cope with his telepathy.

Sookie's fairy cousin Claude Crane knows Hunter is a telepath; but, for the child's safety, Sookie does not tell any of the vampire.

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Agent Lattesta also knows Hunter is a telepath. Jack Leeds is mentioned to being 'far too thorough' and noticing the inconsistencies in peoples behaviour, it is implied that he has a fair amount of tact. Lily Bard Leeds is talked about as being the stronger of the two and having no illusions as to innocence. Lily is also mentioned as having very little life in her face. Both are former main characters that featured in earlier works of Charlaine Harris.

Mentioned in Definitely Dead as having given up the search for Debbie Pelt so's not to be fleecing the Pelts. In Dead Reckoning novel , Mr. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as the companion to Liam the vampire who traveled with 2 other vampires, Malcolm and Diane.

Sookie's older brother. He is known as a ladies' man and is often associated with a lot of women of Bon Temps and other neighboring communities. He is selfish and often involves Sookie in his troubles. In the fourth novel, Dead to the World , he is kidnapped and bitten repeatedly by a werepanther and becomes a bitten werepanther.

As a new member of the shifter community, he comes under suspicion of shooting other two-natured in anger at his transformation, but the suspicions are dropped after Sookie is shot. He marries Crystal Norris , a full-blooded werepanther, when she becomes pregnant, but he is sincere when he says his vows. Crystal later has an affair and they separate. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as a classmate of Sookie's. JB s described as beautiful and very muscular, but not very intelligent.

He and Sookie went out a couple of times while teenagers, and he flirts with her frequently. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as the beautiful boyfriend of Malcolm the vampire. Sookie read his mind and found that he had sino-aids so that Bill wouldn't drink from him. A human lawyer for who works for Queen Sophie of Louisiana, first introduced in All Together Dead as a very unpleasant, unscrupulous human who spent time in prison in Mexico for knifing a woman.

First introduced in Dead Until Dark as a police woman who was five foot eleven, the color of bitter chocolate and built to weather hurricanes. In the books, she is romantically involved with her partner Kevin Pryor. She is portrayed by Tanya Wright in True Blood. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as a police man and Kenya Jones' partner as well as love interest, who was about five foot eight with freckles all over his pale skin. Kevin is played by John Rezig in True Blood. His body is discovered by Sookie, in the back seat of Andy Bellefluer's car, as she arrives for work one morning.

Nelsan Ellis plays Lafayette in the HBO series True Blood in which the story was altered to preserve the character for future episodes. First introduced in Dead Until Dark as a woman who was a fangbanger who was killed by strangulation. Sookie graduated in the same class as Maudette. She was portrayed by Danielle Sapia in True Blood. Andy Bellefleur's sister.

Following the finding of Lafayette's dead body in her brother Andy's car in the novels, Portia begins casually dating Bill in order to find out any information that can clear her brother as Lafayette's killer. Because the murder is thought to be connected with some kind of sex parties, her thought is that dating a vampire will gain the attention of those holding the parties, so she will be invited and can find out more. She is portrayed by Courtney Ford in the fourth season of True Blood. The widower of Sookie's cousin Hadley , and father to Sookie's young, telepathic cousin, Hunter Savoy.

He is both confused by and concerned about his son's abilities, and turns to Sookie for help once Hunter begins to say things that alarm people. He was swarthy and had a bushy headful of rough black hair threaded with gray. Unlike the show where he is killed by Sookie in self-defense, in the books he goes to jail and is not mentioned again. Selah is a real estate saleswoman from Clarice. She is depicted as a slim brunette with shoulder-length hair.

She is taller than Sookie and ten pounds lighter and has expensive, expertly done makeup. When Sookie reads her mind for the first time, Selah thinks she is slimmer, smarter, better educated, and has more money than Sookie, but she doubts her sexual skills because she believes lower-class women are better in bed. Bill and Selah date until the eighth novel, From Dead to Worse when Selah moves to Little Rock because she has gotten a position from a larger firm, and Bill admits that he believes Selah was only interested in him because he's a vampire.

Sarah is his wife. They are first introduced in the novels in the second book, Living Dead in Dallas. Steve is described as being tall and lanky with hazy blue eyes and dark brown hair. When Sookie goes to investigate, she is captured by the Newlins and held in the basement of the FotS church. They plan to tie Sookie to him so she will burn as well. Sookie escapes and foils their plans, but she meets Steve again in Club Dead , where he and a FotS fanatic try to stake a vampire in a Mississippi vampire bar.

Sookie intervenes and Steve escapes. She is first introduced in the second novel, Living Dead in Dallas , as Sookie's childhood friend. She participates in Bon Temps' secret sex party where Lafayette is killed, and dates a vampire for a short while before settling down to a tamer existence with a mutual high school friend of hers and Sookie's, JB du Rone. Later, the couple gives birth to a set of twins named Robbie and Sarah Sookie. Her character plays a minor part in the books, a stark contrast to her role in True Blood.

A friend of the werewolf Mustapha Khan, Warren is kidnapped in Deadlocked in order to be used as a hostage to ensure Mustapha's silence, or to make Mustapha turn himself in. Alcide is a full-blooded werewolf who owns a surveying company with his father. Sookie goes on to aid Alcide in his attempts to uncover a plot to sabotage Alcide's father's bid to become leader of their pack, the Long Tooth Pack. They succeed in exposing the plot, but Alcide's dad is killed in one-on-one combat to determine leadership of the pack.

Although Sookie and Alcide seem to have a mutual romantic interest, their relationship does not consolidate because of his complicated relationship with Debbie Pelt. In the eighth novel, From Dead to Worse , Alcide becomes the leader of his pack. Jannalynn suggests he go after her and Sookie comes home to find Alcide in her bed, due to the machinations of Amelia Broadway. Calvin is a full-blooded werepanther and leader of the werepanther community in Hotshot, a close knit and secretive community ten miles from Bon Temps.

He is first introduced in the fourth novel, Dead to the World , and he is portrayed as a man in his late forties, with trimmed beard salted with gray, short hair and green golden eyes. He is a small man, around five foot seven inches with an agile build and muscular arms. Because Hotshot takes care of its own justice, Calvin has a good deal of power over its residents, including the power to decide who is executed for their crimes.

The author explains that generations of inbreeding in the Hotshot community have weakened their shifting traits. Even though Sookie turns down his offers for a relationship, she still remains friends with him and enjoys his company. She often sees him after her brother and Crystal become involved, although they fall out a little when he starts dating a woman named Tanya, with whom Sookie has a negative past, eventually marrying her at a courthouse across the state line.

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At some point, following Hotshot community rules, Sookie must break some of his fingers with a cement block in order to punish Crystal for being unfaithful to her brother, Jason. Calvin is very upset when Crystal is killed, and ends up ordering the death of her killer when he is discovered. Colonel Flood is a full-blooded werewolf and packmaster of Shreveport. He is first introduced in the fourth novel, Dead to the World and is depicted as having thick, white hair cut very short with a mustache that must have been trimmed with a ruler because it was so exact.

In True Blood , he is played by Grainger Hines. Crystal is a full-blooded werepanther and niece of Calvin Norris. Shifters tend to have low birthrate and Crystal has already had a miscarriage before, but she becomes pregnant again and it seems like she will be able to carry this pregnancy to term. While pregnant, she has an affair with another man and Jason finds out, manipulating Calvin Norris and Sookie into being witness to the infidelity. Their relationship deteriorates after that; Crystal moves back to Hotshot. She and her fetus are killed in the ninth book, Dead and Gone.

When she left him, she quickly got engaged to a Were-owl. However, she became jealous when she saw Alcide with Sookie. In this novel, she pushes Sookie into a car trunk where Bill is being concealed after Sookie rescues him from being starved and tortured by Lorena. Alcide then abjures her from the Shreveport pack. At the end of this book, Debbie shoots at Sookie, but Eric takes the bullet instead. Sookie then kills her and Eric disposes of the body. However, as the storyline progresses due to lack of continuity , [29] she is said to be a Were-fox adopted by a Werewolf couple who could not conceive.

It is implied that she shapeshifts into a bat. Luna is a Hispanic woman with dark eyes and hair. While working undercover at The Fellowship of the Sun FotS , she helps Sookie escape from the murderous members of the church. Maria-Star is a full-blooded werewolf and packmember of the Shreveport pack. She is first introduced in the fourth book, Dead to the World , when Maria-Star, in wolf form, gets injured in an attack by the witch coven.

Sookie takes Maria-Star to the hospital. Mel Hart is a full-blooded were-panther who becomes good friends with Jason Stackhouse, following Jason's falling out with his other friend, Hoyt. Mel seems overly devoted to Jason, always seen hanging out with him, drinking, eating, and even going on double dates with Jason and Crystal his wife. Mel, a full-blood panther, was once a member of the Hotshot Community, but left it to live in town.

He let it be known it was his choice to leave, but it turns out that he was exiled from the community because he was gay and did not want to produce a child with a woman, as the community demanded of him. Sookie later finds out that Mel was involved in the murder of Jason's estranged and adulterous wife, Crystal. When Mel stopped by Jason's to get some wood, Crystal made some cruel remarks about his homosexuality and his love for Jason.

Mel, already jealous of and angry at Crystal, slashes her with a half-transformed clawed hand. He then quickly leaves the scene with Crystal unconscious but alive. However, after Mel leaves Crystal in that vulnerable position she is kidnapped by two faeries and crucified. It is unclear whether or not she could have survived Mel's attack. However, because he left her there, Mel is punished by being torn apart by the Hotshot pack-members. Mustapha Khan is the adopted name of KeShawn Johnson, a werewolf. He changed his name after getting out of prison for a crime that is not known to others in the novels.

Eric Northman hires him as a new daytime guy Dead Reckoning —it's an unusual decision for a vampire to hire a werewolf, as the two magical groups do not typically get along. Mustapha is a lone wolf in the Shreveport area, declining to even try to join the Long Tooth pack headed by Alcide. His stated reason is that Alcide's enforcer, Jannalynn, doesn't like him, and Mustapha is not sure he could win in a fight against her. Some other werewolves are prejudiced against his African-American origins.

Eventually, he does join the Long Tooth Pack. He has a human friend, Warren. John Quinn is a full-blooded weretiger who first appears in the fifth book Dead as a Doornail. Quinn is portrayed as being at least six and a half feet tall, impressively muscular, bald, and having purple eyes often compared to the color of pansies. He becomes Sookie's romantic interest for a while. He does not reveal anything about his life to Sookie, and she only learns about his history through other people—when he was 15, he kills a group of humans who had been raping his mother, then seeks assistance from local vampires to clean up the mess.

In exchange, the vampires demand his servitude for three years as a weretiger in gladiatorial events. Quinn has a mentally ill mother in addition to a teenaged sister, and both require his attention and protection. Sookie breaks up with him in the eighth book. While Bill walks away with minor injuries, Quinn suffers several broken ribs and a broken jaw and has to flee. But Quinn continues to seek new encounters with Sookie. And eventually finds one.

Quinn also appears as a character in the novel Day Shift , part of the Midnight, Texas trilogy. Were-fox and blood relative to Debbie Pelt. Is undercover to gain Sookie's trust and find out the whereabouts of Debbie Pelt. Remains in Bon Temps after the Pelts get their answers. Is an initial love interest for Sam Merlotte and later for Calvin Norris. She is under a spell which is cast by Amelia and her mentor, which after being cast upon her, she no longer remembers the initial reason why she came to Bon Temps and her personality seems altered.

Tray is a full-blooded werewolf. He lives apart from the Shreveport Pack, and is the owner of a motorcycle shop. Because of his strength, Tray is often used as a bodyguard. In Dead and Gone , Sookie hires him for protection, but while guarding Sookie, Tray drinks poisoned vampire blood and ends up being captured and severely tortured.

While in the hospital, on the verge of death, he grabs hold of the fairy Breandan with the last of his strength, successfully causing a diversion. Breandan kills Tray, but Dawson's final act had given Bill time to deliver the killing blow to the fairy.

Jannalynn is described as a flashy dresser with a violent streak. She becomes Alcide's second in command after Annabelle, another new arrival to the series, betrays his trust and was banished from the pack. These fly off the shelf and little boys are always telling me about the cool animals that go head to head. Again, these fly off the shelf. And Kensington will likely enjoy these too! Mercy Watson series!!

This little pig is funny and boys and girls both enjoy reading about the adventures. Prayers for Ashly today! A lifetime of surgeries and procedures is so hard on our babies…and us too. My son always takes it better than I do. My girly girl 8 year old loves reading the Lotus Lane series!

Check it out! They are adorable!

20 Best Fictional Detective Book Series - Recommended Reads

She also loves the Kylie Jean series books!!! The series is by Disney and last time I was at Costco you could buy a boxed set of the first 4 books. Great job on encouraging your children to read! Praying for Ashby and the other sweet 4yo in your family today. For a little easier chapter book series-my boys loved Henry and Mudge! Shay, I said a prayer for those two sweet four year olds.

It also has a matching app. Something to check out, I suppose. I used to work full time as a nanny and my kiddos loved to read! In addition I second all the recommendations for the Magic tree house! Both Kensington and Smith are sure to love these! Lifting both children up in prayer. It is so hard to watch our little ones endure pain or suffering. Prayers to Ashby and your family. Yes, to Magic Treehouse book series. Yes to Diary of the wimpy kid series, also 39 clues series, ivy and bean series, Amelia bedilia.

We are going to try the Hardy Boys next. Harry Potter was amazing, my son did that in 3rd grade. I enjoyed Looking over the other suggestions. We are always looking for new book ideas!! This book has been a perfect fit for him and we all laugh out loud with the crazy antics of the Duck. Helens, etc. Praying for your family today. My son loved the Thornton Burgess books. This series was written in the s and s, but they are wonderful! Each book is about a separate forest animal and the adventures they face. Both my kids devoured these books. Good for boys and girls. I will pray for both of the sweeties, Shay!

As far as books go, I am a third grade teacher live in McKinney, work in Coppell! K is almost old enough, I would think, to start the Little House series. I started in third grade and FELL. With all of them. Praying for sweet ashby! They are great adventure stories for kids written by Christian authors. Very similar feel to Narnia stories. I hope Smith finds some good ones! As far as chapter books go it depends on his reading level but the boys in my class really like the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne and any of the Mouse on a Motorcycle books by Beverly Cleary.

The Black Lagoon books by Mike Thaler are also written to target more of a boy audience. I am a retired first grade teacher and while you have many worthy suggestions, I would recommend non-fiction titles for both of your big kiddos. I could never keep enough titles in my classroom libraries of non-fiction! Girlies would grab the snake and tornado books every. They are at the age where they are really influenced by your voice inflection and other reading skills that they need to see modeled even after they are readers themselves. As a family, we read The Chronicles of Narnia together.

So sorry to hear about your four year olds-sending them best wishes and thoughts! They are so fun! There are great chapter books with Usborne Books.

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It is an home based company that people can have Facebook parties or in home parties. The older would always select books about sports. There was a series similar to the Magic Tree House about football, soccer, baseball, basketball, etc. Then he moved up to the Percy Jackson series. I went with what they loved and then looked for books on that subject.

Keeping Ashby is my prayers today. Along with many others, I also recommend the Magic Treehouse series for Smith. My son used to love those. A modest chapter book. Just enough to make them feel like an accomplished reader but not complicated to lose their interest. My son was never a super enthusiastic reader but he absolutely loved those books. Gosh, our kids are in college and high school now but I remember being in your shoes!! What an adventure, both my girl and boy loved seeing where they were going next…and with your love to travel, your kids should really enjoy these books.

It seems they each had their separate interests. One loved history so he read historical fiction and autobiographies for kids on historical figures. The others were into sports so it was fictional sports stories and autobiographies for them. It was much harder finding books for my boys than it was my daughter but I would talk to their teachers and our librarians and they were always very helpful in finding us new books for them to read.

I see someone else recommended the Action Bible. My oldest son loved that as well. All the prayers coming your way! The Lord knows what each of those kiddos needs and what all the family needs , no specifics necessary! ALSO, check out the Sonlight website. Historical fiction, read-aloud suggestions, you name it — tons of material! Magic Tree House series and the accompanying non fiction readers that go with each book. In the series the children travel through time to places in history. My boys then loved to read about what really happened during the time period.

My kids love the Magic Tree house books… they are great for boys and girls. My 10 year daughter loves to read and she said they were her favorite in 2nd grade. Yesss Junie B. Jones are the best!! I did my book report on one of those books back in the 2nd grade. My son loves the Geronimo Stilton series! Think Indiana Jones if he were a mouse. There are TONS of adventures in his books; they even have series within the series if that makes any sense. Love that! Amazon sells the hardbacks for next to nothing. A Light in the Attic. She has read them over and over and over. Sue Bentley had a series about magic animals.

Magic puppies, kitties, bunnies, etc. All of the books by Bill Wallace are great too. My girls all love to read and books about animals were their favorites. So many good books and much better prices for gently used books. Prayers for the 2 kiddos in your family today. Magic Tree House!!!!!! My second grade boy is obsessed with them!!!

Perfect boy books! Also, the National Geograohic Kids books are great for boys as well! Boys: Matt Christopher has like a million sports themed books. They are good stories with good moral lessons around teamwork, trying your best, sportmanship, etc. Getting little guys to read was a personal mission of hers! Two four-year olds, one God. Wow, that gave me chills.

Prayers for Ashby and the precious 4 year old boy in your family. On my drive to work this morning, God just pressed something into my heart so fresh and new. Jesus is Life! He is the resurrection. Now this is not just a one time event on the 3rd day over 2, years ago. This is all day every day. Jesus brings life into every situation and circumstance. There is no stopping it. Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah When my oldest son was that age he loved Hank the Cowdog.

The CDs are great too by the way! The author reads them and they are really funny and not mind numbing to listen to if you ever need to listen along! My boys are so familiar with lots of the Bible because of the hours they spent poring over it! They are pretty easy to read but they do get kinda boring after about of them. Our daughter read these books 4th-6th grade as they were being released. My first grade son absolutely loves the Ricky Ricotta: Mighty Robot series.

The pages are all colored with lots of pictures and the chapters are only pages, so he feels like he has really accomplished a lot of reading. These are the books that got him hooked on chapter books. There are 2 more coming out in the series next year and he is going to be estatic.

And lastly, he is getting in his stocking 2 Rider Woofson books. I am hoping they are a winner too. My almost 8 year old loves: Nancy Drew the old school books! As for books….. A brother and sister travel the world on food related adventures! I think the Nate the Great series by Margorie W. Sharmat would be perfect for Smith. My 1st grade son has just started reading the Magic Tree House series and loves them. My 9 year old daughter loved the Whatever After series. Fancy Nancy has some chapter books too that are cute.

Your younger kids would love Piggie and Gerald books. Actually, all my kids still love to read and act them out like plays or puppet shows. My son is 8 and JUST started to love reading after much coaxing from his parents! The thing that got him very excited to read is surprisingly, audio books. We listened to a whole book together and it clicked for him that if he sticks with a book all the way to the end, they have awesome stories!

My boys love to listen to the 39 Clues series… a good mix of adventure, history and mystery. Magic tree house series for both, but especially smith. Clementine, Judy moody, magic kitten series are books my girls just recommended for Kensington. Praying for those two today and peace for their mamas!!! I have two little guys, and we highly encourage reading at our house. We are right in the middle of the Chronicles of Narnia right now. The Action Bible is great! They will both reread that one often. I work with pediatric patients and their families. We receive countless donations of books to give the families.

Tommy Donbavand- quirky, fun adventure books 2. Geronimo Stilton- written as though they are autobiographical adventure stories. It was that good. Keeping your 4-year olds in prayer today too! My little girl likes Bad Kitty. Not sure if your family likes cats, but it is a simple chapter book about a Bad Kitty. Prayers for your sweet family today. Proverbs says Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding but in all you ways acknowledge HIM and he will make your paths straight.

This verse always speaks to me in times of worry. I agree, the Magic Treehouse books were a hit for my son Jack. They are great for boys and girls because it is a brother and sister that end up on magic adventures. I too am reading the series… in Spanish! I am buying these books in Spanish now and they are really helpful to help me in learning the language, lol. I will be lifting two sweet 4 year olds in prayer today!! My 7 year old daughter loves to read too! Praying for the kiddos and you too!!! Such great recommendations here…….. Each book is about a different dog that one family fosters and the mischief and fun each dog brings to their family.

Prayers for Ashby and for the little boy in your family that needs prayers. My daughter was given a set of the Rainbow Fairies books and she loves them. Sending lots of prayers up for you and your sweet family today. My little niece also loves the Ramona books I got for her last Christmas. My mom got her the kids version of the Nancy Drew series and she currently always has one with her.

She loves them! I always wish I had more suggestions for boys. I was a 7th grade English teacher and it was always hard to come up with good boy books. My kids girl and boy have both liked the Magic Treehouse books and the Wayside School series. We also read a lot of Roald Dahl and Judy Blume. Here are some great ones as they are both big readers! My 7 year old son loved the Geronimo Stilton series. My 6 year old boy is currently loving the A to Z Mystery Collection.

He likes the mysteries and he definitely loves that they kids are the ones solving the mystery! Praying for your sweet four year olds! Thornton Burgess has some books with animals as the main characters that my boys have loved and most are free on Amazon Kindle. My daughter likes the Bobbsey Twins. They are VERY easy to read, but they are so fun to read! Do all schools in the US carry the same books?! A lot of repetition here — ha! I would have to agree with the second grader reading books for my daughter. Thank you for asking us to pray for Ashby and the other four-year-old.

Prayer is powerful.

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I just prayed for them both, and your whole family. Blessings to you! Chet Gecko is great for boys. Prayers for Ashby and your familys little man. For Smith which some may find unsuitable for his age.. Captain Underpants, my son read some of these from 2nd grade and on. Diary of a Wimpy kid. My son was picky with books in elementary. Hope this gives you some ideas. Must be a girl thing! When I was young I loved the Mandy series.

Not sure what age I started reading them bUT K might like them soon. One son had a lunch box with him on it, another a little blow up doll. All purchased through Scholastic. My daughter is in 2nd grade and is in love with the Heidi Heckelbeck series. There are 20 books in the series and they are really cute! Praying for your family. Jones shhh! Those are all chapter books. Picture books by Oliver Jeffers are awesome. This is another fun way to encourage reading.

Its like a book light but the kids wear them on their fingers so they can follow along on the page. Elementary school librarian here! I love all of your reading posts. Here are some more! May God protect them and keep them safe and their families be comforted in the thought that they are in His hands. Smith might like the Dragon Breath books. My son loved the Nate the Great books. Box Car Children series is another classic series. Praying for both the 4 year olds. Our God is one of strength, compassion, mercy and power. He can and will look out for both of them! They are both 12 I think, but if I remember correctly were pretty easy to read.

He is a Christian author and all of his books are wholesome and exciting. My son is totally obsessed with The Geranimo Stilton series! His whole 2nd grade class was hooked on them last year and the are good for boys and girls! He also likes the Minecraft Zombie books which are chapter books. Praying today for those two special 4 year olds in your life. There are 3 books in this series, and they are hilarious. They remind me of Toy Story. Not sure if they are still available but my son loved reading The Hardy Boys. The fact that he was reading was all that mattered. He eventually progressed to chapter books but it took a while.

They feature kids traveling back in time and having some sort of encounter with a past real baseball player. There are 6 or 7 of them I believe, shorter chapter books. Also, these are a little bigger but might be fun to read together with him, Carole Marsh writes mysteries based on landmarks and real destinations, and they feature characters named after her grandchildren.

My daughter is also an avid reader, and reads about anything. Actually she just started high school and gets frustrated that the increase in homework has stolen so much of her reading time! In elementary school she loved the Nancy Drew Clue Crew series, the Sisters Grim series, and many of the series listed above. As your kids get a little older make sure they read Wonder. My husband, myself , and both of my kids read it and it really affected us all. The Humphrey series is pretty funny!

Narrated from the class pet, Humphrey. A to Z Mysteries, G. Dear God, I lift up Ashby and the little boy in their family to you. Thank you God that you love these children so much and you know their every need. I ask for healing for them both and that you would be glorified. Please give them both and their families peace that can only come from you.

I ask that you would take away pain and carry them through these challenging times. I ask for sweet moments of joy and little blessings for them both. In Jesus name, Amen. My son is 8 and in the second grade. I think there are They are so cute and a little suspenseful. I definitely recommend them! Here are a few boy book series suggestions — Who Was? They pit two animals against each other and explain who would win in a fight. They are full of interesting facts about the animals. I learn a lot from them too! I prayed for Ashby this morning when I saw the picture on IG.

Will keep both 4 year olds in my prayers today. For Smith… my son was not a reader no matter how hard I tried. I remember getting him to read sports novels by Matt Christopher, but I think they are too advanced for Smith at this age, maybe something to remember in a few years.

Or Kensington too! You ready? Matt Christopher books! All of his books are based on different sports. My oldest son is in 3rd grade and by the middle of 1st and all through 2nd grade, the Diary of a wimpy kid series were a huge hit at his school. He also has always loved Harry Potter as well. We are searching for great books for him right now though! They also enjoyed the Hatchet series when they were in fourth or fifth grade.

I have 3 boys one is too little to read on his own but my older two love reading. Here are some of their favorites. My 7 yr old son loved the Wrenly series. I also read it out loud to my 5 yr old boy and he loved them too. A girl might enjoy them as well. The main character is a boy but his best friend is a girl and there are mermaids and unicorns in the books as well. Prayers to Ashby always. A great series for boys is the Captain Underpants books. You are only 2 hours away from her home in Mansfield, Missouri when you visit family in Joplin.

Laura actually wrote her books in the home in Mansfield. So many of the things she talked about in her books are at the museum there, including the tablet with her rough drafts. Read Little House in the Big Woods together to spark interest through discussion. Then, Little House on the Prairie next. I had students who would get up at to watch Little House on TV! I can see Kensington becoming hooked on these historical treasures. Encyclopedia Brown: smart boy who solves mysteries in the neighborhood.

You have to flip to the end to find out how he solved the mystery! Praying for your sweet family, Shay! Stone Fox is such a great story for both boys and girls. There is a tv movie about the story to watch after you read the book.

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My second grader loves the big Nate books, they are comic books, but he is reading! He also has loved the dragon master series of books. Prayers for your sweet Ashby and your family. I have a 7 year old boy that loves the Magic Tree House series and they are relatively short little chapter books.

I used to teach first grade and both the boys and the girls loved the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle books. I see some others have suggested those and I highly recommend them! Praying for the little ones today. The boys also enjoyed 39 Clues. The boys both loved the Diary of a Wimpy kid series. As the boys have grown, the Lightening Thief series has become a favorite and of course Harry Potter. I hope that helps and sending prayers for the two kiddos!!

Also, sending up prayers for your sweet 4 year olds today. All three of my boys loved the Magic Tree House series…. All I can add is to keep them reading, and writing about their reading. Smith reading to his baby sister warms my heart more than you know. It is never too early to introduce text and he gets to be the teacher! My 7 year old is a voracious reader too. We loved those too! There are over 50 in total and each story is a new adventure that incorporates something historical so they are interesting for parents as well.

Most of the stories also have a companion fact book so you can learn all the facts too. You should check out Usbourne books. They have an I am Jack series for beginning readers that are supposed to be amazing!! You probably even have a friend that sells these books! We love everything by them! My little boy is 6 and recently is in to the magic tree house chapter books he loves them and my little girl 9 loves the little house on the prairie series. Praying for you sweet Ashby and the little boy in your family. In times of trial I love to remember Jeremiah Gives me so much comfort.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. My favorite subject books! I think she might need to be a bit older, but they are seriously the best. Each book is about a girl in a different time period in History and the books read as their diary. So fun and you learn about history while reading. I saw some ladies mentioned Boxcar Children and those are also so great! Another one of my favorite series was Little House on the Prairie, such a good series and it made me want to make all the cool things they would make. I think I could keep going, but lastly Chronicles of Narnia!

This one Smith would also probably like. I recommend the Baseball Mysteries. Each book takes place at a different ball park. The author weaves information about the park throughout the story. It is a step up in reading level from Magic Tree House. My son and I read through those throughout baseball season when he was in 1st grade. Yes, there is even on about your beloved Red Sox! Lots of great reading suggestions here. I have a 1st grade girl and she enjoys all of those too.

I have a first grade boy and a third grade girl. My third grader never leaves the house without a book, and can most often be found on the sofa, reading. I am always tempted to only want her to read quality, classic books. And both kids really enjoy Boxcar Children and Magic Treehouse. Hi, I had success with sharing some of my own childhood favorites with my son like The Boxcar Children series. Boxcar Children The Encyclopedia Brown series is another fun one for boys and girls.

The movie is beautiful, if you can track it down Anne of Green Gables series for older girls… I cannot wait to share this and the movies with my daughter some day Babysitters Club if you can track em down???? I think I tackled this in 3rd-5th grade. Also check out Newberry Award Winner books—I read and enjoyed quite a few of them as a child. There are several to pick from. They are great 32 pagers.

The boys were pirates for Halloween, so we took out many pirate books different reading levels, lots of variety from the library for the weeks around Halloween. So fun! Sometimes they are in the mood for something quick and sometimes more in depth. For Smith try the Imagination Station book series. Also, The Happy Hollister books are super old school but both my 9 and 7 year Olds love them!

My little girl like the Next Generation series. They do male and female missionaries. Prayers prayers prayers from Manhappy, KS. Loving all these book suggestions. Both my kids went through all the Jake Maddox books. They are all sport books and there are tons of them. As a little girl, my all time favorite book was The BFG! I see others mentioned The Magic Treehouse series, I also loved those! I have one for my little girl age 4 that we read nightly.

The pages are short and sweet and so encouraging for her little mind. Just a thought. James Patterson the Author has a website for kids. It has book suggestions by age to get kids to read: ReadKiddoRead. I only have boys. Culdesac kids are good for either gender. My boys love geronimo stilton, a to z mysteries, magic treehouse.

But then also classics like: charlottes Web, wizard of oz, old yeller, mouse and the motorcycle, indian in the cupboard…. My daughter loves the Whatever After Series. Really cute series about a brother and sister that find a magic mirror in their basement that transports them to Fairytales like Cinderella and Frozen. Also, the Boxcar Children is a fantastic series! I was a little hesitant at first, but they really are just silly books that have a lot of toilet humor. Cute to get them through the early chapter book season, until they start to enjoy higher level chapter books.

Praying for all of the sweet kiddos! Favorites are usually by Seymour Simon and Nic Bishop. Dav Pilkey and Tedd Arnold books are always a favorite for fiction I have to replace The Dumb Bunnies books every year due to them being so well loved! The Lunch Lady series is another one that is always on a waiting list. Have you ever checked out the Modern Mrs. Darcy blog? Praying for the kiddos! As a few others have mentioned, the My Weird School series is the best!

My daughter loved it. I even found it very cute and funny. Highly suggest it. My daughter only child is now in 6th grade and I so miss the little beginner chapter books. Hope this helps. Hope sweet Ashby did well and prayers for the other situation! I have taught K, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. I second all of the series mentioned by your readers. I think I loved reading it in class just as much! One of the series most loved by boys is of course The Magic Treehouse but they also love Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid- this is written by the same author as the Judy Moody series which Kensington would like.

A lot of my second graders loved reading the I Survived series which are historical fiction books based on real events in history. Try Cam Jansen or Bones series for Smith both by same author and Boxcar Children series for Kensington make sure you read the original Boxcar Children book before the rest of the series and then the movie version of the first book is on Netflix and really good. I loved the cul-de-sac kid books when I was Kensingtons age.

My brother did too! I suggest looking into those???? I feel like I just scrolled for two minutes to get to the bottom of all of these comments! Great suggestions. One of my absolute favorite series when I was a kid was the Mandie series. It is by Lois Gladys Leppard and is about 40 books long. This is a suggestion for Kensington. They are fantastic books. Gibson loves the Hey Jack! Series from usborne books. Every book is 3 chapters and easy to read.

Prayingredients for your family friend! My son, who is about Smith age, enjoyed Mr. Happy reading!! Girl-rise, the Ramona Cleary books were always popular with my female students. They also really loved the Magic Treehouse series. My boy loved them — action, adventure, danger and just enough disgusting boy humor to be scandalous. I tried to read through all of the comments, but there were so many!! So I am not sure if you have had the Hank Zipzer series mentioned yet or not.

It was written by Henry Winkler, who has dyslexia, about a boy with dyslexia. The first book is called Niagara Falls, or Does It? Also, the Fudge series by Judy Blume is funny and kids love them. Others I thought of I saw were mentioned previously. Hope you get some good ideas for your blessings! Praying for your sweet Ashby, too!

Not sure what level they are Little house on the prairie — we read these together and my boys and girls liked them equally. This is a great post- I read through comments for ideas myself as my oldest is definitely a bookworm. Praying for your sweet Ashby and other family! Hi Shay…praying for Sweet Ashby and your family member.

The author is Betty G. He is a classroom hamster who has all kinds of great and fun adventures with the students when he goes home with them on weekends. He also learns a little about the kids and teaches a lesson to the family. Clementine is great for Kensington. Mercy Watson books are short little fun chapter books.

Also Scholastic Books has online Book Flix kids love. Has he read any of the Ready Freddy series? They are fairly simple and short books, but if Smith has just started chapter books, these may be the right length and level to make him willing to try something new.

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Hank the Cowdog is a fun series and Hardy Boys. Oh, one last thing, one of the best ways to get kids interested in new types of literature is for them to listen to new types of literature. We read a ton out loud, but we also use books on cd. I hope this helps! My son is in 1st grade, we just finished the Dragon Masters series. They are scholastic branches books. We already preordered the 7th book that is being released in February!

Hey Shay! I am preying for sweet Family. I hope Ashby is resting comfortably and your family has strength for the little one. As far as books go for the big kids…smith try Fly Guy. This is the only book my son would read in 1st grade. He is not a big reader so anything he was interest in we bought. We also do a lot of books on Audiable. Ry loves listening books. I know — super weird but boy humor! Also praying that God puts his mighty hand on the situation with the little boy — He delights in showing us over and over what only He can do!

First of all, prayers for sweet Ashby! Secondly, I loved the Junie B. Jones series when I was a little girl. My mama used to read it to me with a special Junie B. We recently discovered The Doll People series. I think your son might enjoy Skinnybones by Barbara Park in a year or two. My daughters really loved the Henry books but I bet your Smith would like them too.

My kids love this book and its super cute and funny! Praying today! Fly guy are also great short books. He loves to read. Ronald Dahl would be awesome for both kiddos, as well as E. The titles are things like Miss Daisy is Crazy and Mr. Tony is Full of Baloney. My son laughs out loud while reading them! A definite favorite in this house! My 6 old son is starting to get into the Nate the Great series. This post is fantastic! Thank you! And prayers for Ashby and the 4 year old boy! They are 7 book series based on different themes…. Amazon has them but Scholastic is a great source as well.

The are perfect early chapter books for 1st-2nd grade readers. My Boys both loved the Ball Park mysteries. Each one takes place in a different Major League Ball Park. Has Kensington tried Harry Potter yet? If she can read the American Girl books, she is totally ready for Harry Potter. The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series would be fun for both of them. My daughter was a big Junie B. Katie always means well????!

My son, Logan is 8 and has always been a reluctant reader. I mean, Obsessed like crazy. We have a ton now and he is enjoying them so much. It is the first time he ASKS to read and there have been nights where I have to tell him to turn off the light and go to bed! Logan loves sports so we are giving him sports books!

Cam Jansen and Nate the Great are good ones as well. Prayers for the kiddos! How great to see a family that loves reading!! There are so many great choices! Have you checked out Usborne Books? They have a variety for all ages! Series, chapter books, learning books etc. My 6 year old loves the Stink series.

The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3) The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3)
The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3) The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3)
The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3) The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3)
The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3) The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3)
The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3) The reasons of the eye (The Edington Thornton detective series Book 3)

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