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The piece is performed by the Royal Opera Company of Belgium. In Melbourne, Australia, this weekend, George attends the Australian Grand Prix, where the Melbourne Herald Sun newspaper asks him when his next album will be released. Maybe sometime, maybe not. I'm saving them up for when I kick the bucket.

Some people will really want it then and I will sell more copies! During the gathering, which is titled Freedom For Tibet, Paul takes to the stage unannounced and reads aloud the lyrics to 'Blackbird'. Afterwards, he swiftly departs from the scene. Accepting the award, following an induction speech by Neil Young, Paul remarks: "This is a brilliant night for me but it's sad too.

I would have liked my baby to be with me. She wanted this. Paul did not bring a guitar with him and, apparently, a member of the Hall Of Fame staff admitted that they "could not find him one! This is a great night, yeah? What am I gonna do, die next week? I'm just gonna keep on keeping on! Thank you very much, everybody, see ya. Paul's daughter Stella had been by Paul's side only briefly at the start of the questions. Paul is seen leaving the Waldorf Astoria hotel at approximately am after attending a private party given by Bruce Springsteen.

Paul is not advertised as one of the performers. In Gibraltar, on the southern tip of Spain, special postage stamps are issued by the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau and The Crown Agents Stamps Bureau to mark the anniversary of John and Yoko's marriage in the country, at just after 9am, 30 years ago today. Sunday March 21 In the early hours of the morning between and am , Paul's illustrious career is featured in the ZDF German television documentary series Pop Gallerie.

Of course, this has not just been discovered - its existence has been common knowledge amongst Beatles aficionados for years. See entry for The attendance is around 7, over the three days, with fans coming from as far afield as Japan, Europe and many parts of America. On Friday, the opening night of the convention, a surprise guest is The Beatles' New York promoter Sid Bernstein, who cuts a big birthday cake and shares it with the thousands of Beatles fans.

The film's director Joe Massot is also present to answer questions about the film. The museum's live-in curator John Halliday says: "I am looking forward to the new season. I enjoyed meeting the visitors to the house and showing them around last year. People have come from all over the world, and I am pleased to be able to share the history of the house with them. The Beatles are represented in the exhibition, which runs until May 29 , by stage costumes worn by John and Paul.

Also in this top chart, compiled from choices by listeners, sales figures and songwriters such as Sir Elton John and Tim Rice, is John's 'Imagine', which is placed at number six. In addition, another Beatles recording, 'Hey Jude', reaches number Friday April 2 In the UK, the Daily Mail newspaper prints a story which reveals that Paul has found himself a new woman, the year-old designer and mother of four, Sue Timney.

The report states that Sue sat near Paul at his daughter's recent fashion show in Paris. When shown this article, Paul is incensed and promptly gives an interview to the Sun newspaper, which appears the following day see entry. Saturday April 3 "She's not my new woman.

The Plimsouls - The (Full Album)

She's not even a close friend," screams an article on page nine of today's Sun newspaper. In response to yesterday's article in the Daily Mail , Paul tells the Sun : "This story is a pack of lies! She Sue Timney is not even a close friend to me or my family and it is scurrilous and mean-spirited for anyone to make any insinuations.

I do wish that newspapers would check with me for the facts before they start these stupid rumours. I am now demanding a retraction. It turns out to be the latter. Paul drives from his Sussex farmhouse to be by her side. As Paul is seen leaving the building, fans are saddened to hear him announce: "There'll be no more autographs It's the end of an era," before he climbs into a waiting limousine, to be whisked away to a secret location in London. Elvis Costello, incidentally, leaves the afternoon get-together and travels to Hammersmith where he appears live on the Channel 4 programme TFI Friday.

Saturday April 10 Tonight at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in a show hosted by the comic Eddie Izzard and organised by Chrissie Hynde, Paul, along with an all-star cast take part in a special tribute concert for Paul's late wife Linda. Neither programme features the finale version of 'Let It Be'. To celebrate the show, a picture of Paul and Linda circa appears on the front page of this week's TV and radio listings magazine, the Radio Times April in a story headlined "For The Love Of Linda", which features an exclusive interview with the comedy writer Carla Lane, a fellow animal rights campaigner and long-time friend of the McCartneys.

Paul appears in the top chart at number seven. Miramax Pictures announce that the film will now open simultaneously in New York and Los Angeles on Friday September 17, with the rest of America receiving the film one week later. Monday April 19 In the States, Yoko again sues her one-time personal assistant Fred Seaman, claiming he stole priceless items after John died.

The lawsuit has been prompted by Seaman's claim in a February letter to Capitol Records that a photo of John and Sean, overlooking the beach in the Bahamas, was used in last year's John Lennon Anthology box set without permission. Johann Street, Siegen, in Hamburg, Germany, Paul holds a press conference to launch his first exhibition of paintings, which opens at the gallery tomorrow.

European viewers can see short clips of Paul's conference on this evening's Sky News. Paul is asked why Germany to launch his paintings. Wolfgang announces: "His talent completely overshadows the artistic efforts of other stars who try to paint. The show is expected to reach Tokyo and New York.

In the evening, Paul attends a private reception in the gallery for his close family, friends and associates, including his children, his brother Mike and The Beatles producer, George Martin. Paul's former Wings partner, Denny Laine, is not in attendance as previously reported. Paul's spokesman, Geoff Baker: "The launch was great. It worked really well. Paul was dead chuffed. May The planned Sgt. Pepper's concert in London revealed on November 17 last year fails to materialise. Planned for release this month by the Eagle Rock label m America is a 3 CD box set featuring a compilation of live All-Starr Band recordings taken from the last ten years.

Also during this time, it is reported that Ringo is recording an album in Los Angeles, intended for a Christmas release.

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When asked about this, Ringo replies: "It'll be very Christmassy and lots of bells, ding, ding, ding. There's good news for George when reports suggest that, following a further test at a Windsor hospital, he has been given a clean bill of health, meaning his cancer has not returned. On the first night, there are the special programmes The Beatles Legacy transmitted between and pm and The Beatles Fantasy Concert between and pm. The latter features a compilation of live concert performances recorded between and the Apple rooftop performance from January 30, He books in under the name Dylan T.

Saturday May 8 The Sun newspaper prints across its middle spread a report from New York where Yoko meets, for the first time, John's lost sister, the year-old hospital clerk Ingrid Pedersen. See entry for Monday August 24, I was in tears of sadness and joy. Yoko never left my side and held my hand as we walked. She told me all about him. I feel that, at last, after all these years I am at peace and have reached journey's end.

But Yoko held her hand and said, "No, no. This is not the end, it's the beginning. Ingrid ends by saying: "I thought one day we would be together, but fate conspired to keep us apart. In Yoko, I have the next best person. Monday May 10 The Sun newspaper keeps up with its exclusive Beatles-related stories by announcing that "The Fab Four is set to release a new undiscovered single this year.

The as-yet-untitled track features John Lennon on vocals and will probably go on sale in September or October. The song will be the centrepiece of a Fab Four revival this summer in the run-up to the Millennium. The revival is being dubbed The Beatlennium Project. A source close to the group says: "It is going to be a Beatles summer. They've unearthed a song that had been completely forgotten. It will be released in its original form. No new work has been done on it but Paul, George and Ringo have said this will be the last ever Beatles single - there's nothing else left.

It's a perfect way to end the Millennium and it's sure to be a number one. The summer concert will see many of today's young bands paying tribute to the Fab Four. It will be the music event of the year. The revival will be based on the Yellow Submarine theme and they are now even talking about sailing a real yellow submarine up the River Mersey. Beatlemania looks like it's going to be back.

It's an upbeat thing, a real rocker. John is singing on it. It's not a 'Free As A Bird' job. It's something that is already there. It's good stuff! It's been re-edited in a re-fabbed way. There'll also be tons of Yellow Submarine merchandise in stores. Physically everything that is yellow. The whole project should be the trip of a lifetime.

In reply, a spokesman for The Beatles says: "It may well be that track, but even the most die-hard Beatles fanatic will not have heard this version! Also today, Paul joins the call to close down Britain's fur farm industry. Saturday May 15 In the UK, the survey of the Top Singles Of All Time, compiled by Guinness and based on the record's chart position and time spent at the top of the charts, is published. The Beatles feature three times in the listing; with 'She Loves You' being placed the highest, at number John's 'Imagine' makes number Monday May 17 It is announced that eight British composers, including Paul, have written a classical musical tribute to Linda.

The new tribute is an eight-song cycle for an unaccompanied choir with each composer contributing one song. A further screening on the station occurs the following day, May 19, at am. I never expected it to be like this. What a day this has been. It has been such an inspiration. The point about these awards is that you don't usually see this side of people. You normally see the other side. I have been choked up. This shows how many good people there are in the world. Linda would have been well chuffed with the award created in her name. I have been crying all year and now I come here.

I just want to thank Mirror readers for creating this category and dedicating it to my lovely Linda. I know she would be proud. Paul announces: "I chose Juliet because she deserves more publicity for her work. The point is that a few years ago Juliet would not have been at an awards ceremony like this, but vegetarianism is now the way of the future. At the gathering, Paul also meets the former model, Heather Mills.

Clips of the event, which do not feature Paul, are transmitted on Sky News in Europe later this evening. The veteran character actor, believed to be the only actor to have appeared on film with both The Beatles and Elvis Presley, had been fighting cancer for the last six months. See entry for Wednesday October 18, George, wearing a short haircut, looks extremely well, dispelling recent rumours of his poor health. Wednesday May 26 It is revealed that John is to be honoured when the Blue Plaque scheme, marking buildings' links with famous people, moves to Liverpool.

Besides the former Beatle, poets, politicians and philanthropists are also among the notables selected for the scheme by the English Heritage in its first foray outside London. June At the start of the month, in a press release, Apple announces that, " 'Hey Bulldog' will not be released as a single, but will appear as a video, designed to promote Yellow Submarine and the new songtrack album of re-mixed Beatles songs from the film. It's believed to be the last unseen footage of The Beatles recording.

The footage captures The Beatles recording 'Hey Bulldog', a lesser known song from the Yellow Submarine sessions in The footage was discovered after the screening of The Beatles Anthology in If it had been discovered before, it would have been included in the Anthology. The Beatles' recording of 'Hey Bulldog' will be issued as a video around the time of the launch of the new Yellow Submarine album, home video and DVD in the autumn.

  1. Public Governance und schwache Interessen (German Edition).
  2. Latter Day Saints from Nebraska?
  3. A Spoonful of Ginger!

EMI Records recently considered issuing 'Hey Bulldog' as a new single, but it has now been decided to release the historic footage as a video instead. George, in conversation with Timothy White, the editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine: "When we were in the studio recording 'Bulldog', apparently they needed some footage for some other record and a crew came and filmed us. Then they cut up the footage and used some of the shots for something else, but it was Neil Aspmall who found out that when you watched and listened to what the original was, it was 'Bulldog'.

So Neil put all the footage back together again and put the 'Bulldog' soundtrack onto it and there it was! The country had missed out on Beatlemania in the s as the government in power at the time were convinced that the raucous strains of The Beatles' music would corrupt their young. Cynthia's work includes 14 ink-on-wash illustrations made for her autobiography, A Twist Of Lennon.

Cynthia is quoted as saying: "I am doing this because I truly want to start afresh. I want to get all this Lennon stuff out of my life. It's a new Millennium and everything. In London, later this evening, George attends a party to celebrate the Christie's charity auction of Eric Clapton's guitar collection. Besides perusing the impressive range of guitars on offer, George joins Eric in a light-hearted jam to please the on-looking members of the press.

Also in attendance at the party are Olivia Harrison and Patti Boyd. Sunday June 6 It's announced that Paul is to spearhead a campaign exposing cruel animal practices used in testing some household cleaners. The British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection, responsible for signing up Paul, announces that: "6, British animals have suffered and died testing goods like washing powder in the past three years. Tuesday June 8 The Beatles' track 'Tomorrow Never Knows' is named by Musik magazine as "one of the pioneers of modem dance music".

Paul then returns his attentions back to the Prime Minister Tony Blair. But I think he's wrong. I don't think there is enough evidence about the problems that might arise through GM foods. I don't think people are worrying unnecessarily. The last time they got into something like this was BSE when people did swallow it quite literally. This time we have to take time to find out exactly what the implications of GM foods are. As a footnote to this, it is revealed that the Linda McCartney factory at Fakenham in Norfolk, has been temporarily closed and steam-cleansed to ensure it is a GM-free zone.

How do we know what we are eating? I've got a grandson and I want him to eat good foods. As far back as , Linda was saying, 'I'd rather have my own food grown by Mother Nature than by the chemical industry', and we are sticking to that benchmark. The feature was taped in London the previous day.

In America, George gives an exclusive interview to Billboard editor-in-chief Timothy White, where he reveals details of the forthcoming Yellow Submarine album and film, and divulges details that he is in the final stages of recording a new solo album and is compiling a boxed set of his solo demos, outtakes and previously unreleased recordings.

This includes the two Traveling Wilburys albums. In addition, George reveals that he is contemplating re-issuing his albums with possible unreleased bonus tracks. This event marks the start of a three-year American tour for the pictures. Monday June 14 The Beatles beat Robbie Williams and The Spice Girls to be named Britain's greatest musical asset in a survey of people not even bora when the fab four split.

While in the poll of all age groups. Friday June 18 Paul's 57th birthday is again celebrated by VH-1 in Europe, designating the entire day to programmes featuring the former Beatle. The Beatles naturally feature heavily in the show. His spokesman, Geoff Baker, points out: "Paul has expressed his sadness at the news Paul is upset at the prospect of any person or company cashing in on Linda's death.

Paul accepts this sort ofthing, but he is saddened by it. What man would want to see the memory of his beloved wife cheapened like this? Harrison's piece, not originally intended for transmission, was recorded on Thursday July 1 at Joe Brown's house and began merely as a casual conversation about rock'n'roll whilst supping on a few beers!

Joe Brown concludes the show by playing 'I Got Stung', a track recorded by Paul on Wednesday March 1 for his forthcoming rock'n'roll oldies album see entry. Joe Brown had obtained the McCartney track because he bumped into him during a preview of the Yellow Submarine film, which he attended with George. Brown informs Paul that the next show will be the last in the series and Paul, eager to participate, sends over to him a special mix of 'I Got Stung'.

Unsurprisingly enough, fans tape the song as well as George's interview and the track ends up on the Internet. They will re-form and sing together for the first time in thirty years on a yellow submarine. All three surviving members of the fab four will team up for a cruise on Liverpool's River Mersey to publicise the updated version of their film Yellow Submarine. A source close to the group said: 'We want to take the Yellow Submarine theme as far as we can.

And there's no better way of doing this than getting the three Beatles to appear on a real submarine. They also said they were going to attend the celebrations in Liverpool on the day. But by singing 'Yellow Submarine', they are going to give fans an extra-special treat. The piece, Paul's classical music tribute to his late wife, Linda, contains nine songs written for an unaccompanied choir and launches the Garland Appeal; a charity designed to raise money for cancer research and British music. The nine separate musical sections are written by some of the country's top composers and Paul himself.

His section, called 'Nova', is a piece for a choir featuring an exchange with God, who intones: "I am here. I am here now. I am with you. I think she would be very glad that people have gone to all this bother, and I think she'd wonder what all the fuss was about. Upon his arrival, he attends a sound check, which starts at approximately pm in the chapel. During his stay in the park, children and parents are surprised to see Paul shake hands and play with children on the roundabouts and the swings.

Later, he unveils a plaque and plants an oak tree in memory of Linda. Jean Catharell, of Liverpool Beatlescene recalls the event: "While standing waiting for Paul to arrive, we were all looking towards the Manor House where we expected that he would emerge. Then, all of a sudden, a black car appeared through the trees and made its way to the playground. It pulled up and Paul got out with John Hammel. Everyone moved towards him and someone said, 'We were expecting you to come from over there,' pointing to the Manor House.

Paul, with a huge grin on his face, replies, 'Ah ha! I know this park better than you think. Everyone was laughing their heads off. It was so funny. Paul was in a fantastic mood and up for most things. He must have been about 4 years old. Paul was laughing his head off and said, 'Yeah, I am.


He picked him up and had his picture taken with him. It really was lovely stuff. At one point, the only official photographer there asked Paul to sit on the swings. Paul said no at first but was soon convinced it would be a good thing. There was a little boy on the swing and Paul jokingly said to the boy, 'Oy, get off that swing,' and promptly sat on it himself. He looked chuffed as he swung his legs around. He was shovelling earth into the ground around the tree and there was a photographer opposite him goading him. As Paul took the next shovel of earth, he threw it at the photographer.

Everyone burst out laughing and Paul stood there like the cat that had got the cream, it was a fabulous moment. The whole visit was amazing. With just John Hammel accompanying him as it was supposed to be a private visit , it was so easy to speak to Paul and to take photographs. As I said earlier, he was in a tremendous mood and really did look like he was having the time of his life. He was wonderful with the children and looking at him, surrounded by little kids and babies, if you didn't know he was Paul McCartney, the superstar, he could have been any Dad in the park with his kids.

It's very easy to see how him and Linda raised great kids with big hearts. They obviously loved raising kids and it shows. Paul was so very at ease with all the kids and babies and talked to the Mums about their offspring. At one point he sat on the roundabout and was suddenly swamped with kids. You could hardly see him, but he looked very happy.

As he was walking around, he was saying to kids who were climbing, 'Hey, be careful there,' and he'd put his arms around their waists to steady them It was just wonderful to see Paul like this. He was home, in Liverpool where he belongs! The site will be inside a 35, seater sports stadium, located an hour away from Tokyo.

The museum will not actually appear until Monday October 9, , John's 60th birthday. A remastered print of The Beatles' film Yellow Submarine is prepared for re-release to cinemas across the world. To coincide with the release, officially licensed Yellow Submarine merchandise begins to appear in stores around the world, including individual models of each of the Beatles as depicted in the film and calendars, comics, T-shirts, plates, greeting cards, limited edition cookie jars, wrist watches, model kits, silk ties, sweatshirts, hats, jewellery, bags, lighters, metal lunch boxes and, amongst other things, a limited edition Schwinn Yellow Submarine bike.

Sunday August 1 In Henley-on-Thames, George upsets his neighbours when he throws a 21st birthday party for his son, Dhani. The quiet Beatle decides to mark this historic occasion by staging a minute fireworks display in the grounds of his Friar Park home. But unfortunately, local environmental health officials will soon claim that they had received a large number of complaints about the events, saying: "The show terrified children and animals for miles around. Mrs Peggy Leonard, from nearby Hop Gardens, says: "Suddenly, without warning, we were subjected to a most frightening display right overhead.

Debris was falling into our gardens and one dreads to think what would have been the outcome had a spark set light to the tinder dry grass or trees. What on earth has happened to our nice, peaceful town? Sunday August 8 The 30th anniversary of The Beatles' photo shoot for the cover of their Abbey Road album is celebrated today in London. Fans are invited to cross the famed zebra crossing at the exact same time am as the fabs did back in The event, which is marred by heavy rain, is organised by the London Beatles Fan Club.


The buyer remarks: "I consider John Lennon to be the most important musician of the 20th Century, and I am honoured to own something played by him. On the guitar is a brass plaque proclaiming Aunt Mimi's legendary comment to John: "Remember, you'll never earn a living by it! September 15" Wednesday August 25 until Tuesday August 31 The Liverpool based tourist organisation Cavern City Tours hold their annual international Beatles week, featuring a host of Beatle tribute bands from around the world.

Due to the event's recognition from The Beatles' company Apple, this Beatles week is besides the December Liverpool and Wimbledon fan get-togethers the first ever official Beatles convention to be held in the world. The character, actually Paul Angelis, the voice of the original chief Meanie from the film, is also present when the city's mayor, Joe Devaney, cuts a special yellow ribbon to mark the start of the festivities.

Also launched today is the new US Yellow Submarine postage stamp. In a written statement, Paul remarks: "It's lovely for the Yellow Submarine to become a postage stamp and I'm going to send lots of letters to people with little Yellow Submarines on them. Geoff Baker: "We wanted to bring it back to the place where they were born. Liverpool is the place where it all began. Naturally the day is dedicated to the world premiere screening this evening of the new picture enhanced and new surround sound version of the Yellow Submarine film at the Philharmonic Hall, an event organised by Apple in conjunction with MGM and Cavern City Tours.

At the conclusion of the film, Lenny Pane from Sweden showcase the new track Yellow Submarine songtrack album. Amongst the special guests this weekend are The Quarry Men. All proceeds of the single go to Jubilee Action in aid of the Brazilian street children. Rumours in the Beatles fraternity suggest that, just prior to the Yellow Submarine releases, Apple will launch an official Beatles Internet web page. Accompanied by his daughter Stella, he arrives at pm, fifteen minutes later than scheduled, and makes a mad dash out of his limousine and past all the cameras and members of the press.

With not one possibility of a picture, the journalists present are naturally angry. Inside the venue, the crowd is treated to live music and rollerdance, with couples wheeled out to display their expertise on roller skates. Next, the singing star Bobby Vee comes out to delight the crowd, who, following more rollerdance antics, were then treated to a live performance from The Crickets. Paul and Stella spend most of the evening sitting in the balcony, and then, following a screening of a film on Buddy Holly, Paul appears on stage, where, completely unrehearsed, those around bring out to him his Sunburst Les Paul guitar.

Paul then joins The Crickets for a version of 'Rave On'. But, suddenly, halfway through the number, Paul appears to change his mind about appearing and after his lacklustre performance, he promptly returns to his table in the balcony. Also performing tonight is Nanci Griffith. The host for the evening is Cousin Bruce Morrow. Wednesday September 8 At am, the recently painted Yellow Submarine Eurostar train makes its miles-an-hour maiden trip, departing from London Waterloo and arriving in Paris, France, three hours later.

A spokesman for Eurostar is quoted as saying: "It is a very interesting and exciting venture, which will see a train transformed into a Yellow Submarine travelling under the channel. We have been in discussion for some time with companies who want to use the marketing opportunities of the train, and this will be the first one. The head of Apple, Neil Aspinall, on hand to witness the first voyage, remarks: "I think the train looks fantastic and it's great that The Beatles' music is still listened to by the younger generation. Looking at the card with the winner's name, Paul jokes: "You'll never guess who it is, man.

It's some guy called Lawrence Hill I love that guy!

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The first repeat takes place on the station on September 14, on the same day that the show, featuring different edits, appears for the first time on VH-1 in America. The minute show contains footage from the film as well as interviews with Paul, George and Ringo and many participants in the making of the movie as well as those involved with the film's restoration.

To coincide with the screening, Apple release to VH-1, for a limited time of just one month, a brand new film compilation for the song 'Yellow Submarine', featuring excerpts from the animated film. While today in New York, on the 10th, Paul arrives at a party held for his daughter, Stella, and is seen with the cap missing from his front tooth. The story goes that he had bitten into a crusty baguette at a Big Apple delicatessen earlier in the day and it had dislodged the tooth. The story and the picture of Paul, minus the tooth, makes the front page of the Mirror on the following day, under the headline: "Can't Bite Me Love".

Note: Paul originally lost the front tooth back in the spring of after an accident on his moped. Monday September 13 The Yellow Submarine songtrack album is released in the UK as a CD and in limited edition yellow vinyl featuring the exact same tracks. The Apple and MPL spokesman, Geoff Baker, is quoted as saying: "It'll be the Yellow Submarine album that the fans have wanted for thirty years, because this will be all The Beatles music from the film for the first time. It doesn't sound completely different, but the songs will sound like you've not heard them before.

The album enters the UK charts at number eight, selling 19, copies in its first week and achieving Gold disc status by the beginning of October. While in the States, the album enters the Billboard chart at number 15, selling almost 68, copies in its first week. To coincide with the 'Hey Bulldog' and Yellow Submarine releases, Apple distribute the recently recovered film clip of The Beatles recording 'Hey Bulldog' in Abbey Road Studios back in February , clips of which originally appeared in the promotional film for 'Lady Madonna'.

See next entry for first airing. But fans, eagerly awaiting the first airing, are in uproar when the studio presenter, Barbara Walters, proceeds to talk throughout the song's soundtrack. Thankfully, the complete unhindered clip is repeated, this time on VH-1 in the States on Monday September British Beatles fans are informed that no UK transmission for the film has yet been scheduled. Surprisingly, for a very limited time, the clip could be bought unofficially direct from ABC TV, via the station's "VHS tapes of broadcasted programmes" sales commercial arm.

Apple acts quickly to stop these sales. The opening event, in front of an estimated crowd, takes place in Los Angeles at the House of Blues. For those already inside, the title track 'Run Devil Run' is teasingly played at 8pm, but the full programme does not begin until 9pm. By which time, Paul had arrived late at pm , arriving in his limousine, which delivered the ex-Beatle to the backdoor. He pauses to wave to the crowd before entering the building. Paul, wearing baggy blue jeans, a white T-shirt and a forest green jacket, arrives on stage at pm and is introduced by the president of Capitol Records.

Paul then proceeds to talk about The Beatles and how he recorded Run Devil Run in a way similar to how they recorded in the early days. Paul concludes his seven-minute spot by saying: "I hope you enjoy the album and the listening party. At the end of this, Paul reappears on stage to be given an award by the Capitol Records president for 60 million albums sold since Paul thanks the people for coming and explains the idea behind the listening party.

Paul tells everyone it was then time to go and the Capitol president tells everyone they are welcome to stay behind for a replay of the Run Devil Run album. Paul leaves the building with his son, James, in tow. This new print boasts a digitally remastered stereo soundtrack, engineered by Ron Furmanek. After a video tribute to Linda, accompanied by the moving song 'Angel', performed by Sarah McLachlan on piano, Paul returns to the stage in tears and unable to speak.

But, he still manages to present the first Linda McCartney Memorial Award, which is dedicated to the fight for animal rights. Its first recipient is the actress Pamela Anderson Lee. The star studded event, which is attended by 2, people, is aired by the Broadcastisland. The broadcast rights for these songs, for a short space of time, are held by VH-1 who transmit these tracks for the first time in a broadcast in the States at 10pm on Saturday October The first complete six-track transmission will not take place until Friday January 28, , when they are broadcast on Musicmax in Canada.

The latter also featuring an exclusive interview with Paul conducted backstage at the venue. An hour into the evening's entertainment, a video on the making of Run Devil Run is played on the venue's screens and then the host for the evening, the VH-1 presenter, John Fugelsang, takes to the stage where he introduces Paul, who had arrived later than his scheduled 9pm.

Paul's introduction is most memorable when Fugelsang says: "People are saying rock is dead. In a year where they call The Backstreet Boys the fab five and a year where they call NSync a band, real bands write their own songs and play their own instruments The only rock'n'roller to have the Queen on his speed dial He is the ayatollah of rocknrolla This man is said to be the only person to be kicked out of the Wu Tang Clan Ladies 'n' gentlemen I would like to introduce you to Paul fuckin' McCartney," who then comes out on to the stage to talk about his new album.

Further Run Devil Run music, albeit very loud and distorted, then plays on the video screens, before Paul reappears on stage where, in a minute session, he jokes with the crowd, accepts a bunch of flowers and partakes in a short question and answer session with the crowd. One young girl asks him: "Can I hold your hand?

Perhaps it will be re-released soon. The first European screening of The Beatles' brand-new 'Hey Bulldog' promotional film precedes the airing. The biggest German Beatles fan club, Beatles Club Wuppertal, has 50 pairs of tickets to give away for the event but, twenty-four hours before the party, Paul's spokesman, Geoff Baker, informs Beatles Internet webmasters to tell everyone that "everyone who shows up at the gates of the venue would get in", as tickets are, apparently, still available.

Paul arrives at pm in his limousine and exits the car wearing dark glasses. Inside the venue, at 8pm, a representative from EMI Electrola comes on stage and gives his introduction to the crowd in English. Now, Paul's new album is called Run Devil Run , and we'd like to kick off tonight's event by giving you some inside views and background information about the production and how it all came together.

Now, enjoy the music, dance if you will, and wait for the man himself. Let the tape roll first At the end of which, Paul appears on stage. Guten Abend," he speaks in German, adding: "C'mon Thank you, all right. Before leaving the stage, he announces that he will be back after the album is played to take questions from the audience. As promised, Paul returns to face the German crowd. Someone hands Paul a stuffed toy, a Diddle mouse, and Paul proceeds to play with it. He then notices someone holding his album Tug Of War. I've got hundreds at home," he tells the fan.

A fan asks Paul: "Can you imagine playing those great rock'n'roll songs live on stage in the future? Precisely, we made the record over five days and then we just did the show in LA where we did a one-day rehearsal and then one day in the show. So, I've only met this band for seven days, so I daren't ask them to go out on tour yet.

The inspiration for 'What It Is' was Linda. I'd already written that for Linda, so that was the first one I wrote for the album. The second one, I was talking to the producer and he said, 'You know, it'd be a good idea if you wrote a couple of songs,' so I wrote 'Run Devil Run', because I was in a shop in Atlanta, in America, and I saw all these products.

The products were called Run Devil Run and it said that if you put this in your bath it would send the devil away. Book rights to Hush, Hush have been sold to over 13 countries, with LD Entertainment purchasing film rights. Her life is largely uneventful until she is seated next to a mysterious senior named Patch Cipriano in biology class, who had failed the subject several times before. The two are initially at odds, but Nora finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, his behavior both attractive and repelling.

Despite the strong pull she feels towards him, Nora continues to tell her best friend Vee that she's not interested in Patch. Vee later invites Nora to a local amusement park, Delphic, in an attempt to set her. The series was initially promoted as a trilogy,[1] with later announcements stating that the series would comprise four books. Even though Nora believes he is sta. Look up hush-hush in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Hush Tommy Elliot is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman.

Hush first appeared in Batman January , as part of the issue storyline Batman: Hush. He was created by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee. He has recently reemerged as the architect behind several of the events of Batman Eternal. Fictional character biography Origin Dr. Thomas "Tommy" Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, and was also born into a wealthy family.

The two boys often played a Stratego-esque minifigure game together, and Tommy taught Bruce to think like his opponents and to use their abilities against them in order to win, which proved useful years later when the latter became Batman. Thus, as a child, Tommy exhibits a genius level intellect due to his capability to think and plan strategically. Tommy despised both hi. Like most folk songs, the author and date of origin are unknown. The lyrics promise all kinds of rewards to the child if he or she is quiet. The simple structure allows more verses to be added ad lib.

It was published in monthly installments within the comic book series Batman, running from issue — in December until November The story depicts a mysterious stalker called Hush who seems intent on sabotaging Batman from afar, and it includes a large number of guest appearances by Batman villains, as well as various members of the Batman Family and Batman's close ally Superman. It also explores the romantic potential between Batman and Catwoman. The first issue of the story arc was a success ranking 1st in the Top comics for the October period with pre-order sales of , Billy Joe Royal version The chorus begins "Hush, hush, I thought I heard her calling my name", which is a takeoff from the traditional gospel song lyrics "Hush, hush, somebody's calling my name".

Session musician Barry Bailey, who later became the lead guitarist for the Atlanta Rhythm Section, plays guitar on the track. The track became the group's first hit single peaking at number 4 on the Hot on 21—28 September and number 2 in Canada while going largely unnoticed. Raised in North Platte, Nebraska, she graduated in April from Brigham Young University with a degree in Community Health, and went to work as a secretary, teacher, and accountant at an alternative high school in Provo.

It was in that class that Fitzpatrick started writing Hush, Hush. Hush were an Australian glam rock pop group, which formed in and disbanded in The group frequently appeared on the TV pop music show, Countdown, and toured nationally. Hush released their debut single, "Over You", late that year via the Philips label. The song refers to the Bogeyman, a legendary ghost-like monster which has no specific appearance, intended only as an amorphous embodiment of terror, usually among children. After reading critical response to the series in which the dialogue was praised as the most successful aspect of the show, Whedon set out to write an episode almost completely devoid of speech.

Only about 17 minutes of dialogue is presented in the entire 44 minutes of "Hush". In "Hush", a group of fairytale ghouls named "The Gentlemen" come to town and steal everyone's voices, leaving them unable to scream when The Gentlemen cut out their hearts. Buffy and her friends must communicate with one another silently as they try to discover why no one can speak and find whoever is murdering the townspeople. They must also find ways to express their feelings about each other and keep some semblance of control as the town descends into chao.

Hush is an American animated cartoon produced in and appearing in syndication, beginning on 24 September The show's three-and-a-half-minute episodes, all in color, were directed by veteran animator Rudy Cataldi, and produced by a company called Animation Associates. The main character was voiced by veteran voice actor Dallas McKennon.

All of the episodes survive. Each episode ended in a "cliffhanger". Ten episodes would equal one half-hour show. Hush was the first television cartoon designed to run as a half-hour show highlighting a single character. At the time, Hanna Barbera showcased three individual cartoons in a half-hour program. Plot Q. Quincy was actually Q. As with many private eyes, Hush had a love-hate relationship with the local pol. Hush puppies may refer to: Hushpuppy, a southern U.

Daniel Carlisle born August 13, [1] in Detroit, Michigan[2] , professionally known as Hush, is an American rap rock and hip hop artist of Italian and Lebanese descent. It reached the Top Ten Independent albums in That same spring, Hush was included on the soundtrack for xXx: State. Initially named "The Hush," the band later changed its name to "The Hush Sound" due to the discovery of a rapper with the same name.

Mike Leblanc bass guitar temporarily replaced Faller for a few months in In , the band released their first studio album, So Sudden. Their second studio album, Like Vines, was released in under the independent record label, Fueled by Ramen. They played shows together sporadically during this period, but have recently stated that they are back together and recording new music.

He then accepted an invitation from M. He then returned to Australia in to found The Department of Theoretical Chemistry at the University of Sydney, the first such department in Australia. This rapidly became established as a centre for excellence in teaching, from undergraduate to postdoctoral level, and research. In he became Emeritus Professor engaged in full-time research.

He has al. Lamb Chop's Play-Along! She said: "our goal is,. Abdullah 'Ap' Bentarek is a young Moroccan man, about 20 years old. He is happy that, unlike his Uncle Yusuf who stayed in the ancestral Moroccan mountain village, his own father, Ali, moved to the Netherlands. His mother knows only one sentence in Dutch, which she utters every time, and in a strong Moroccan accent: "Is goed" "It's OK".

His father doesn't speak or understand Dutch at all. He has, however, a tough choice to make. Either he can choose a modern Dutch lifestyle, playing some pool with his lousy friends and lead a life like his sister Leila does--Leila refuses to be married off and takes off her hijab often when attending school--or he can do what his father wants him to do: 'become serious', find a job and choose a bride in Morocco. His older brother Sam is a policeman and is very well integrated in Dutch socie.

It was a number-one song on Billboard's Rhythm and Blues chart for eight weeks. When Turner was near New Orleans, Ertegun insisted he make some recording. He did not have his own band but was able to round up the trombonist Pluma Davis and his band, the Rockers, as well as the boogie rhythm pianist, James Tolliver. It was written by the series' showrunner I.

Marlene King and directed by Ron Lagomarsino. Plot At the beginning of the episode, the girls, Caleb Tyler Blackburn and Ezra Ian Harding are together after Hanna Ashley Benson sends a false message to "A", starting her plan to serve as a guinea pig. Aria Lucy Hale gets a call from Alison, who is at the hospital and announces that she will be released the next day; Aria tells Emily Shay Mitchell that Elliott will have to go to Chicago and Alison will be alone.

The W1 File by William Brown

Hanna then receives new threats from "A", who tells her that they need to come face to face. Hanna tells "A" that she needs one more day and the stalker accepts the false proposal. Crescendo is a young adult paranormal romance novel by Becca Fitzpatrick and the second book in the Hush, Hush series.

Hurt, Nora begins hanging out with her old friend Scott, whom she believes is a Nephilim. She discovers from Patch that Scott is indeed a Nephilim, but ultimately fires him as her guardian angel after she discovers him with Marcie. Nora is later given a letter that tells her that the "Black Hand" killed her father and is further distraught when Patch appears to be going out with Marc. Plot HushHush revolves around the lives of wanna-be celebrities as they break into the world of showbiz.

It mainly originates as a short form of Honora also Honoria , a common Anglo-Norman name, ultimately derived from the Latin word Honor with that meaning. Bulletproof is the third studio album by American rapper Hush from Detroit, Michigan. It was released on August 23, via Geffen Records.

The album contains some of the songs from The Contender TV series. Title Producer s Length 1. It was released on February 17, on Polyvinyl Record Co. Kate Siegel born August 9, is an American actress and screenwriter. Siegel is best known for her collaborations with her husband, filmmaker Mike Flanagan, appearing in the acclaimed horror films Oculus , Hush , which she also co-wrote, Ouija: Origin of Evil , and Gerald's Game Early Life Siegel attended St.

Hush Money is the 26th book in Robert B. Parker's Spenser series and first published in Spenser investigates university politics when Robinson Nevins is denied university tenure. Retrieved She is a sixteen-year-old seventeen as of 'Silence' high school student who, after experiencing a strange attraction to him, falls in love with a fallen angel. In order to protect her, Hank gave her to Harrison Grey, a human who raised her as his own child. At the age of sixteen, Nora met Patch Cipriano, a handsome and mysterious transfer student.

She developed a strange attraction to him even though she realized Patch was dangerous. After many weird encounters, Nora learns that Patch is actually a Fallen Angel: a "bad" angel who was banished from heaven. He reveals that he enrolled in Nora's school just so he could kill her. If that were to happen, Patch would become human because Nora is a female descendant of a Nephilim. However, Patch's love for her is far greater and he decides to spare her life. The two then start. She has been in Dutch films and TV series. She also was in the American film Interview It premiered on March 5, The first season, which consists of eight episodes, is subtitled Bette and Joan and chronicles the rivalry between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford during and after the production of their film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

In February , FX renewed the series for a episode second season. In August , it was announced that Buckingham Palace had been scrapped. Hush 'N' Thunder is an album by multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef recorded in and released on the Atlantic label. Lateef heading for new musical frontiers as an interpreter and arranger and a deeply lyrical series of meditations on rhythm and melody".

Possum Magic is a picture book by Australian author Mem Fox. The two main characters are Grandma Poss and Hush. Hush has been made invisible by Grandma to protect her from Australian bush dangers. The story details the duo's adventures as they tour Australia searching for the secret to Hush's visibility. It is a rhythmical story of Australia's varied landscapes and the animals in them.

Fox wrote her first draft for Possum Magic in , during a course in children's literature at Flinders University. Over five years, nine publishers rejected the draft. When it was accepted by Omnibus Books in Adelaide they asked Fox to reduce the four-and-a-half page book, then titled Hush the Invisible Mouse, by two-thirds and to change the mice to Australian animals to place emphasis on her Australian theme.

As of , Possum Magic sold three million copies. Mike Flanagan born May 20, [1][2] is an American filmmaker. He also created, directed, produced, wrote and edited the Netflix supernatural horror series The Haunting of Hill House , based on Shirley Jackson's novel of the same name. His father was in the United States Coast Guard, and the family moved around often.

Although he only briefly lived in Salem, it left an impression on him, and Flanagan would retain an abiding interest in both the Salem witch trials and associated topics, such as ghost stories and horror fiction, he was a student at Archbishop Spalding High School. Flanagan eventually ended up in Maryland, where he attended Towson University.

William Ash born 13 January is a British actor. His film appearances include Mad About Mambo and Hush He then had a regular role as Nicky in Making Out Written by Grant Morrison, penciled by Tony Daniel, and with covers by Alex Ross, the story pits the superhero Batman against the Black Glove organization as they attempt to destroy everything for which he stands.

The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)
The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles) The W1 Album (Hush Hush Chronicles)

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